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Chapter 1

Where are you?

I sighed, my knees shaking like crazy.

I hope you're not hiding.

How'd he know?! Oh wait, this was Romeo I was thinking about. Of course he'd know what I'd be doing right now.

Class is going to start soon if you don't hurry up.

Okay Wendy, this is nothing big. Only your first day in high school, see? Nothing big. So what if your family moved and you have to go to a high school without knowing anybody at all, at least you have Romeo. Romeo was enough; I could survive high school with just being friends with Romeo... I didn't want to survive school with only Romeo though! This was my high school year! I should have friends, I should do things, I shouldn't be hiding behind a tree right now! What a great way to make friends Wendy!

"Um excuse me, kid?"

I flinched. Slowly, I turned my head over my shoulder and saw a guy standing there behind me. After I blushed in embarrassment, wondering what this guy was thinking seeing me just stand here in front of a tree for no reason, I noticed the uniform he was wearing. I went from top to bottom, starting with the plaid, cobalt blue tie he wore in a neat knot around his neck, going down to the plain, white shirt next then his black jacket hanging loosely on his shoulders, his plaid, cobalt blue pants next followed after by his black shoes...

The shoes. If everything didn't point out that he was wearing my school's uniform, his black shoes did. Plain, ugly, black, and probably as uncomfortable to him as they were for me. When I first received the shoes along with my uniform I tried to replace them with some new ones, the school didn't allow it though. We were forced to wear the school's ugly shoes. Whoever this person was, he was wearing the boys uniform to my school meaning that he went to my school, and judging by the green patch on his shoulder jacket, he was a senior.

Meeting a senior and having a conversation on my first day of school, what were the odds of that?

"Um, kid?" He asked.

"Huh?" I hummed lightly.

"Don't mean to be a stalker or anything, I saw you wearing our school's uniform though and was wondering if you were lost or something? Do you not know the way to school? That would be hilarious if it was since our school is like, right down the street."

He started laughing and I groaned lightly to myself, hiding my face in my hands. Great job Wendy, you just made a fool of yourself in front of a senior on your first day of school. How could this get any worse? Oh yeah, Romeo texting every second asking where I was.

"I'm just kidding you kid, so you're one of the new freshmen huh? Ah, I remember when I was a freshman... good times. Well come on kid, I'll show you the rest of the way since you're lost." He grinned.

"I'm not lost!" I shouted, irritated at the man.

I quickly bit my lip and the senior stared at me, before laughing.

"Seems like this years freshmen are going to have more spunk, that's exactly what this school needs. Last years freshmen were such a bore." Senior said then continued talking to me about freshmen while we walked together to school.

I had no idea why this boy was walking me to school or why he stopped walking to school to help me walk to school. Maybe he was just being nice, boys were nice. Maybe other boys at this school were nice, the girls as well. Maybe I could easily make friends so I wouldn't be alone with Romeo! Not! Not like I didn't like Romeo, he's been my best friend since childhood, aw now I feel bad. I'm so sorry Romeo, wherever you are at school right now.

"Kid? Hey kid? Kid!"

"Huh?" I hummed.

"You doze off often, huh kid?" Senior asked tilting his head to the side.

I blushed and stared down at my ugly shoes, brushing my hair behind my ear.

"Just don't doze of in class, the teachers here are no joke. Well, here we are. Welcome to Magnolia High School, home of the Fairies."

Wow. So this is what high school looked like. Tall buildings surrounded by an iron gate, students of every shape and sizes roaming around in matching uniforms, blue for males, red for females, ugly shaped trees with dull flowers planted here and there. High school was nothing like in the movies and television shows or animes.

"Doranbolt! Hey Doranbolt!"

I looked up and saw Senior look over, seeing a group of other seniors waving over towards us. When Senior started waving back I figured they were all friends. So that was his name, Doranbolt.

"Well then kid, think you can find your way to class?" Doranbolt asked me.

I nodded my head up and down.

"Great, see yeah around then kid." He waved turning to leave me.

I reached out on impulse though and grabbed his jacket; Doranbolt looked behind his shoulder and raised an eyebrow.

"T-tha-thank you." I said.

He flashed me a grin, "you're welcome kid. There's no way I could have just ignored you while wearing Orihime's hairpins. Good luck to you."

I didn't stop him as he left, I did watch him leave though and raise my hands up to my hairpins. How'd he know they were Orihime's? I ignored my phone vibrating again, watching Doranbolt walk up to his friends and greet them, noticing a particular blonde girl hug her arms around him and give him a huge-

I looked away and started walking into school. This high school looks nothing like my old one, not one bit. There were people with strange, vibrant hair colors like red and pink, people with strange tattoos on their bodies and faces, one boy who had so many piercings I had to flinch away when he walked passed me, and I even saw a shirtless guy! My virgin eyes!

"Wendy?! Wendy!"

Seeing how this was a new school and I knew no one, there was only one person who could be calling me right now.

"Wendy, I've been texting you all morning. Why haven't you been replying?" Romeo asked.

"Oh, sorry Romeo."

"You weren't nervous were you? Tell me you weren't hiding behind a tree." Romeo frowned.

"I wasn't hiding!" I yelled.

Oops, I covered my lips and waited for everyone to start walking past us before continuing.

"I wasn't hiding behind a tree, I was hiding in plain sight of it." I mumbled.

"Whatever, come on Wendy. We have class to go to." Romeo said grabbing my hand.

"Romeo, I'm in high school now. I think I can walk to class without stumbling on my own two feet." I pouted at him.

"Would you like to take the risk? Know if you fall you'll probably be the laughing stalk for the rest of the year and be known as the falling girl." Romeo told me.

... I pouted even more as I squeezed onto his hand. I hated how Romeo was right sometimes, most of the times... all of the times.

"Romeo, do you think class presidents are popular?" I asked once our first day of high school was over.

I didn't fall, trip, or stumble once... and I also didn't make any new friends. I don't think Doranbolt can be called a friend since I never told him my own name and we never said we were friends and he was like a senior while I was a freshman.

"Class presidents? Sure, maybe. Depends if a popular person runs for it." He told me.

Popular, I completely loathed the word popular. Who gets to decide who's popular or not huh? God, I'm such a loser.

"Oh, you don't say."

"Wendy, do you want to be popular?" Romeo asked gaining some steps ahead of me so he could see my expression.

"No, I would like to have lots of friends though, so I guess the answers yes then since being popular means having lots of friends."

"Wendy, you don't need to be class president to have lots of friends. Even if you became one Wendy then they wouldn't be the kind of friends you'd want." Romeo said.

"They wouldn't?" I asked.

"Heck no! They'd be popular kids!"

"Isn't that what I want though?"

"No! You want friends like me! Who share the same interests and likes as you do."

I guess that's true, maybe the reason I didn't make any friends today was because 1) I didn't try very hard and 2) I didn't see anyone who shared my interests. The only person I saw who might have shared my love for anime was Doranbolt... there's no way we could be friends though.

"You know Romeo, I thought I looked really cute when I went to school today." I sighed out.


"I curled my hair and wore it into two ponytails instead of down like I always do, I wore the hair pins you gave me for good luck, I pressed and ironed my shirt, made sure there wasn't any lit on my skirt and practiced really hard to walk in these shoes and not make a fool of myself. Do you know what though? None of that mattered. I believed my first day would be special, but I looked like everyone else. Some were even cuter, wearing stockings and fox tails, I could never do something like that though."

"What are you talking about Wendy?! You looked super cute today!" Romeo said.

I smiled brightly, "thanks Romeo."

"Seriously! Did you see some of the girl's at our school? You have to be one out of twenty people who have blue hair at our school, one out of 13 that have dark blue. That's special, you stood out with that! And so what if they wore foxtails, if you want I'll buy you one right now for you to wear tomorrow." Romeo said.

"No, no! I couldn't never wear something like that, it'd be too embarrassing." I blushed.

"We're in high school now, it's alright to be embarrassed."

I giggled at Romeo's logic and punched his shoulder lightly.

"Thanks Romeo, okay! Today was only my first day so I won't be discouraged! I'll make friends by the end of the school year and become super, duper popular!" I chanted to myself.

"You don't need to be popular Wendy, you need to find friends that share your interests." Romeo said.

"Okay! How do I do that?!" I asked in the same tone of voice.

"Well, since the thing you love most in the world is anime... why not join the anime club?" He asked.

My eyes widened, anime club?!

"Oh my goodness, that's a brilliant idea Romeo! Wow! We should totally do that!" I cheered.

At my old school we had an anime club, and though I was nothing major like the president, I had so many friends there who shared my love and joy for anime. There I didn't mind that I was like everyone else in the anime club, because we all loved anime.

"Great! Glad to see you happy Wendy, tomorrow we'll go look for the club sign up sheet and just watch! You'll have tons of friends!" Romeo grinned.

Tons of anime friends, talking about anime, discussing about anime, arguing about anime, watching anime, cosplaying anime, eating anime shaped foods... I could see it now. Maybe high school wasn't going to be so bad after all.

"Maybe they didn't write all of the clubs down Wendy."


"I'm sure we just missed it, let me look over it all again."


"Hmm, well maybe if I ask a teacher they can tell us if there is or isn't a club."


There goes my plan for friends.

"No Wendy, I know that face. Don't give up when you've barely started." Romeo lectured me sternly.

I took a deep breathe and sighed out, "of course not Romeo. This isn't my giving up face."

"It isn't?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

"No, this is my I'm going to make some friends by the end of the school year even if I have to make the club myself face." I told him.

I couldn't believe what I just told him though. Romeo's eyebrows raised and he smiled, hugging me tightly against his chest.

"Oh Wendy! This is wonderful news, we can totally make an anime club! I'm going to get the papers right away before you change your mind, be right back." Romeo cheered running down the hall.

I giggled as I saw him jump up and kick his feet together in the air. Silly Romeo, I don't know how I would have survived this school year without him... even though it has only been two days.

"Ow!" I hissed getting bumped into.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!"

"No, it's okay." I said rubbing my shoulder.

"Are you sure? So sorry about that, my friend didn't see you there as she pushed me."

I finally saw the voice to the girl who bumped into me and blushed. She was so beautiful, bright blonde hair with equally bright brown eyes. Browns eyes that put my brown eyes to shame. She looked like the ideal girl from every male's fantasy, bouncy shiny hair, full red lips, dark long eyelashes with tall legs and huge breasts. I hugged myself and felt my own ones, nothing compared to hers. It wasn't my fault though, I was only a freshman while she was a... sophomore judging by her red patch on her shoulder. What? No fair! She was only a year older than me and already looked this beautiful? I started pouting.

"Um... are you sure you're alright? You look kind of... angry to me." She said.

I shook my head lightly, ready to apologize for pouting when I noticed a pink ribbon in her hair, tied around her ponytail. Even though she was dressed like every other girl in school, without foxtails or long socks or stockings, that one small little pink ribbon made her stand out and defined her. Though she might have only been wearing it because it's her favorite color, anytime I saw a pink ribbon I always thought of-


The beautiful blonde girl blinked at me, "excuse me?"

"I'm sorry! I just, whenever I see pink ribbons I'm always reminded of Aerith from Final Fantasy. Don't mind me though, really." I blushed waving my hands in front of me.

"Oh my God, that's totally correct. You're the first person whose guessed correctly about my pink ribbon." She smiled at me.

I blinked.

"Come on Lulu, I've already signed us up for cooking class. Let's go before more people start to come."

"Alright, just one second. Sorry but it seems like my friends here don't know the meaning of patients. Sorry for bumping into you, I'll see you around again, okay?" She asked me.

I couldn't respond because she started getting tugged away by her friends. I don't think I would have responded though... she was the second person to tell me see you around. I had better chances seeing her around than Doranbolt though. There was one thing that Lulu's friend were right about, the crowds in this area was starting to get more and more crowded as more and more people tried to sign up for clubs. I started walking away from the sign up sheets, hoping Romeo would find me if I stood a few doorways down.

He did and when he came running towards me, he came running with a smile and a piece of paper in the air.

"Great news! The teacher said since we were the first person to ask to make a club, we get the first room!" Romeo cheered.

"Really? That's great!" I cheered with him.

"It's only to recruit members though, we won't get to keep it unless we have a total of five members. We have to have the members by the end of the month or else our club won't be official and we'll lose the room."

"Well that shouldn't be a problem then! There's the two of us, I'm sure we can find three other people who love anime." I smiled.

"Good, well let's hurry up and get this bad boy filled out so we can be the first to turn it in and see our new room!" Romeo said.

Honestly, I didn't know what I would do without Romeo. He was like... like my rock. He kept me grounded, watched over me, always was there for me, just a true friend. We smiled as we walked into our next classroom, filling out the new club form.

"What should our club name be?" I asked.

"Something cool, I don't want it to just be called anime club." Romeo said.

"Um... sorry, all I can come up with is Ouran High School Host Club and the S.O.S. Brigade." I said sticking out my tongue.

"Good ones, all I could think about was Afterlife War Front."

We both started laughing and suddenly, something just clicked in my mind.

"That's it! Let's be called the A.A.A. club!" I smiled.

"Attack All Around? They're a good band Wendy, but they've hardly done any openings or endings for animes." Romeo told me.

"No silly, it'll be short for the All About Anime club!"

"I guess that's cool, though it won't be all about anime but also about making new friends." Romeo said writing it down.

"Fine then, we can call it the A.A.A.A.M.N.F. club."

"Now that's just stupid, I like this. The Triple A club, sounds pretty cool." Romeo said before scribbling down some more.

I looked down at the paper and raised an eyebrow, "why are you writing my name under president?"

"Because you came up with the idea."

"No I didn't, you did."

"No, I came up with the idea of joining an anime club. You came up with the idea of making one so hence forth, you're president of the AAA club. Congrats." Romeo smiled.

"No fair! I don't want to be president, make me vice and you'll be president."

"Think of it this way Wendy, if you're president of something somehow in your mind that means you'll have more friends." Romeo said.

I pouted, thinking it over.


"Great, I'll turn this paper in after class and the AAA club will officially be in business!" Romeo said kissing the paper.

I giggled, "thanks for doing this with me Romeo."

"Anything for you Wendy."

"Click, clock, click, clock, click, clock."


"I'm sorry Romeo, this is just our seventh day staying after school here and no one's showed up." I sighed, beaten.

"We can't give up now, just look at us. Come on, we can do this!"

"We can't make people join our club Romeo. We've done all that we could, hang up fliers, pass them out, I had to make a ridiculous speech in front of the whole class telling people about my club. Oh, the horror."

I blushed remembering it now. I don't know why I believed I could make an anime club and actually have people want to join. Now that I think about it anime wasn't popular... it was nerdy. I didn't care though, regardless of what it was I love it. I smiled and stood up from my seat, taking off my jacket and facing him.

"I challenge you to a duel!" I cheered.

Romeo blinked, "Wendy?"

"Come on, it's anime club. We haven't brought any animes yet so lets duel. What are the rules? Final Fantasy? Kingdom Hearts? Dragon Ball Z? You pick." I said.

Romeo chuckled and stood up as well, taking his own jacket off.

"I was thinking more along the lines as Sword Art Online." He smiled.

"That's not fair though! I can't recite the spells as well as you, how about Chuunibiyou demo Koi ga Shite instead? We can make up our own spells in that." Wendy said.

"Alright Wendy, oops I mean Evil Goddess of The Moon. You're going down!" Romeo said pointing a finger at me.

"Please, I am the Moon Goddess! No way your mortal hands can touch me, fly." I chuckled darkly.

"Take that back! You're looking at the Moonlight Knight! And I'm here to take your head." Romeo said holding up his hands.

I blinked and the scenario around us changed, once a classroom now a wasteland. I reached for my trusty wand and started reciting out spells.

"Mini Moons, go!" I said swiping my crescent moon attack at Romeo.

He jumped and avoided them, my moons leaving holes in his cape but not his armor.

"Hey Wendy, have you've seen the naked kid?" Romeo asked as he ran towards me sword in hand.

"Romeo you're ruining the battle! Shield! And yes I have." I said holding up a barrier in front of me and Romeo attacked.

"What's that all about? The movies and television got one thing right, there are some weirdoes in school." He said repeating his strike.

"It's useless Moonlight Knight! You'll never be able to break my barrier!" I laughed.

"Not unless I use the power of the Goddess, your power or have you forgotten that you've blessed me?" Romeo asked jumping back.

"No, you can't be my most faithful knight?! Well I should have figured with your name and all, but no! How dare you betray me!"

"Yes, and this is the end. Goddess Slayer!" Romeo chanted revealing his sword to be a scythe.

I raised up countless of powers and threw countless of moons at him, he broke through all of it though and finally reached me.

"Do you surrender?" He asked.

"Never!" I told him smacking him with my wand.

"Ow Wendy, that actually hurt."

I blinked again and found myself back inside the classroom, a ruler in my hand while Romeo had a pointer stick in his and was rubbing her head.

"Oops, sorry." I giggled lightly.

Romeo grinned and laughed with me.

"That was fun, but tiring. I'll go buy us some juice, okay? Just a short break." I said reaching for my wallet.

"Alright Wendy, what do you say we go home a little early today though?" Romeo asked me.

"We'll see, be right back!" I said running out the room.

We haven't done that in so long, I've forgotten how much fun that was! Oh this stupid high school and making friends has me so stressed now, when was the last time I even watched anime? Huh? Huh? Not since I first started school since I've been so busy making posters and handing them around and preparing my speech on why kids should join anime club, though it must have not been a good speech since no one joined.

I finally reached the vending machine and froze, seeing a scary man already occupying it. I think he belonged to the heavy metal, gothic, emo, whatever group seeing as how he had piercings all over his face. I didn't know school's allowed that. Heavy metal man, or my junior since I noticed his orange patch when he bent down to get his drink, stood back up and looked at the anime club sign I taped on the lockers beside the machine. I squeaked lightly, he was looking, HE WAS LOOKING! Beggars can't be choosers right now since no one else is joining, if he liked anime then I guess it's-

Junior snorted and sneered, ripping my poster off the wall and crumbling it into a ball. This is the moment I don't like myself, because some moments when I'm really mad I'll just let go of those emotions and black out letting my mind speak whatever. My mind should have known better after seeing all his piercings. Stupid brain.

"HEY!" I yelled coming out from my hiding place.

Junior looked up at me, his eyes glaring. Second warning there me, but I didn't listen.

"You can't just be ripping off other people's posters! I worked real hard in making that you know, well maybe I didn't because all I did was cut out pictures glued them to a piece of paper and made copies, but that took a lot of time and effort and it's not cool that you ripped it off like that!" I yelled at him.

Junior only blinked.

"And that poster cost money so fork it over!" I pouted holding out my hand.

Finally Junior spoke, "how much?"

His voice sounded like nails scratching again a chalkboard, I had to resist the urge to cringed.

"10 cents."

"10-10? 10! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!" Junior laughed evilly.

It was due to his evil laugh that I gained control over my brain and started stepping away from the taller and stronger junior who could easily beat me up.

"Here's your 10 cents, make yourself another triple A poster." Junior said dropping a dime on the ground and leaving.

"That's A.A.A.!" I barked, wanting to have the last word.

And I did, ignoring the whatever he said right back at me, I did. Stupid jerk, ripping up my poster. What did anime ever do to him? I pouted as I reached down and picked up the dime.

"Jokes on him, copying is only 5 cents. Now I get to make two new posters!" I smiled.

I wondered if Romeo would mind if I made a slight detour?

*All About Anime Club Status*
*By Wendy Marvell*

Club Authorization:
Still In Progress

Members Have:
President- Wendy Marvell
Vice President- Romeo Conbolt

Members Needed:

Side Notes:
I can't believe I am doing this

Animes Used:

Bleach - Orihime Pins

Final Fantasy 7 - Aeirth's Ribbon

Ouran High School Host Club - Ouran High School Host Club (Possible Anime Club Name)

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - S.O.S. Brigade (Possible Anime Club Name)

Angel Beat - Afterlife War Front (Possible Anime Club Name)

Inuyasha Final Act - First Ending By Attack All Around (Possible Anime Club Name)