Hans Albrecht Evans couldn't suppress the uprising of satisfaction he'd felt when he'd heard his niece's glass hit the carpeted floor of the sitting-room with enough force to shatter it. He knew he should've been playing nice in the vague hope of getting free room and board from a relative who would support him in his old age considering the fact that he was out of money, but something about this woman who was playing the stereotypical English Hausfrau had bothered him from the word go, even before he had been let inside the woman's home which revealed more about her heart than it concealed. Perhaps, it had been something about the wording of the Harry boy's letter. The boy who dressed in rags and didn't feature in a single one of the photographs that decorated his niece's tastefully decorated home.

"Black!" Petunia snarled almost ferally. "I don't know what you're playing at you freak, but this prank has gone on long enough!"

That threw him for a loop for a moment as he tried to figure out who this "Black" was. It had taken him a moment to place it as a surname, an exceedingly familiar surname. The surname of a man who had more than earned his medals, up to and including the Order of Merlin First Class that he had fortunately not been there to witness him earn, since if he had been, he would be dead.

"Black? Oh yes, Dark family, heavily into the Dark Arts. Grindelwald had tried to recruit them but, as you know, Evil doesn't necessarily equate to unpatriotic." he replied in a tone he was certain would further rile the woman, a flash of anger of his own having risen at the word "freak" even though it hadn't specifically been directed at him. He knew it just as easily could have, considering the state of the magical child who was nearly not such any-longer that was living in the home.

"Stop playing games Black or I will call the police and have them throw you back in prison!" his niece shouted angrily, though there was a slightly fearful quaver in her voice.

"Call your police. I will wait patiently on the pavement outside until they arrive. Since I have served my time and committed no crimes since I have arrived in this country, there is nothing they can arrest me for, much less throw me back into prison for." he said coldly as he stood up, set his drink on an end table next to the chair in which he'd previously seated himself, and moved towards the door. "I am not this Black of whom you speak, and my telling you something that was clearly unpleasant to you about my brother doesn't make me so, nor does it make this a prank despite the fact that it amused me to drop that little bomb onto your well-ordered English lie. I will tell you here and now that my mother and my siblings did not treat me nearly as unpleasantly as you treat your nephew when it was discovered I was magical."

The look Petunia gave him as he made his way out the door was pure venom. He did sit himself on the pavement in front of his niece's home as soon as he was outside, but it was more to spite the girl than to wait for the arrival of a Constable that he seriously doubted she would call, seeing as making a scene like that would just bring unwanted attention to her. Attention that might not go away very quickly considering how boring this neighborhood looked, and how bored its inhabitants must be simply by living here. Spiting his niece wasn't the only reason he'd seated himself where he had however. Seeing as he wasn't very familiar with this neighborhood where every house and every street looked just like the rest, it was a good a place as any to wait for his other niece's son to make his excuses, leave the house, and perhaps lead him to a place where they could talk.

A few minutes after he sat himself down and politely nodded to a pair of curious onlookers who were pretending they weren't gawping, a shadow fell across him. Looking up, he found himself looking into his brother's eyes set in someone else's face.

"Are you really...?" his brother's grandson asked.

"If I were not related, that beautiful white bird of yours would not have handed me your letter." he replied to the boy who was still standing over him.

"Was my grandfather really a...a...?" the boy asked, not able to bring himself to say it aloud.

"He was in the Luftwaffe, serving his country the way many English served theirs. Our father may have been English, but we were born in Germany, and our mother was German. Being patriotic, it is only natural that my brothers answered the call when they were told the Fatherland needed them." he replied, giving his brother's grandson the kindest answer possible in regards to that matter. There had been a time when his family had believed, had gone to the rallies and so forth. They may have changed their minds about how they felt about what had been done in those days, what they had done. They may have even regretted their part in it all, but that didn't change what they had been.

"And what about you?" the boy asked, frowning as a thought had suddenly occurred to him.

"Being magical, I found myself being recruited by and following a greater leader than the Fuhrer." he replied.

"Greater...but Grindelwald..." the boy said, trying to process the answer he'd been given. He could easily guess that the next words that would've followed if the boy hadn't shut his mouth and started giving him a guarded look would've been "was evil".

He decided to put the boy straight.

"Great does not mean the same thing as Good. Grindelwald could lead entire armies, but there are few even amongst his own ranks who would call him a good man. Nobody is purely evil however, just as nobody is purely good. Do not fall into the trap of believing so, or one of the 'Good' people you know might surprise you one day by sticking a knife into your unguarded back." he said to the boy, wondering if he was warning the child about himself considering the fact that his intentions for coming hadn't entirely been pure. Not murderous, or evil mind you, but not entirely pure either. There had been some hopes of convincing the member of his brother's family who'd been searching for long-lost relatives to allow him to stay, and mooching off the family for an indefinite period of time which had been rather thoroughly dashed when he'd gotten a bead on his niece's character, and pegged her at "sour magic-hating bitch".

Yes, his hopes of mooching off of the relatives who hadn't bothered trying to get in touch until now had been thoroughly dashed. It wasn't like his brother's grandson had the money or a place to put him up "until he got back on his feet".

The boy who'd been staring at him and frowning as he tried to process what he'd said to him sat down next to him. Based on the distance separating them, it was clear that the boy didn't entirely trust him, but was willing to sit down next to him.

"So, aside from the whole...You know. What was my grandfather like?" the boy finally asked after another minute or so of tense silence.

"He was very brave for one..." he started as a police car pulled up much to his surprise and a Constable got out. The man looked at his brother's grandson in suspicion.

"If this is another Dursley call...At least five calls a month from the neighborhood kids stating that the Dursleys are abusing their nephew...You'd think they'd have grown tired of that old prank years ago." the Constable muttered darkly.

"I received a report of a disturbance in the area." the Constable said when he reached the pavement on which he and his brother's grandson were seated, still eying the boy suspiciously.

"That was a misunderstanding." he said, wondering at the actual history behind the Constable's earlier comments. "I decided to reply in person to a letter my brother's grandson who was looking for relatives sent to my hometown in Germany, and ran afoul of my niece after I gave her some information she was not happy with. She was quite loud, and for some strange reason had convinced herself that I was a member of the Black family in disguise. How she became acquainted with the Blacks, considering the fact that she isn't the sort of company they keep, I do not know."

"Sirius Black's my Godfather." the boy who was eyeing the Constable as if he were a zoo animal that had somehow ended up on a passenger train mumbled so low that it was possible that the Constable hadn't heard him.

"I see..." said the Constable who was looking slightly discomfited, possibly because of all of the heads that had started popping up from behind bushes and fences and behind windows the moment he'd arrived.

There was an ever-increasing crowd that grew by the minute, and all of their attention was turned toward the trio on the pavement. The looks on the faces of the housewives that the heads belonged to were almost...predatory.

"Well, I can't exactly order you to go back to Germany, but I can advise you to avoid such 'misunderstandings' in the future, since another call to this location will result in your arrest for disturbing the peace. Good day." the Constable said before turning and practically fleeing back to his car.

"A Constable. An actual Police Constable." his brother's grandson breathed as his eyes tracked the car's progress up the street. "I haven't seen an actual Constable in Little Whinging in...I can't remember when."

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