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Chapter 7

On Tuesday evening, Bella waited on the couch in her apartment for Rosalie to get home from her class, bouncing her knees to pass the time. Bella had made it a point to ignore her friend, even resorting to childish methods of sticking out her tongue and turning her head the other way if Rosalie spoke to her. But, Bella hadn't broken her silence even though she was desperate to talk to Rosalie. She didn't want to just talk about herself, but she wanted to know what was going on in Rosalie's life as well.

Emmett had popped in and out, several times over the past days, each time giving Bella a wide smile and a bone-crushing hug. But since he was also involved in the Saturday night "betrayal", she refused to talk to him as well. . It didn't matter if she barely knew him, he was still her best friend's boyfriend (at least, that's what he appeared to be) so, he got to suffer right along with Rosalie. This had ben especially tough, considering Emmett was a huge kid, and he was trying all kinds of tactics to make Bella forgive him. Once, he had continuously chanted "Belly" on the top of his voice, for a straight hour, while another time, he had pouted continuously while staring at her. She had smiled, but still refused to talked to him.

Bella's head was still stuck on Sunday night. Everything that Edward had said was playing on a loop in her mind, and she found herself smiling smiling all the timeā€¦even when she was mad at Rosalie and Emmett. A gorgeous man, who was also unbelievingly sexy and liked to dominate, wanted her, as his girl friend. He was probably barking mad, but Bella didn't care.

He had sent her a few texts since Sunday. Nothing too heavy, just a simple good morning and good night, with a few "thinking about you, princess" thrown in every so often. Bella had, of course, been unable to stop the wide smile that graced her face, every time she read his texts.

She had been smiling so much, and been so absent-minded these past two days, a couple of her classmates had asked her what happened to her over the weekend. When Bella didn't say anything, the rumours had had started, varying from having finally succumbed drugs, to being pregnant with twins.

Even her Aesthetic History of Photographyteacher, Ms. Rice, had held her back today after class, and asked her, if something was bothering her (Bella normally was an enthusiastic student). She had went on to give her free (and unnecessary) advice, saying that college was a lovely place to meet boys, but she should remember that her education is much more important. After all, she was in college to get her degree, and Rice knew it wasn't a "Mrs." degree.

Sheesh! Can't a girl just be happy? Just because I didn't raised my hand in class to answer her stupid questions about Wavelet-based Texture!

Bella's mind wandered back to Sunday night.

Edward finally released her from his spell, and took the chair beside her. Holding her hand in his, he said, "Bella, look, I know you're confused, especially because you had no idea about this lifestyle until yesterday, and it happens to be huge part of my life. But, what if, this wasn't a part of me? What if I weren't a Dominant, and this had been a date I had asked you out on, after we had a one- night stand, would you have considered it?"

Bella didn't even pause for a second before she replied, "Of course, I would have considered it."

And then she blushed. Maybe she should have waited for a second or two before replying, but Edward just smiled widely, like Christmas had come early.

Then he kissed her. Leaning forward toward her, he put his one hand behind her head, and the other around her waist, pulling her to him. She froze for a second before she responded by moving her lips against his. Their lips moved in perfect synchronization, like a choreographed dance, turning her into goo.

They broke apart, panting heavily. When their breaths were a little under control, Edward said, "Please consider it, Bella. Go out with me Wednesday night, on a date. "

Bella opened her mouth to reply, but Edward put his finger on her lips, and said, "I promise you, even if you say no to a relationship with me, we'll go ahead with your training as a submissive. I promise that I will make you the best sub there is. Every Dom will long for you, and when they'll be wishing upon a star for a sub like you, I will be there. I will be the one, to please you, fuck you, own you. I will be the one, reminding those fucktards that you're mine."

Bella had just stared at him, her mouth hanging open. The way this man twisted words, he never failed to wet her panties.

Edward continued, leaning a little closer, to breathe into her ear, "And I promise, along the way, I will also make you my princess, as well. Even if you say no right now, somewhere down the line, I will change your mind."

Bella shivered, and she could feel goosebumps on her body. She looked at Edward with hooded eyes, willing him to take her right now. If he continued saying stuff like this, she would say yes without thinking.

She had come home that night, and fingered herself, not stopping until her body was unable to give her any more orgasms. And all she had to think about were his words, and her body had responded. They were enough to make her fall apart, again, and again, and again.

Bella was brought back to the present, when the front door opened. Rosalie walked in; carrying huge books in her arms that hid her face, most of them about to fall from her grip. Bella jumped up, rushing to help her friend. Grabbing as many books as possible from her, she turned and dumped them all haphazardly on the table. Rosalie closed the door behind her, and dumped the rest on the table as well.

Straightening, she turned to Bella and asked, "Finally talking to me again, are we?"

"Of course, two days end today, don't they? And, I've already chosen my gift. I saw this really cool lens, 1.4 vintage one. I mean, technically, I shouldn't be using it, because Mr. Banner would kill me, if he knew. Especially, after-" Bella broke off when she saw the smirk on Rosalie face. She couldn't help but smile as well, and soon they were hugging and laughing, like some pre-teens girls who had received their first sparkly pink cellphones.

Finally collapsing on the couch, they breathed heavily, clutching their stomachs. Once their laughter was under control, Rosalie got up, going into the kitchen and returning two minutes later with pizza slices.

Giving one to Bella, and biting into another herself, she asked, "Which one is Banner again?"

"Social History of Photography," Bella replied, taking a huge bite of the delicious pizza slice.

Rosalie pulled a face, and Bella poked her tongue out in response. Rosalie never understood, how Bella, could stand all these photography history classes, which were dull enough to bore one to death. Bella, in return, never understood, how Rosalie could stand all these law classes, which were enough, to put one under a sleeping curse.

"So, what's with the library?" Bella asked, pointing to the huge pile of books that Rosalie had gotten with herself.

"I have a test, in two weeks," Rose said, in between of chewing her pizza. "Criminal law, and, it carries 40% of our final marks. That professor has given us so many case studies. I don't even know how will I do it all."

They were silent for a few minutes, each focused on eating their pizzas.

Bella broke the silence, once she was through her slice. "How are things with Emmett? He sure is spending a lot of time here."

A wide smile graced Rosalie's face, and with a dreamy look in her eyes, she said, "He's so great Bella. I'm so happy. We've been spending all our time together, and it's the most wonderful thing."

"Do you trust him?" Bella asked.

Bella looked at her friend carefully. After her sister's death, Rosalie's parents had tried several times to have another child, unsuccessfully. This had put a strain on their relationship with their other daughter, who felt like all of a sudden she was living in the shadow of a daughter they had lost. Not to say that Rosalie didn't love her sister more than the world, but she needed her parents' unconditional love after her sister's death, not ignorance.

When Rosalie's parents were unable to have any other children, her father began spending all his time at his work, living in New York 4-5 days a week, and when he was in Forks, in his office. Her mother spent more time socializing, than she did with her only remaining daughter.

In a streak of rebellion, Rosalie had dated a guy named Royce, the son of a man her father had once prosecuted for drug charges. And even though she knew that Royce was a bad boy, she was desperate for anything that would catch her parents' attention. He was, in a nutshell, the "gangster" of Forks. Things like marijuana and hemp were too light for him. He liked the stronger stuff; you could always find him tripping on cocaine, looking for the next score.

Things were never great between Rosalie and Royce, she was too strong headed, and he was always high, but one-night things got out of hand. Royce got rough with Rosalie, and when she tried stopped him, he got downright violent. He beat her until she was black and blue. That wasn't enough for Royce though. He wanted to teach her the consequences of saying no to him, and so, he hung her upside down from his balcony. Apparently he was getting ready to rape her, hanging just like that, but someone from across the hall had heard her shrieks, and called the police. Who knows what would have happened, if the cops hadn't barged in that second.

That's the night Rosalie found her parents again. Her dad shifted back permanently to Forks, to help his daughter get through this difficult time, and her mother now spent all her time trying to make them into a family again.

Rosalie was broken, not just physically, but emotionally as well, and she had to go through so many therapy sessions. One would think it would leave her scarred for the rest of her life, but she came out stronge. Of course, she didn't trust anyone as easily, but she didn't hide either. She fought her fears, and she had emerged, beautiful and bold.

"Yes, undoubtedly." Rosalie said, pausing for a few moments, no doubt thinking about her past as well. "I know what you're wondering Bella, but Emmett is not him."

"I'm sure Emmett is a great guy Rosalie, and I trust your judgment, but aren't you going too fast?" Bella asked, framing her words carefully, not wanting to sound cynical.

"It's really soon, it's really fast, but it all feels right with Emmett. It's not for everyone, and I sure as hell thought it wasn't for me. But there's just something about him, and I refuse to discourage it just because of a mistake I made in the past."

The conviction in Rosalie's eyes was strong, but Bella was still worried.

"So, how was Saturday night?" Rosalie asked, a little tentatively, in case Bella decided to be pissed again.

Bella just rolled her eyes, before saying, "It was nice."

Rosalie stared incredulously at her friend for a few seconds, before she jumped up and burst out, "Nice?! You went, from sex is meh, to sex crazed in one night, and all you give me is, it was nice? I went through so much. I helped you make up your mind; I made sure Edward would be there, so you can have a clearer understanding; I even had to bear, you being pissed at me, for the past two days. And that's all you give me? What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Bella just looked at her friend calmly, before she gently wiped off the few drops of Rosalie's spit off her face. Then she smirked.

"I'll tell you," Bella said, "if you tell me some things first."

Rosalie just waved her hand, too agitated to form words.

"How did you contact Edward?"

Sighing heavily, Rosalie replied, "I knew you would want to know. Anyway, so Emmett told me how much Edward likes you, and he knows about his brother's lifestyle and, doesn't want him to get hurt. So, he asked me to talk to you. Then, when I told him that I already did, and that, in fact, we were going to a club that night, he suggested we meet up at Edward's club instead, so you guys could hang out and figure things out. That's all, I swear."

Bella nodded, accepting her explanation. That made sense, but then another question popped into her head.

"Wait, how does Emmett know about Edward's lifestyle? And how could he tell you about it so freely?" Bella asked.

"Well, he didn't exactly tell me about it freely. He kept asking me random questions about this lifestyle, and about you and Edward. At first, I thought he was the one who was into it, but then he hinted how difficult it would be for you to adjust, that's when I put two and two together. I told him I knew about Edward, and that's when we came up with this plan."

Bella nodded. That made sense.

Rosalie added with a wink, "I swear I didn't even talk to your Cullen. Just mine."

Bella rolled her eyes. Her friend's sense of humor was so bad that, it was literally painful. It was lucky that she had her looks.

Ignoring her last sentence, she just said, "Well, to answer your original question, it was fan-fucking-tastic. It was the single greatest night of my life. It was better than Friday, and that, is saying something. And although, I hated the fact that you hid from me about calling Edward, I'm really grateful that you did. It was a great decision on your part. Are you happy, now?"

Rosalie smirked, before nodding and settling back on the couch.

"Sorry." Rosalie said simply, shrugging a little, but still smiling

Bella nodded, already having let it go.

"So, where did you go on Sunday?" Rosalie asked.

Bella swallowed once, before replying, "Edward's house.

When Rosalie eyebrows rose, she elaborated, "He wanted to talk. He called me, so I went over, after my shift at the bookstore."

Rosalie motioned for Bella to continue.

"He explained some more about the lifestyle. He said it would get a lot more intense basically, and that I should be prepared. He doesn't want me to get scared, when it gets hardcore." Bella explained. She added, casually, "Also, he told me, he wants me as his girlfriend as well."

Rosalie sat up. She looked at her friend with wide eyes, before saying, "What? What did he say?"

"Basically, he said, he wants me as both his girlfriend and submissive, both. I think his exact words were, my pet and my princess." Bella said, a shiver running through her as she remembered his words.

"Whoa!" Rosalie exclaimed, falling back on the couch. "What did you say?"

"I didn't get a chance to say anything. He just told me to think about it, and he asked me out on a date Wednesday night."

"That's tomorrow tonight."

"I know. I'm wearing that blue and grey dress."

Rosalie stared at her friend thoughtfully. Finally she said, "What will you tell him?"

Bella considered this question carefully. She had been asking herself the sane question since Sunday night, and she still didn't have an answer. She wanted to say yes, but, strangely, she also wanted to say no. And of course that didn't make sense, which is why it was all so confusing.

"I dunno." Bella replied, in a small voice.

"Okay, let me ask you this." Rosalie said, "Do you understand the whole BDSM thing now?"

"Yes." Bella said, admitting the feelings that had been creeping up on her since Saturday night. "Earlier, I was panicked because I hadn't the slightest idea about BDSM, and this Greek-god look-alike, one night stand, was suddenly telling me that I liked pain. And, I didn't know what to think, or do.

"But, more importantly, I didn't want to admit it, Rosalie. I didn't want to admit that I was a freak, as some would call me. But that night, at Edward's club, I realized I couldn't help it. If I like ketchup with my ice cream, then I just do. And people thinking its weird, wouldn't change my liking."

"Okay, first, ketchup and ice cream?" Rosalie replied, "Ew. Second, tell me, do you already have some feelings for Edward?"

Bella nodded, replying affirmatively. Of course she already had feelings. She didn't know how strong they were, or what they were even, but she did. Maybe it was just lust, or the excitement of something new, but there was something.

"Will you be able to go about, just having sex, and nothing else? If you say no, are you ready to not see or talk to Edward for the entire week, except when you guys sleep together? Can you see him romantically involved, with some other girl?" Rosalie questioned Bella.

No. Bella thought, a red haze coming in front of her eyes. She hated the thought of Edward with some other girl, laughing, looking at that girl, like he looked at her. More than that, she couldn't imagine, not speaking to Edward, except when necessary. When he had texted her these past two days, the smile which had graced her face, lit up her entire being. She had felt almost complete, just by a few words on her mobile screen, and she had felt her heart beat faster, at the thought that he was thinking about her.

Bella looked up at Rosalie, and Bella knew she had her answer. She wondered why she was so pessimistic, even though her friend, with whom something so bad had happened, was so positive about it.

Bella had never experienced something bad in her life, well not overly bad, which would scar her, or would make a really strong impact on her life, yet she was so afraid to go out there. She wondered if she was just waiting for something bad to happen, which is why she was afraid to let go with Edward, or was it just her nature.

Bella had freaked out, at the age of 9, when she had come to visit her father in the summer holidays, and a boy had given her a flower. She had refused to believe that any boy could ever like her, and then had called Rosalie, a few days later, panicked, when her childhood friend, Jacob, had kissed her. She was the same woman, who, just a few days ago, was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, because a man had told her that he wanted her as a submissive.

Bella made up her mind. It was obvious that she had feelings for Edward, and she would say yes to him. But she refused to go in it with Edward feeling so negative. She refused to be that girl anymore, who was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. She would just go with the flow, Bella vowed to herself, and no matter if it ended badly, or well, she would come out of it stronger.

Suddenly she felt a lot lighter in a long time. She felt as though someone had taken a burden off her shoulders, and she felt a little light- headed.

"You're right Rosie." Bella said, trying to explain the feeling and thoughts she had just had, the vow she had just made. "I like him. I really, really like him. And he likes me back. Sunday night, I didn't want to think about him in any way, other than what was purely physical. And that's the mindset I went to his house with. But then there he was, telling me how much he wants me, as his girlfriend, and not only as his submissive. And I don't want to be afraid anymore, Rose. This is so new to me, and I don't want to enter it with a bad mind."

Bella had a strong conviction in her voice. She wasn't afraid, and she refused to give into her insecurities. She was determined that she would give this relationship a chance, even if she had to fight herself.

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