Cockroaches and Katts By: Hokata Yuy

A BoF II fic. I just got this idea while playing the game last night and expanded on it. If I get some things wrong don't get mad, I haven't even finished the game yet. And I would say forgive the OOC-ness, but there really is no character personality, at least involving their feelings.

Ryu slowly walked back into 'his' house at Township, weary from all the disgusting things he had to do today; climb in a toilet, fight a giant worm, a talking fly, and cockroaches, then having to eat all of them. 'I wish I didn't throw up all over the Royal Banquet Hall... All those people looked like I was lower than the bugs they were serving... the bugs... I'm going to have to ask the cook for some more charcoal to get the taste out of my mouth.' He shuddered in repulsion of the thought of food right now. All he wanted was to take a nice long nap before the group continued on its quest.

As he neared the stairs he saw Katt pacing back and forth in front. She looked up as he got near and for a spit-second smiled with an evil glint in her eye. "Ew, get away from me Ryu! I can't believe you ate all those bugs!" she said teasingly, "Blech!" mockingly gagged and held her hands over her throat.

He narrowed his eyes in annoyance, "I did what I had to do to save your furry butt," he said lightly pushing his finger against her collarbone. Lightly flicking his finger away, she put her hands on her cheeks, "I didn't know you cared about my butt that much," she said in a very out-of- place girly voice. "H-huh?? I-I-I didn't say that!" Ryu stammered, trying to control his reddening face. "So you don't like my butt??" she sniffled, sinking to her knees as she brought her hands to her eyes and let out a sob. His jaw dropped slightly, both amazed and scared of the Woren girl, "I-I didn't say that either!" he stuttered, holding his hands out in front of him.

Then he saw it.

She was grinning behind her hands. He dropped his hands and started walking upstairs, deciding it would be best to just completely ignore her until after he got some sleep. After a few seconds of silence Katt looked up and realized he was already halfway up the steps. "Aww.. come on Ryu, I was only kidding," she followed him, begging in a voice he thought was a kitten mewing, "I'm sorry. Say something already!" She quickened her pace so she was right behind and tugged on his sleeve. 'Getting hard to ignore her now.' he mentally grumbled as he opened the door to his room, 'finally, she should leave me alone now.' She let go of his sleeve as he nearly collapsed on the bed face-first. "Fine, if you're going to be like that-" she fumed as her tail bristled. Ryu let out a small smile, 'About time..'

"-Then I'll just wait right here until you do," she stated as she sat on next to him on the edge of the bed. "..!?" Ryu turned his head toward her, wide-eyed. "That's right, I'm not leaving till you say something to me," Katt said while crossing her arms, her tail flicking side to side. ".something. Now can I get some sleep?" he muttered, already halfway asleep. She almost surprised herself when she smiled, almost expecting that answer. "That's not what I meant Ryu and you know it.." she said in a soft voice, running a finger down his back.

Ryu let out a soft murmur and smiled lightly, which would have surprised him if he were conscious enough to realize who was rubbing his back. Katt on the other hand, was very surprised. "So are you going to talk to me now? Hmm?" she said, still using the soft, sweet voice from before. She ran her fingers up and down his spine, quickly realizing she was enjoying it as much as he was. ".Only if you don't stop that.." he said, slightly muffled by the sheets. A light blush grew on Katt's face, "You don't mind this then?" she carefully asked. "Uh-uh. feels.. nice, don't mind at all.." His voice sounded like he was already sleeping.

Suddenly she felt a heavy pressure on her chest and realized she had been holding her breath, her heart rate was beating as fast as it had when she fought. She had Ryu all to herself. He was in a state were he wouldn't lie or become defensive. She could ask him anything. "Ryu?" she gently asked, still tracing her fingers over his back.


"W. What do you think about me?"

His eyes seemed to close even more and his smile got a millimeter bigger, "Your strong... chest still hurts from where you hit me.."

"I'm sorry, I won't do it again.well. not as hard at least" She felt like she was being pulled down towards him, and she found herself talking more and more quietly the closer she got.

"I didn't mind. Katt looks cute when she mad.."

'!!?' She felt the blush spread across her entire face, "I-I-I'm cute.??"

He slowly shook his head a little, making her heart sink back. "Much more. beautiful." Her entire face was on fire, and her fingers started shaking, "You... mean that?"

"At the coliseum," he shifted his body so he was almost on his back, "nearly lost the fight because of your flirting." She was on pins and needles as he stopped to yawn, "Why? I didn't think you were even listening to me."

"No. I heard every word. I couldn't even hold my sword as well as I always do." His voice was getting quieter, forcing Katt to lean closer, putting her hand on his chest as she did. "I couldn't help it, I was expecting to fight a big ugly man, not. you," she whispered. For the first time, Katt noticed how close she was to him, their faces mere inches apart. 'I-I have to try now, or I'll never live it down.' she mentally vowed.

She looked at his face, so close she could feel his breath on her. Taking every ounce of courage, she closed her eyes and slowly closed the distance between them. Her hand slowly rubbed his chest as she very tentatively touched her lips to his. It only lasted a second before she pulled away, feeling increasingly embarrassed at each second of silence. ".I'm sorry. I-I'll go now," she choked out quietly, pulling away from him before she started to cry.

"Katt." Ryu said, with more energy than he had a minute ago. She stopped moving away with a sniffle, "y-yes?" He reached over and softly grasped the hand she still had on his chest, "You're just going to leave before I can pay you back?" he said with a soft smile. "." she just stared blankly at him for a minute, "what do you-?" Before she could finish, he pulled her down toward him and kissed her. After less than a second of resistance, she let herself go practically limp against him. She felt his arm move around her back as she did the same, she turned over her other hand and slowly interlaced their fingers together. After nearly a minute, they slowly broke the kiss, looking into each other's eyes. "So what was that about cockroach breath?" he smirked. "I can get used to it," she replied with the same tone, lightly knocking her forehead against his. "Good for me," he smiled as she put her head against his shoulder.

After a few minutes Ryu let out a sigh, "I think you should go now." the disappointment heavy in his voice. "Do I have to?" she lightly whined, nuzzling his neck softly. "Unless you want Nina to 'accidentally' loose control of a boltX." he joked, stroking the hair on the back of her neck.

She cringed at the thought. "Depends, can I use you as a shield?" she whispered playfully.

"Very funny."

"Just tell me. is this the only time.?" she quietly asked, burying her face against his shoulder as she tightened her grip on him. He let out a heavy sigh and thought, ".I don't know. I hope it's not," he said sadly, pulling her up to look at her face, ".no, it won't be. When all this is over I-"

She put a finger over his lips, "Shh. don't make promises you don't know you can keep. If we can't do this again I'll hold this memory close to my heart, if we can. well we'll see." She started to sit up, "goodnight Ryu, sweet dreams," she said, trying to sound cheerful. "Goodnight Katt," his voice mirrored her's, "but one last thing." he added with a hint of real pleasure. He cupped her face with both hands and kissed her deeply, which she returned passionately. When they finished she slowly slipped off of his bed and snuck out of his room, closing the door as quietly as possible.

Ryu looked at the door for a few minutes, expecting her to come back. No. Wishing she'd come back. With a sigh he laid back in bed, his arms behind his head. If he hadn't used more energy than he had, he wouldn't have been able to stay there. With a yawn, he was asleep before he knew it.

Outside the door Katt was still standing there, her hand a few inches from the handle. 'I. want to go back. but I can't.' she mentally debated. "Ok.. the best thing I should do is-"

"Oh Katt? What are you doing here?" Nina said pleasantly, carrying a tray of food. "Um, I was uh. just leaving," she answered, "And what about you?"

"I was just about to give Ryu this," she smiled and held the tray up a little higher. "I thought he would be starving after um." she paused, thinking of the proper way to say it.

"After 'Mr. Cockroach breath' blew chunks all over the table?" Katt smirked, loving the look on the princess' face after hearing something 'rude'. "Well, that is one way of putting it I suppose," she muttered, trying to stay dignite. "And he's asleep right now. He didn't even have the energy to play with me even!" she acted, crossing her arms and glaring at the floor. "Oh, I see. Well I'll just leave this in the for when he wakes up then," she said, the pleasantness back in her voice.

Before she could move towards the door, Katt grabbed the tray and ran down the hall with it. "Katt!" Nina yelled in confusion and anger, "That's Ryu's! Where are you going!?" With that she flew after the Woren, running down the stairs and out the door. 'Stupid Stupid Stupid! Next time thing before you act Katt!' she mentally snarled and dived into Granny's house. "You know you can use the door like a normal person," Granny muttered from behind the desk.

Ignoring her, Katt pulled her knees up to her chest, ".What should I do now.?"

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