Taking place mid season nine, details will be a little altered. (After Dean acquires the mark).

CHAPTER ONE:Consequences Revealed

What the fuck is happening to me?

He couldn't help the thoughts that penetrated his mind while he was asleep. They came along with the nightmares. He hadn't had the mark for more than a month and he was already regretting not hearing about the damn costs that came with it.

Not to mention now he had to be butt buddies with Crowley. God, if his dad could see them now. Dean shivered at the thought.

He was lying in his bed, not able to gather the energy to get his ass up since he had only been sleeping two hours each night.

He groaned as he finally hauled himself up from the inviting mattress and made his way over to the bathroom to shower.


Sam was sitting at the kitchen table sipping at a cup of coffee when he started beating himself up about not helping his brother last night. He had heard his screams. Hell, he'd heard them every night since he got that damn Mark. But, because he was stubborn and pissed, he chose not to go comfort his brother.

Why should he?

Dean betrayed him.

Sam was ready to die and his brother was too selfish to let him go.

Sam cringed. He knew that wasn't true. He knew that his brother had the best intentions.

He remembers the day he told Dean he wouldn't have done the same for him and knew it was a bold-faced lie.

Shaking his head, he got up and discarded the half drank cup of coffee into the sink when he heard the shower running. He'd take care of it later.

He didn't want to see his brother right now. He wouldn't be able to look at him without the guilt showing in his eyes.

Making his way back to his bedroom, he continued to look up any information on Abaddon or the First Blade or the mark itself. He wanted to know what was happening to his brother and knew he'd have to do some digging.


Pulling on his boxers, Dean ran a hand through his hair to get it to the style he likes. Stopping to look in the mirror, he almost didn't recognize himself.

The person in the mirror had deep bags under his eyes that were bloodshot. His complexion was pale and the lack of hope in his eyes was completely recognizable.

Blinking a few times to clear his vision, he made his way out of the bathroom to shuffle through his drawers for clothes. Just when he found a pair of jeans, Castiel appeared in the room near the door.


"What the fuck Cas? Get out! I'm changing!" Dean said, exasperated.

"Sorry I didn't know…" He said as he turned and walked out, standing just outside the door. He hated to be yelled at by Dean.

A few moments later the hunter walked out, fully clothed, and gave a pointed look to the angel.

"I'm sorr-"Cas started.

"Don't. It's fine. Just… try to knock. Please." Dean said, running a hand down his face as he made his way to the kitchen, the angel following close behind.

Cas stared suspiciously at the hunter when he saw him consciously keep pulling down his right shirt sleeve.

"Something wrong, Dean?" Cas asked, moving in front of the eldest Winchester and glancing at his arm.

Dean looked up and saw what the angel was looking at and crossed his arms, trying to cover the mark. "Yeah, everything's fine, just a little chilly in here." He shrugged, trying to look casual.

Walking into the kitchen, he saw Sam's leftover coffee cup in the sink as he went to pour his own. He was up to six a day now, and it was time for his first one of the morning.

When Dean saw that Castiel was still staring at him he decided to ask the angel what had gotten into him. "Take a picture, it'll last longer." He said with a slightly harsh tone.

"Something's different about you. You seem… angrier." Cas said hesitantly.

"Nothing's different Cas!" He raised his arms up in exasperation, revealing the mark. "Jesus, calm the fuck down."

The angel's eyes widened as he saw the brand on his friend's arm. "Dammit Dean… What did you do?" Castiel said, obviously angry at the stubborn Winchester. He took a step towards him.

"I found a way to end all our problems, and I took it. That's it." Disregarding his cup of coffee, the hunter pushed back Cas to go back to his bedroom to try and sleep.

Thankfully, the angel didn't follow him and he was able to sleep in peace, or so he thought.



That's all Dean heard. It was so loud the hunter had to run through the woods with both of his hands covering his ears.

The eldest Winchester refused to acknowledge whose laughter it was. Deep down, he knew, but he didn't want to believe it.

He felt like he had been running for hours. He glanced back to see who was following him and didn't see anybody. Turning back, he ran right into a man, falling flat on his ass.

Looking up, Dean's heart dropped. He couldn't breathe.

Bending down to his level, the all too familiar face whispered darkly into his ear. "I expect a warm welcome back."

Laughing, Alastair stood up straight and walked away from the distraught hunter.

Dean woke up covered in sweat and on the floor. His bedroom was pitched black and he had a dull pain in the back of his head where he must've hit the floor with it.

He shook his head and sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

The eldest Winchester froze as he saw a figure standing in the corner of his bedroom.

"Who's there?" He hissed.

The figure took a step forward and Dean's breath hitched in his throat.

No no no. It was just a dream.

Alastair made his way over to him and sat on the bed.

He winked at the hunter and vanished into thin air, but not how demons normally disappeared. Almost like…

A hallucination.

Dean was hallucinating about Alastair.

He remembered how horrible it was when Sam hallucinated about Lucifer and knew it was just going to be ten times worse for him.

Man, was he fucked.



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