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Crossed Winds
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It suddenly occured to me, after running into half a dozen dead ends, that I had no idea what i was doing. York Shin was huge. And it seemed lonely in the rain.
Tucking the cloak tightly around my body, I turned another corner.
Into another dead end.
I sank down on my knees and looked up into the dull sky. The heavy raindrops mingled with my tears.
And then I heard footsteps behind me. Let them come, I thought. Just try and attack me.
It turned out to be Kurapika. I averted my eyes from him. A few moments of silence passed. "Machi... I'm sorry..." He finally said. "I followed you, and I thought about what you said, and what your brother said about you. One was that no matter what kinds of unbelievable excuses you gave, they were always true.
And back then, you set me free, like an angel, and disappear. And then, right when I feel like I'm in Hell, you come back to me. And—"
"And then we kiss and live happily ever after, right?" I looked at him, and to my own surprise, smiled.
And then we kissed.

*** *** *** ***

Princess Floréa: Now back to ICOMC.
Kurapika-sama: What did this have to do with the title "Crosswinds"?!
Princess Floréa: Figure it out.
Floraleon: *hands Kurapika-sama Fanfiction for Dummies*
Kurapika-sama: Oh.*starts running around*
Floraleon: Sit, boy.
Kurapika-sama: *sits*
Floraleon: Play dead.
Kurapika-sama: X.X
Princess Floréa: *sweatdrops*