A/N: Beware the mad angst-beast. Peach Girl with hints of yaoi- there's one I don't think I've heard before. Actually, it's pretty much a "slut-Kairi" fic- i.e., hints of Kairi x everybody pairings. ^_^;; So whatever floats your boat ought to be in here somewhere at least briefly.

Kairi's POV, set as they leave Goro's hotel room. Spoilers for up to volume six.

"Rotting Flowers"

"For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds;

Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds."

~ William Shakespeare

I look back at you as the others leave, and your face is so empty. I feel strangely guilty, though somehow I already know that it's Sae's fault that you're suffering.

We really should've thought to stop Momo from trying to befriend her again- from giving her another chance to destroy everyone who was better off than she was. But Momo would've done it anyway, and there's no changing what's been. You can't look back on your life and say, "you know, this could've gone better; let's take another whack at it." Maybe I would have kept Toji from hitting you if that were so.

You're shattered, both of you- the victim and her abuser both had their strings pulled; strung along by a pretty little flower with wide, innocent eyes who dropped you to break on the floor as soon as she grew tired of the way you moved. And then you discovered that even the sweetest flower could have a rotten heart.

But still, Momo is so beautiful, and you are so beautiful, and Sae's eyes are so very cold today.

Dear, naïve, and jealous Toji looks ready to kill at a moment's notice, and I have no doubt that he would if Misao and Momo weren't here. For their sake alone, I've done the same. I am surrounded by amazing people, and the most amazing of them all is the most twisted person I've met in years.

I'm so sick of watching Sae break beautiful things.

Maybe this time, I'll just break her.

That might be fun.

* ende *

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