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Chapter 1

Bella stumbled into her small apartment, which she shared with her roommate, Rosalie, still dazed from last night and this morning, before she collapsed onto the couch. She brought her fingers up to her mouth, touching her swollen lips lightly, still tasting him there. Images of last night swirled around in front of her eyes- dancing, heated kisses, clutching at him as he pushed into her. Never in her wildest dreams, had she imagined such a night. That man, the things he did to her, the responses he got out of her, and she wanted to lock herself up forever, never wanting to face the world again.

She was seventeen years old when she saw porn for the first time. Her boyfriend of that time, Jacob, and she, were ready to have sex. But she was a virgin, and didn't want her first time to suck, like so many of the other girls, who had talked about how painful it would be. So, she had locked her bedroom doors, pulled the curtains before she searched "How to have sex?". She lost her virginity a week later, and while it was better that she had imagined, it still wasn't mind-blowingly amazing. Bella and Jacob were together throughout high school, until the day they graduated, but she still didn't understand what the big deal was with sex.

When she had come to NYU, she had a one-night-stand with a guy named Mike. Sure, she'd orgasmed, but it wasn't until after she had left Mike's apartment, when she had to resort to masturbating to get off; Mike's sloppy thrusts did nothing for her.

But last night, last night she had finally seen what the fuss was all about. She had finally experienced what most people just dream of, and she had gone beyond that. Waves of pleasure had crashed into her, continuously, one after the other, never stopping. She had, for the first time in her life, experienced toe curling, back arching, nail scratching pleasure, and the worst part was it was probably the last time as well.

Bella had woken up this morning, naked, still in his bed and feeling deliciously sore down there. She was lost in her dreams, but had woken up when she felt a weird prickling on her neck. She could feel someone watching her, and slowly raised her head to look around, when she saw him.

He was sitting on a chair in a corner, gazing at her. He was wearing his shirt from last night, and Bella blushed when she realized she had torn the buttons which explained why the shirt remained open, showing his magnificent chest. He had pulled up his pants, but had not buttoned them, so just a hint of his manhood was showing, which made her want more. He was lazily holding a cigarette in his hand, the hand which, last night, was wrapped around her neck, pressing her down, which had made her cum like never before. And right now, he was looking at her with so much intensity it made her blush.

Finally, Bella tore her gaze from him, and sat up, wrapping a bed sheet around herself. She swung her feet to the side, her bare toes touching his wooden floor.

When he didn't say a word, she cleared her throat and said, "I'll just go then. Thank you for last night."

She stood up, swaying lightly before righting herself, and looking around for her clothes.

After what seemed like an eternity, he broke his silence, stubbing his cigarette in the ashtray, softly saying, "Isabella, come here."

Bella looked up at him, with wide eyes, chocking out, "wh-what?"

He merely gazed at her, his lips turning up at the corner slightly.

"I said, come here", he said softly, turning her into a puddle of goo.

She looked at him for another moment, before making her way to where he was sitting, coming to a stop a few inches in front of him. Her hand tightly clutched the sheet wrapped around her, so that she wouldn't expose herself. Of course, he had already seen her naked, but there was a difference in last night, when they were lost in the passion, and right now, in the morning, when she wasn't sure about herself. She wasn't sure what to say or do.

"Come closer", he whispered and she automatically took another step towards him, standing between his legs, hypnotized by his voice.

He reached up and pulled at her hand, making her stumble and fall against him. She gasped and reached out to break her fall, grabbing his shoulders for support, her face inches away from his. She could feel his warm breath on her face, and she shuddered closing her eyes, taking in his scent of tobacco, honeysuckle, and something that was pure, unadulterated him. She opened her eyes, when she felt him chuckle, before her eyes widened in absolute horror. She had let go of the sheet that was hiding her from him, and now it was lying in a puddle on the floor, much like her dignity.

She tried to straighten up, but he held her tighter, before capturing her lips with his and pulling her into a deep kiss. She moaned as she felt him take her bottom lip in between his, biting it lightly before sucking it deeply. It was better than she had remembered and her hands moved on their own accord into his hair. He flicked his tongue slightly against hers, before moving it, making it dance against hers. He pulled away much too soon for her liking, and she realized she had somehow straddled him through all of it, her naked chest pressing against his. His left arm was around her waist, holding her in place while the other was at her neck, supporting her head.

"Isabella", he whispered brokenly, before pulling her head back and nibbling on her neck. He licked the column of her throat, all the way from the base up to her chin, before biting her ear lobe making her moan loudly.

He pecked her lightly once again on the lips before chuckling, "You're going to be the death of me."

Leaning back, he put some distance between himself and her, both his arms around her waist now, so she didn't fall back. Bella could more clearly see his face now, and he was as beautiful up close as he was from afar. She noticed his lips were a little crooked, and there was a very small scar right above his right eyebrow but these little imperfections only made him look more perfect, if that were possible.

Bella snapped out of it when she saw his lips curling up. Looking up at him, she could tell he knew that she was inspecting him.

Choosing not to comment, he said, "I need to talk to you, and I don't think that will be possible if you keep sitting here looking all kinds of beautiful."

Bella blushed deeply, looking down. A handful number of people had ever called her beautiful before, which included her father. No, here was Adonis himself, calling her beautiful. And somehow, she believed him. He squeezed her waist, making her look at him again.

"Why don't you take a shower, and then we can have breakfast while we talk?" he asked.

Bella considered him carefully. She knew this was just a one- night stand and there was no need for him to be so nice to her. He could just tell her to leave; yet here he was, offering her a shower and breakfast. She carefully made to stand up and he let her this time. Picking up the fallen sheet, she re-wrapped it around herself, hiding herself from him once again.

Finally she spoke, "Look, I appreciate you being so nice, but it's okay. I know this was just a one night thing and I'll just get going then."

She turned to start to gather her clothes, but gasped when she felt him come behind her. She could feel his breath on her neck, and his arm came around her waist, holding her, so her back to his chest. He wrapped his other hand in her hair, and pulled, almost painfully, making her head tilt, so that she was meeting his eyes.

"Listen here, little girl," he said, menacingly, "I need to speak with you and thought you would like something to eat before we do that. But since this is just a one night thing," he sneered, "I'll jump right in."

He released her, and she stumbled due to the abruptness. Catching herself, she turned to face him. He was lighting another cigarette and puckered his lips slightly before pulling a drag from it. His lips relaxed and slightly parted as he let out the smoke.

"I have a proposition for you," Edward said softly, his green eyes meeting her brown ones.

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