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Catherine and Henry had rested for a few weeks, taking an unscheduled break from French Court at the Duke's seized chateau with baby Hercule. Mary had returned to French Court, and she and Francis had taken care of most of the issues, but the word that Mary Tudor had died brought the ruling couple back home. They hadn't wanted to leave their safe haven, but there were pressing matters to look after now that England was an option. Also Charles and Little Henry was set to arrive within the week, and they had missed their boys, especially Catherine. It would be the first time that all of their family, except Elizabeth, would be under the same roof. Lizzy had sent her regards along with news that she was carrying her first child. A small banquet had been prepared in honor of the young Princes' arrival back home, and Catherine wanted everything to be perfect.

The day of their arrival home, Catherine had taken time to feed Hercule before heading to the gate to see her boys. Standing beside Henry, she handed Hercule to her husband when the carriage stopped in front of them. Mary and Francis stood to the right of the King and Queen of France as Margot clung to Claude on the left of her mother. When the boys stepped from the carriage and laid eyes on their parents, Little Henry immediately ran for his mother as Charles lagged behind a bit trying to look more grownup. His ninth birthday was in a few weeks and he needed to start acting older in his estimation. Nine was practically grownup, wasn't it?



"My boys!"

Uncaring about a spectacle, Catherine lifted her skirts and hurried toward her babies. Pulling them both into her arms, she showered them with kisses until Charles pulled away and wiped his face.

"We've missed you, Mother."

"Yes we did, but evwytime I hugged my bear I remembered what you said and I wasn't scared anymore! See! Like this."

Hugging his bear, Little Henry scrunched his face up before running around her to his Papa.

"I missed you too, Papa! Why are you holding a baby in your arms? Is it my little brother or sister? It's awfully little. Can you still play with me? Does this mean that Margot isn't the baby anymowe? Can I play with it? What's it's name?"

Charles was more quiet and reserved, but his eyes sparkled with questions of his own.

"Brover! Shhhhhh! Baby sweeping!"

The little princess had put her finger over her lips, whispering loudly. All of the Royals gave a giggle at Margot shushing her older brother's rambling. She had become attached to her little brother in the few days she had known him.

Crouching down with Hercule in his arms, Henry let Charles and Little Henry see him better.

"Boys, this is your little brother, Hercule. When he's older I'm sure you'll both be able to play with him more. Right now he is much too little."

Examining his baby brother with a thoughtful gaze, Little Henry's mind still raced with questions.

"What does a baby do if he can't play? Mama, I'm not your little prince anymore, am I? Does this mean you can't play with me anymowe?"

Giving her most talkative Prince a hug, Catherine ruffled his hair before letting little Henry go.

"Chers Yeax, you know Mama loves you, and I'll never be too busy for any of my babies. You might even like being a big brother."

Charles was starting to get excited now, and gave little Hercule a kiss on his cheek.

"Can I hold him, Papa?"

"A bit later when you can sit down inside, Charles."

Handing Hercule to Catherine, Henry lifted first Charles and then Little Henry into his arms for a hug before they all headed inside to get ready for the banquet. Handing the baby off to the nanny, Henry and Catherine stood watching their family disperse a moment.

"I'll give you a kiss for your thoughts, darling."

Smiling up at her husband, Catherine rested her head on his chest.

"I was just thinking how blessed we are to have our family back together. For once in my life I finally feel everything will be alright. Francis and Mary have never gotten along better and they are having an heir to cement Scotland and France, the nobles have been silenced for the foreseeable future, and you and I...we've never been at a better place."

Resting his head on top of hers as he hugged her to him.

"Did I ever tell you that every night before our reconciliation that I always dreamed about you? Your heart always whispered to mine."

Placing her hand over his chest, she could feel the strong rhythm of him beneath her fingers.

"Just as yours always whispered to mine, Henry. We just have to face that we are stronger together than we ever were apart."

"And we always will be, Catherine, because of dreams of you."

Taking her chin in his fingers, he brought her lips up to his for a sweet, tender kiss, enjoying a quiet moment in their bubble of happiness.

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