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This is a fan vision of what Season 10 could be. It takes place right after season 9, and is linked to my other stories, Firestarter and How it All Started. So some characters are original.
I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I'll enjoy writing it! As usual I love comments, and I consider my readers inputs and point of views very interesting. So please express yourself, propose your ideas, your interpretations so this becomes your story as much as mine.

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Crowley doesn't answer. Sam has trouble remaining focused on the ritual, but he's decided that he's not going to move an inch until that son of a bitch answers him. And if he doesn't answer, Sam will chase him and stick Ruby's knife in his throat for tricking Dean into bearing the Mark.

"Crowley, I swear to God..." he says, pacing around the room.

He's restless and in the meantime extremely tired. His head hurts - too much bourbon and way not enough sleep, his eyes hurt, his whole body aches with adrenaline rushes and nothing, nothing can possibly calm him down. Nothing until he knows he has a plan to save Dean, Dean who's lying dead on his bed, Dean whose body must now be completely stiff with rigor mortis.

Why the Hell does he even think about that kind of things?

"Crowley, answer me you son of a bitch!" he yells, as if he could be heard.

His voice his coarse from too much crying, and yes, maybe he should start screaming like a maniac, maybe that would calm him down a bit. There were a few moments in his life when Sam felt close to turn completely crazy, and this is one of those. He can almost physically feel his sanity crumbling like a demolished tower. If something doesn't happen very soon, all that's going to be left of him will be a big pile of rubble. And when it's done, the only decent thing left to do will be lying next to Dean upstairs and blowing his head off.


He sits on the ground, in the middle of the devil's trap. This is it. Crowley must be laughing his ass off... Sam should have killed him when he was trapped on this chair, instead of lending him his knife like a fucking boy scout.


A woman's voice, who's that? Sam grabs his gun and aims at... what's her name? Hannah?

"What the hell do you want?" he grunts and Hannah raises her hands, trying to show she's not a threat to him.

"Castiel sent me... To see if I could be of some help."

Sam lowers his gun and says

"Tell him Dean's dead." and tears begin to fill his eyes again, "why did he sent you anyway?"

"His... Grace is fading Sam. He healed Gadriel yesterday and it... Plus the shock when he heard your brother's fate... I'm sorry Sam but Castiel is dying."

Sam laughs bitterly.

"Awesome...", and adds, "so Metatron..."

Hannah completes

"Metatron is locked in Heaven's cells"

Sam yells

"Locked? Locked?!"

Hannah tries to come closer to Sam but he raises his hand to keep her away.

"He. Killed. Dean.", he angrily wipes a tear away, "He killed my brother right in front of me with one of your fucking angel blades! And you lock him? Now you respect the damn angel Geneva Convention? Who are you kidding people?"

Hannah sighs, she looks genuinely sad for Sam.

"Sam... I know it's hard for you to hear. But Metatron used to be God's scribe. We... need his knowledge."

Sam rolls his eyes at the cynicism.

"Oh yeah? And for what?"

Hannah walks a few steps closer

"You may have noticed we're less powerful than we used to be. Our power is fading Sam, it's fading by the hour. One of us was killed by Metatron's followers yesterday, by human followers. He was beaten to death."

Sam frowns

"By humans?"

"Yes, by humans. So we need to know what he's done so we can all replenish our Graces. Sam...", she takes his hand, "I'm truly, deeply sorry for your loss, but if we kill Metatron, I fear we may all die soon, and Castiel first".

Sam looks at Hannah's hand and keeps it in his before letting it go. Her contact makes him want to be comforted and he can't afford crumbling just now. Not yet.

"I'm sorry about that Hannah but hum... I'm not really..."

"I know, I know... I just came to express Castiel's and our sympathy, along with our deepest apologies for the way you two were treated a few days ago. As far as I'm concerned, Castiel is still our commander, and I trust his judgement. You are his friend, therefore, you are mine. So please tell me if there is anything, just anything I can do for you."

Sam sighs.

"Can you bring Dean back?"

Hannah lightly touches his shoulder.

"I'm afraid not... I'm afraid... No angel has enough Grace left for that Sam..."

Sam slowly shoves her hand away.

"Then I think you can leave. Tell Cas I'm sorry about his Grace. Tell him we'll see each other soon."

Hannah tries to catch his sleeve, her eyes telling she perfectly understood what Sam meant

"Sam...", she suddenly violently grabs his arm, "Sam! I feel a demonic presence!"

He grabs his gun and whispers "Where?"

Hannah replies "Upstairs".

They both silently climb the stairs, and after a few steps, Sam hears a voice, a deep voice, in Dean's room. His heart begins to race, but he can't just rush to his brother's room like a puppy, Hannah said she sensed a demon, and they have to be careful. He sees Hannah has taken an angel blade with her, and is holding it strongly in her right hand.

"Open your eyes", he hears. A Scottish accent. Fucking Crowley. He came after all.

"And let's go take a howl at that moon."

He enters the room, aiming at Crowley with his gun

"What are you doing here Crowley?" he groans, Hannah standing right behind him.

"Oh hello there Moose", he answers, smiling a wicked little smile. "Well you called me remember? And I figured quite quickly why you did. I mean, you die, Dean sells his soul. He dies you try to sell yours. Kinda seems predictable, right?"

Sam is slowly lowering his gun.

"Can you do it?", he asks, trying to control his voice, "You owe me, you owe him. So no soul trade. Just fucking do it if you can or I sware to God..."


Was it... Dean's voice? Crowley adds

" A deal won't be necessary", but Sam doesn't hear him, he's knelt close to Dean's bed and stares anxiously at his brother. His eyes are closed and he is holding the Blade. Sam takes it from him, and puts it away on the night stand. He gently takes his hand.

"Dean?", his voice begins to shake, "Dean is that really you?".

He feels Dean's hand holding his strongly, and fights hard to repress his tears, his face buried on Dean's chest where he was stabbed a few hours earlier. His heart is beating again. He feels Dean's other hand running in his hair and his throat gets tighter and tighter. If they could just all get out of the room for five fucking minutes...

Dean sits and now Sam's head rests on his lap. Sam could remain like this for hours, eyes closed, just listening to Dean's bloodstream flowing in his every vein, and feeling the warmth of his body invading his own.

"Good God..." whispers Hannah, but Sam doesn't pay attention so she raises her voice a little, "Sam, his eyes..."

Sam rises and looks at Dean. Dean's eyes are closed, and Sam brushes them with his fingers.

"Dean? Dean open you eyes buddy..."

Crowley coughs

"Maybe I should warn you..."

"Shut up a second" snaps Sam, "Dean? You with me? Open your eyes...Hannah what did you see?"

Hannah's eyes are widened with what seems to be shock and disgust.

"What have you done to him?" she murmurs, turning to Crowley. "Tell me what you've done!" she adds, with a higher voice, grabbing Crowley's sleeve.

Crowley shoves her away and protests "Nothing. I didn't do anything!"

"Out!" yells Sam "Both of you!"

Dean doesn't respond to anything and Sam's starting to be seriously worried. Hannah and Crowley stop arguing but don't get out of the room. Dean's just started to breathe really fast and Sam suddenly sees his brother hand groping the bed sheets, trying to find... to find the Blade? Sam hands it to him

"Is that...what you're looking for?"

Dean grabs it and sighs, obviously relieved.

He opens his eyes.

Sam is frozen.

Dean's eyes are black like two obsidian stones. And he's looking at him. Or is he?

Sam stutters


His brother's hand is clenching the Blade's handle and Sam hears Hannah whispering to him from across the room "Sam... Sam get away from him"

Sam turns to Crowley and his voice sounds like a wolf's growl

"What have you done?"

Crowley raises his hands and says

"Nothing! I've already told your feathery friend!"

Sam rises from the bed, leaving an almost catatonic Dean, and draws Ruby's knife out of his jeans.

"You're gonna tell me right fucking now. What the hell happened?"

Crowley rolls his eyes and says

"What happened is your darling brother's alive Moose. Changed, but alive. You of all people should understand that."

"Don't fucking tell me what I'm supposed to understand you trash" replies Sam, putting the knife on Crowley's neck, "what happened to him?"

Sam sees Crowley's eyes turning to something behind his shoulder and he notices Dean's hand, still bloody, catching his wrist and pulling his arm back. He's not violent at all, but Sam can feel he could snap his arm with two fingers if he wanted to.

Sam turns around and mumbles "Dean...what..."

But Dean doesn't say a word.

"It's the Blade Moose, not me. The Blade saved him."

Hannah's hand is on Sam's arm, pulling him towards the door. She says "Stay back Sam, it's not your brother. He's..."

"The new commander in chief of the Knights of Hell!" claims Crowley, with a self satisfied smirk. "Responding to one man, and one man only. The King of Hell! Meaning yours truly. Right Dean-o?"

Dean remains silent.

"I guess we'll have to work on that complicity, punch line thing" says Crowley.

Sam is shivering with rage, but Hannah's grip on his arm is strong. She repeats "He's not your brother Sam...". But Sam doesn't agree

"No... He is... Dean? Dean if you hear me..."

Dean's face is still blank.

"Dean if you can hear me, I'm not giving up on you okay? You're gonna be fine, I swear. I'll find a way to save you, please... Dean?"

Sam's voice is filled with tears. Crowley looks bored.

"Well, it's not that I don't like a nice rom com moment but hum... I have a Kingdom to put back in order. Right mate?"

Dean doesn't move.

Crowley pushes him with his elbow.


Dean opens his mouth and says


Sam pleads "Dean please... Come on..." tears now running on his cheeks.

Dean blinks and for a second his eyes are back to green.

He whispers sadly

"Sorry Sammy..."

And vanishes with Crowley.

Sam collapses on the ground in Hannah's arms. The angel is holding him against her and keeps on repeating "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Sam". Sam looks at her and notices the tears in her eyes. She's different from all the others angels he's ever met.

He feels sick and runs to the bathroom, throwing up bile in the sink, his insides burnt by the acid.

Hannah brings him a glass of water and a towel and Sam finally says "Thank you".

She smiles a little and replies "Not all angels are dicks with wings Sam", and Sam makes a little half smile before drinking a few sips of fresh water.

"I need to sit down" mumbles Sam, and indeed he feels like he could pass out in a minute. Hannah helps him to walk to his bed and he sits unsteadily, holding his face in his head.

"What am I gonna do?" he says and Hannah sits right beside him, putting her hand on his shoulder. But before she can say anything, the whole bunker is shaken by a tremor and they both fall on the ground.

Suddenly she hears a very high and very shrill noise. She yells "Close your eyes!" to Sam, before putting her hand on his eyes for more safety. A human can't handle what's coming and she needs to shield him from whatever it is.

She sees an intense white light through her eyelids, and a supernatural wind is filling the room. She feels her skin burn, and tries to hide Sam from the light as much as she can, turning her back to the light and hiding his face against her chest.

This can't last too long or she's going to disappear.

But it stops.

And Hannah lets Sam go before falling on her side, half burnt.

Sam kneels close to her and mutters "Oh God, oh God Hannah can you hear me?"

Hannah answers in a painful voice "I'm fine... Are you?"

"Yeah... Yeah I am... Thank you...", Hannah hisses "That's good" in pain, and Sam adds "What the Hell was that?".

Suddenly he sees a silhouette in the threshold. A shadow dressed with a trench coat.

Sam whispers


And the shadow walks closer, it's Castiel, but his eyes are shining with some kind of blue light. He touches Hannah's forehead and she instantly heals.

He then turns to Sam and says

"My Grace has been replenished"

Hannah whispers


"I think so yes" answers Castiel.

Sam gets up and asks

"Can someone just explain to me what's going on?" and Castiel walks towards him, his eyes fading back to their normal color. He puts his hands on Sam's shoulders and says "God intervened yet again in my favor Sam", and he pauses a few seconds before adding, his eyes not betraying his feelings, "Where is your brother?".

Sam just hugs him, unable to say a word, and Hannah explains to her commander what has just happened.

Castiel slowly shoves Sam away and says

"I will keep my promise Sam. I will save your brother."

Sam frowns, breathes in deeply and replies.

"OK, where do we begin?"