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Winds of Memory
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Pakunoda... her memories and thoughts are ours now... she is dead...
"Why does that mean?" Shizuku asked.
Phinx looked up from the body on the floor. "I'll explain. I understand."
But whatever it was, I didn't hear it. That one image of—a blond boy—the chain user, by the name of Kurapika... He seemed familiar... Where did it come from?

"That kid, Kurapika, got in trouble again." A dark haired man said at the dinner table.
"What'd he do this time?" A junior version of the man asked.
"Burnt a neighbor's house down. The town council locked him in the jail. If you ask me, they should've hung that bastard."
A little girl looked up, about to protest, but her brother kicked her under the table to silence her.

When midnight came, the girl crept from her bed and down the stairs. "I was expecting you to do that," A dry voice whispered from behind her.
The girl whirled around. Her brother stood two steps up, with his arms crossed over his chest. "Please don't tell otou-san," she pleaded. "He'll beat me again."
"I won't."
The girl stared. "O...onii-san, this is not like you!"
The darker-headed boy tapped his sister's chin. "Hey, Kurapika's my friend." He smiled to himself. "Plus I know you like him."
The girl looked up at him in wonder. "How did you—"
He shushed her. "I know that look you get on your face every time you see him or hear his name."
"Please let me go. I have to see him."
"Tonight only. I won't tell, but if otou-san finds out somehow... I guess you could say good-bye for good."
The girl gasped. "That won't happen!" She grabbed her black cloak and slipped out the door.

Reaching the jail, she fumbled around in her pocket for a pick and silently opened the door. In the gloomy darkness, she could make out the silhouette of a boy. He was sitting in a casual position on the cold stone floor with his legs and arms in chains. "Who's there?" His voice startled her. She thought he'd been asleep. "I'm warning you, I can hack you into pieces with this chain here."
"It's me." The girl said timidly. "Is that you, Kurapika?"
"Yeah. Who's 'me'?"
"You don't need to know my name." With the pick, the girl unlocked Kurapika's wrists and ankles. Then she turned to leave.
"Wait. Why did you help me?" Kurapika put his hand on her shoulder to stop her. He saw a glimmer of her eye before she wrenched away from his grasp.
"You don't need to know that either. If you want to find me later, I'll leave you with these words. I loved you." She sprinted away.

The next morning, the girl was gone.

"Hey!" Phinx waved a hand in my face. "Kinda spacey today, huh? Did you hear what I said?"
"No..." I faked a yawn. "Must've dozed off." I retreated to a dark corner. "I'm going to get my beauty sleep." Yeah, right.

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Princess Floréa: You should be able to guess who 'I' am, if you've read my other fic.
Kurapika-sama: Hisoka.
Floraleon: Idiot.
Princess Floréa: WRONGO! 'Tis not an idiot nor a Hisoka.
Kurapika-sama: A Hisoka?!
Princess Floréa: Hehe...
Kurapika-sama: *gulp*
Floraleon: BOO!!!
Kurapika-sama: X.X