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Morning came, and the members of Freelance Favors got to their places in the office building.

"Man it's good to be back!" Popo smiled.

"You say that like we haven't been here in a while. We were here yesterday." Nana reminded him.

"I know but it just feels like it's been forever. Do you guys know what I mean?"

"No." All the others replied in unison.

"That being said, I am glad that you're happy to be back at work…so start working." Snake ordered.

"Heh...work. No problem, you do all of the hard work anyway. I get to work at a desk and relax most of the time." Popo laughed.

Snake stopped in his tracks as a sly grin grew on his face.

"You know what Popo? You're right! Most of you don't really get actively involved in the jobs we're hired to do. Well that's about to change! The next job we get, we're all doing together."

And with that Snake marched upstairs to his office.

"Well shit!" Popo cursed at himself.

Snake sat in his office, patiently waiting for that call. His patience would pay off, as his phone began to ring. He quickly answered it.

"What's up Nana?"

"We've got a possible client. It's Olimar."

"Olimar? I haven't seen that guy for some time. Go ahead and send him up."

"You got it."

He hung up the phone and waited near his door. He heard the sound of small footsteps making their way towards his door. Then it slowly opened, and the small man appeared.

"H-Hello Snake." Olimar greeted timidly.

"Olimar! Good to see you again!" Snake said as he shook Olimar's hand. "How've you been? How's the wife?"

Olimar was quite surprised by the question. "Oh uh, she's doing just fine, thank you for asking. It's weird, I don't get asked about her too much. It seems most people forget that I'm married."

"I've got a good memory, that's all. Now go ahead and have a seat." Snake said and gestured towards the chair across Snake's desk for him to sit on. Olimar sat on the chair while Snake went back to sitting behind his desk.

"I'm glad to hear that she's doing well, but what about you? If you've come here, then it means you've got a problem that needs to be dealt with."

"Oh! Yes of course! I've come here because I have a major grievance!"

"Alright. Let's hear it."

"While I'm busy with matches I have to leave my Pikmin garden unattended. And when I come back, I keep finding that most of them…" Olimar stopped as he held back a sob. "That most of them have been trampled."

"Really? That's rough. Do you know who's responsible?"

"I don't know exactly. But I have a strong feeling it's some reckless Smashers just running through the garden, trampling my Pikmin!" Olimar's fist shook at the thought. "So I ask you…would you guard my Pikmin garden, find out who the perpetrators are, and convince them never to come near the garden again? I will pay good money if you can."

"We'll take care of it." Snake answered, lifting Olimar's spirit.

"Alright team!" Snake came downstairs and said loudly to get everyone's attention. "We've got a job offer, and we're going to do it together. Everyone is getting involved."

"Okay. What are we doing?" Red asked.

"Guard Duty, for Pikmin."

"What does that mean exactly?" Popo asked.

"There are people who aren't watching their step as they go through the forest and ended up stepping on and killing numerous Pikmin. Olimar has asked us to guard the Pikmin garden, stop whoever is stomping on the Pikmin and then make sure people get the message to not trample Pikmin. Understood?" Snake looked to his employees for an answer.

"Yeah, we can do that!" Nana cheered.

"I'm down." Red smiled and nodded.

"Just as long as we get paid." Wolf crossed his arms.

"Do we have to?" Popo asked, getting a smack to the back of the head from his wife. "OW! Okay! Okay!"

"Excellent! So it's settled. Now go ahead and put these on." Snake ordered and threw each of them a trench coat and a balaclava.

"What is this for?" Red asked as he examined the clothes.

"Olimar wants us to be discreet about this. Nobody is to know that we were hired for this. Now let's getting going to the forest."

A few hours later…

Sonic and Captain Falcon were having a high-speed footrace in the forest. It looked to be just about even.

"I was the fastest one on the roster. But then you came and took that title from me. Now it's time for me to take it back." Falcon grinned.

"Well sorry Falcon, but speed is what I'm all about. The torch has been passed, and I'm holding it." Sonic smiled.

They weren't paying attention to what was ahead as the both ran face first into a swinging wooden mallet. They were on their backs, knocked out. Then Nana and Popo came out from the bushes and stood over the unconscious duo. Nana pulled out a radio and reported in.

"Nana here. Popo and I caught two speeders, Sonic and Falcon."

"Good job. Go ahead and haul them over here." Snake responded.

Nana and Popo brought the two back to the group. They tied them to a chair with rope to restrain them when they woke up. Red was doing data scans and found what they needed.

"We've got a match!" Red announced.

"Really?" Snake asked.

"Yeah. The footprints that we saw at the Pikmin garden are their footprints. They must be doing these foot races often."

"Great. Now we just wait for them to wake up."

Falcon and Sonic soon regained consciousness.

"What the hell happened?" Falcon muttered. He attempted to stand up but was unable to do so. He then realized he was tied to a chair. He struggled to break out of his restraints but to no avail. He looked over to see Sonic in the same predicament.


"Falcon! What the hell happened? What's going on?"

"I don't know!"

"Oh, so you're finally awake." Snake said from a distance, looking like a silhouette to them to conceal his identity.

"What? Who the hell are you?" Sonic asked.

After he asked that, two more silhouettes appeared at Snake's side. They belonged to Wolf and Red.

"It's not who I am…" Snake replied.

"It's who we are." Wolf said.

"We are the Forest Guardians!" Red announced.

Snake and Wolf looked perplexed at what Red said, but just decided to go with it.

"Uh…yes…that's right! We are the Forest Guardians, here to protect the forest from all who would dare bring harm to it, and punish them for doing so!" Snake proclaimed.

"What?! Harm the forest? We don't want to do that!" Sonic said in their defense.

"Yeah! We like this forest! We like to go through it during our races." Falcon agreed.

"Hmm…" Snake analyzed to see whether they were lying or not. "I can tell that you are being honest. Therefore, you must be unaware of your crimes."

"Crimes? What crimes?" Falcon asked.

"During each of your races, you ran right through the Pikmin gardens. And with your feet, you ended the lives of numerous Pikmin." Red explained.

"Look at the ground." Wolf ordered. The two obeyed the order. They saw several little Pikmin marching around. There were also footprints all over. "Do those footsteps look familiar?"

"Aw shit!" Sonic muttered, coming to the realization of what they did. "We're sorry! We really didn't know!"

"Well now you do. So I trust that this means we won't be having anymore incidents like this from you two, yes?" Snake asked. The two nodded in response.

"Good. Alright then, have a good night you two."

"What do you me-"

They were cut off as Nana and Popo smacked them in the back of the head with their mallets, rendering them unconscious.

"C'mon Red! The Forest Guardians? That's what you came up with?" Popo groaned.

"Yeah I gotta say, that name is kind of shitty." Nana admitted.

"Well sorry! I felt we had to call ourselves something!" Red responded.

"We didn't have to call ourselves anything. We could've just been 'some guys who jumped Captain Falcon and Sonic in the forest'." Wolf argued.

"Okay can you all shut the hell up?!" Snake intervened. "We need to dump these two back to the city before they wake up. I'll grab Falcon. Wolf, you carry Sonic."

The group then left the forest with Sonic and Falcon in tow.

"So uh…you two hit them pretty hard back there." Red said to Nana and Popo.

"Well yeah we were knocking them out. That's how you do it." Popo replied, wondering why Red made such a stupid statement.

"I know! Just…don't you think you should've been a little bit lighter? I mean a blow to the head like that can do a lot of damage. What if they got a concussion, or brain-damage?"

"Red, do we get paid to worry about things like that?" Snake asked.


"Okay then don't worry about it."

The group then broke into Falcon and Sonic's apartments. This is considered a crime in most places. But really it's only a crime if you get caught. Remember that kids!

Actually no, don't do that

They dumped the two on their beds and then left without leaving a trace.

"All right, job well done. Good work everyone!" Snake applauded his employees.

"Yeah. I had fun. It was kind of a weird job, but doesn't seem to be one of the crazier ones." Red said.

"Wolf. You've been on a few jobs with Snake before. How crazy do they get?" Nana asked.

"Well the first time I helped him, we were at a shopping mall with Peach with a bunch of rabid Christmas shoppers trying to kill us."

Everyone went silent from the answer.

"So there's that."

"You'll get used to it." Snake assured.