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"Again Alexandra! The tournament is tonight and everyone is expecting you to win." I threw my whole weight into my next punch but sighed in frustration as Athena easily deflected it and pushed me back. I lost my balance and stumbled back, which gave Athena the opportunity to swing at me. The blow connected with my jaw and I heard it crunch.

"You should calm yourself sister. Breaking your prized fighter will get you nowhere in the tournament tonight." Ares smiled at me as he made his way over to my mother. He may have his own fighter in the tournament but I knew he was secretly rooting for me. Unlike him and my mother, we had a good relationship. I maneuvered my jaw back into place and felt it start to heal immediately; I healed twice as quickly on Olympus than I did on Earth.

"She needs to learn that being distracted has disastrous effects. She may be immortal but she still feels pain." And there it was: Athena's way of telling me that she does not approve of the way I have lived my life for the past year. She summoned me to represent her in a fighting tournament that Zeus was hosting because he 'missed the action' and all I've done since I've been here is train and listen to her tell me how disappointed she is with me.

"You know as well as I do sister that Alexandra here is the greatest warrior any of us have ever bore. It's a shame that Achilles' descended to the Underworld before she was born; he loved a good fight." I felt myself beam as Ares winked at me. "She has not trained in over a hundred years and I am still able to defeat her. She still has more leaning to do."

At this point I really wanted to interject and argue that the only reason Athena was beating me was because she was the Goddess of battle strategy; she knew my next move before I did. I held my tongue though and kept lawyer Alexie in; she isn't liked very much up here. Ares was about to stand up for me again but the opening of the doors to the training room distracted us. I looked over and saw Aphrodite float in. I looked over at my mother who rolled her eyes at her sister and held the same look I use to have when I was in the presence of Portia Bellefleur.

"You look beautiful as ever lover." I felt bile rise up in my throat as Ares addressed his sister. 2000 years along and it was still acceptable for the God's to fuck their siblings. I'm all about for living the way we use to but I draw a line at incest, even if you are a God.

Aphrodite smiled as Ares kissed her hand and grinned. "I always feel refreshed after spending my time with Adonis. I do miss him when he spends his allotted time with Persephone. Speaking of missing lovers, how are you coping without seeing your bonded Alexandra?"

And there was the dreaded question I was hoping to avoid; was I missing Eric? Hell yes I was. I was practically dragged out of his arms by Athena and to him that was at least 3 months ago. I hated the time difference. "It's proving to be difficult but I am coping. How is Adonis? I have not seen him in over a hundred years."

"Now is not the time for that. Now is the time for farewells dear one. I warned your mother that this could happen so do not worry about her reaction. Until next time Alexandra." Confusion crossed my face as I looked at Aphrodite then back at my mother who did not look happy. She opened her eyes to say something but before she could, I felt myself being pulled away from the training room and the strange feeling I had felt several months ago when I wanted to find Eric returned. This was not good.

Eric's P.O.V

The moment I felt full, I pulled away from the human that Pam had bought into the office several moments ago. Blood was oozing from the wound on her neck but I had no desire to continue. I was sick of regular tasting blood and decided that not eating was probably better for me. Alexie had been gone for over 3 months now and I had been down ever since. Not even a month of traveling with Godric had helped.

"Is that it? The blonde one promised me more!" I growled at the human girl standing in front of me and cursed Pam in my head. How dare she make promises on my behalf? I grabbed the girl's chin and held her until my glamour took control.

"You and I fucked until you could not stand and you allowed me to feed off of you whilst we did. You're now going to leave this office feeling satisfied and you will tell anyone who asked that I had my way with you. You are then going to decide to forget this experience. Do you understand?" She nodded her head then slowly walked out of the office. I threw my head back in frustration when I was alone and allowed myself to think of Alexie. Between Sookie's disappearance and her waiting to be summoned, Alexie hadn't been herself. She promised me that she was fine but I knew she wasn't.

"She looked satisfied." "I always deliver Pam. Speaking of which, I think we need to discuss your tendency of making promises on my behalf." Pam smirked at me then threw a folder towards me. "I'd love to but perhaps another time. The King has summoned you so I suggest you make a move. I can handle everything here."

I opened the folder and saw the fax that requested my presence immediately. I didn't say anything to Pam as I threw on my jacket and vamped out of the door and took off towards Bon Temps. I landed outside the King's house several moments later and watched as all of the human guards nodded towards me and granted me access to the house. As I reached the front door, it opened and Jessica walked out.

"Eric, it's been a while. Alexie still not back yet?" "Unfortunately no. Is he in his study?" She nodded at me then vamped off towards her car. I then headed into the house and saw Compton standing behind his desk. I walked into his study and cleared my throat. He looked up at me and indicated for the guard inside the room to leave.

"Eric, I'm glad you could come on such short notice." "Anything for you my King." Compton either chose to ignore my sarcasm or he did not detect it because he made no comment. "I'm in need of your services. Remember the Spanish Inquisition 500 years ago?" I nodded my head and beckoned him to continue. "It seems that a group of witches have managed to resurrect the dead. I need you to dissolve their coven immediately. I would also appreciate it if you report back to me afterwards."

I nodded at Compton then made my way out of the house. I had better things to do with my evening than dissolving a group of witches but I suppose it did help pass time.

"Well isn't this cozy?" The group of witches looked up at me and immediately stopped chanting. My eyes zoomed in on Lafayette and I saw him shrink several inches. If I had known that he was part of the coven, I would have gone to him and ensured he dissolved the coven.

"You have no business here vampire. We are practicing magic peacefully." "See I don't think you are and I've been sent here to put a stop to this little group session. Now, you can either do it the easy way or the hard way." The witch who stood in the middle of the group then started to chant and I rolled my eyes. Obviously the hard way.

I vamped over to her and plunged my fangs into her neck. In comparison to Alexie, she tasted vile but I was hoping it was getting the message across. The rest of the group took a step back in fear and when I was satisfied that I had made my point, I released her. I wiped my mouth with my sleeve and turned to face Lafayette. "I hope that you educate your friends here on what happens when they cross me. I would hate to make a return visit."

Lafayette nodded but as I turned to walk away, the sound of chanting in another language pulled me back. I turned around and saw the witch who I had just bitten, continue to chant. I tried to vamp towards her but I couldn't move. It was as if my feet were glued to the floor. I then saw a green light erupt from the circle and head towards me but before it could connect with a chest, a bright light appeared from nowhere and blinded everyone in the room.

It took me several moments to make sense of the scene in front of me and when I did, I looked down and saw Alexie crouched down in front of me holding up her shield. The green light hit her shield and instantly disappeared. She slowly rose and held her shield in one hand and a sword in another. I then took in her appearance and couldn't help but feel hot for her when I saw the armored top she wore and short white skirt. Her long blonde hair trailed down her back and I saw she wore a gold headband when she turned to face me. She had never looked so beautiful than she had in that moment and I didn't know how I knew, but I knew that she had just saved me.

Alexie's P.O.V

I slowly rose and took in my surroundings. A moment ago I was sparring with Athena on Olympus and now I was standing in the back of an old bookstore. I looked around and raised my eyebrows when I saw Lafayette standing there with Jesus and Tara. I hadn't seen Tara in nearly a year and was shocked to see her.

"How did you do that?" My eyes shifted from Tara and landed on a woman who looked like she had been stuck in the 70's for the past 40 years. "Curses don't dissolve like that!" "Hey lady, don't talk to me about curses, I've had my fair share. And mortal curses cannot penetrate my shield. Speaking of curses," I turned to face Eric who stood there with a stunned look on his face. I knew I was going to end up in his presence after what happened last time but couldn't quite understand what I had waltzed in on. "What did you do? I've practically walked out of one battlefield and into another all because you called me, or so I think you did."

"What makes you think I've done anything? You heard her, she tried to curse me and I didn't call you. I just thought about you." I couldn't help but smile at Eric but had to stop myself from falling into his arms. "Look out!" Lafayette's voice pulled me away from Eric's gaze and back round to the crazy cursing lady. She threw a dagger towards Eric and I but it only made contact with my shield. "We better get out of here." I nodded at Eric and followed him out of the shop.

I ran through the door and hooked my sword up to my belt and placed my shield behind my back. Eric held out his hand for me to take but I just jumped up and took off into the sky. I heard him shout at me and couldn't help but smile. My Eric was back.

"You can fly now? I thought you hate flying." I brushed the dirt off of my knees then straightened myself up. I hadn't quite grasped the whole landing procedure. "I do hate flying but Hermes thought it would be amusing to grant me the ability to fly. I have to say that it saves a lot of time. Olympus is huge. Now, care to explain to me what that was all about?"

"So this is how we're going to spend our sweet reunion? You wanting to know what mess I've gotten myself into?" "I love how you know me so well Erastís Mou. Now spill." Eric grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. Before I could interject, he slammed his lips against mine and I remembered why I loved him so much. However, just as quickly as the kiss started, it ended.

"Compton sent me to dissolve a group of witches who were practicing spells to resurrect the dead. We'd like to avoid another Spanish Inquisition." "I don't blame you. That time period sucked although you vampires were full of yourselves. More than you are now. What I don't get is why he would send you. Surely it would have been easier to send a load of his human guards who are expendable." Eric shrugged his shoulders and followed me towards the house. It was typical Bill. Now he was King, he was a bigger pain in our arses.

"Alexie! Oh thank god! I was worried you had gone off to Eric's although I couldn't see why. Hey, when did you change?" I froze in my tracks when I saw Sookie emerge from the house. She looked exactly the same as she did when she disappeared on us. I ran up to her and wrapped my arms around her. "Are you alright Alexie?"

"Me? I should be asking you that! Where have you been?" "I'm not too sure. It was really bright and full of fearies. When did we get all that fancy equipment in the house?" Sookie looked just as confused as I did but I doubt it had anything to do with her sudden reappearance.

"Lexie, is that you?" I stilled in Sookie's arms and felt the blood leave my face. I slowly turned and saw an extremely tall man standing by Eric. His dark hair hung down to his eyes and his skin seemed to glow. His green eyes sparkled in the moonlight and his voice still sounded like silk. I suppose you wouldn't expect anything less from the ultimate lover.

"Adonis, long time no see…"

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