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Diana took her time as she walked through the city. She was a bit upset when she tasted one of the cupcakes Pantheon brought home. It tasted bad and was not at all what she was expecting. 'How has that place stayed open for so long?' Diana thought as she spit out a black chunk. She would have to return the favor to Pantheon.

The streets were busy and champions began to appear in the center of the city. Diana was glad that she chose to wear Dalia's armor and helmet for the events. She didn't want any chance of anybody recognizing her, lest her plans be foiled. She had to wonder if anyone had found out Pantheon. His pride could have very well been his undoing in the time he spent away from her.

As Diana adjusted the sword on her side she felt someone bump into her. "Hey," Diana started as she turned "watch where you are going." She then went silent as she examined the man.

He was a Rakkorian. Tall, strong, handsome, and, from the looks of it, powerful. He gave Diana a glare as his silver chest piece radiated in the sun. His black cape flowed in the wind. In his right hand a banner,in his left a sword, and his shield held on his back. He had brown eyes and hair darker than the cold shade of black in the night. Everything about him screamed Rakkorian, but the colors were different. He must have been of a different breed than the normal rabble.

"Mind who you speak to," The Rakkorian began "I am a champion. Unlike you I have meaning in being here."

"And might I ask your name Rakkorian?"

"Mastron, The Pride of Mount Targon. Now move."

Diana stepped away from him and watched him walk on. She stared at the banner and shook her head. Had the Rakkorians really replace Pantheon so quickly? They were better than the Solari, but were still of course under their spell. Still, she would have expected at least two weeks of a grace period before a replacement. The Rakkorians had honor and respect, but the Solari were dominate. She could only imagine what Pantheon would feel when he sees the Rakkorian. She would have to intervene.

She continued walking through the city, having to lightly push others that got too close. The streets seemed to get more crowded as they clustered into the center. Finding Pantheon was one problem but finding her contact was another. It would be a while before she could make it to the center so she examined her surroundings.

The Demacian structures were well built for what they were. She never was extremely fond of their colors, but it wasn't her land. The laws were extremely strict for a nation. Yet something about it seemed different. Unlike other cities there was a certain glow that it gave off. An aura of some kind. Perhaps the 'paragon of true morals', as Garen once put it, held more to it than expected. For being so focused on keeping purity and justice however, they seemed to show faults here and there. Afterall, the thirst for challenge is more of a Noxian thing. If you were so focused on peace, why would you jump into a fight that isn't yours?

She shook her head as she remembered how one man who stole one item was beheaded. With a sigh and a click of the tongue, she looked over to a café to her right. She hadn't a chance to sit down and drink something since her arrival. Now was her chance to do so. With that she made her way to the door as she politely shoved people out of her way.

When she walked in she was greeted with a pleasant smell and an abused smile. The waiter happily welcomed her and with a welcoming gesture of holding his arm out from his side he led her to a booth by a window. She followed him as she examined his dress shoes and the people around her. It was Demacian themed but the store itself was not Demacian owned. The fancy clothing everyone wore and the people themselves were coated with a particular persona. It felt something of Piltover and perhaps Ionia. It was indeed a mixed culture café and the waiter himself was Demacian by his strong features and bold walk. The clothing matched that of a uniform if it were removed of various armor pieces and changed of colors.

When Diana sat down she ordered a cup of coffee and some sweet bread. A little something to perk her up. The waiter happily nodded and walked away. She could only scoff at how happy he was at taking orders, as if it was a pleasure to be told what to do for hours on end. When she turned from the waiter she looked across her table to see a man sitting across from her.

"...May I help you?" Diana asked.

The man smirked as he removed his helmet. "I suppose you could Diana." He said as he put down the armor piece on the end of the table next to the window.

"...Diana?" She asked.

The man shook his head as he removed the scarf he wore from his neck and lifted the black hole-less balaclava from his skull. "I think you know who I am Diana..."

Diana took a moment to look at his face. The green eyes, short hair, scar across his face. It was her contact's agent.

"So you're the agent...Blaike is it?" She asked.

The man nodded as he folded his arms. "Captain Blaike."

"Where is Mevka?"

"You'll see him soon. He has another bounty for you Diana..."

"Enough with Diana, here I am Dalia. If you don't quit I'll cut your throat open, understand?"

Blaike leaned over the table where he sat. "No..." He said as his eyes glowed. "I don't think you understand."

Diana felt pain shoot through her body and soon she felt herself go numb. After a moment she opened her eyes and looked across the table to see herself.

"You see." Blaike said as she took a sip from the coffee the waiter brought. He sounded exactly like Diana. "I can take control of you when I want. The best part is that if you're a fugitive it is so much easier to get you killed without anyone noticing."

Diana shook her head and pointed at Blaike. "Now l-..." She looked at her hand that was now Blaike's.

"...What...What have you done?" She asked. She felt the sharp pain enter again and she blacked out momentarily. When she awoke she was herself again. She felt weak, drained, as if she had suffered a battle of blows. The coffee was now in her hand as she opened her eyes. Her vision blurred. It cleared up shortly and she noticed Blaike smiling.

"Don't make this more difficult than it has to be. If you want to command me know that you'll pay a price to do so. We're both his agents. You are the assassin in this matter. I help clean things up so that people don't go questioning why something happens. Don't worry about blowing your cover from a killing. I am the clean up crew..." With that Blaike pulled out a letter and put it on the table. "This is your next target. Then Mevka will see you...You get to be reunited with your precious sun again..." He turned to a waiter and tossed him a coin. "For the service good man." He said before he put on all of his head gear. He turned to Diana on last time. "If that Rakkorian can't help you, know I'll finish the job and terminate your contract. You still have a debt to pay." He stood up and walked away without another word.

Diana struggled to sit up straight. Her body felt half disabled as she drank her coffee. What did she get involved with? She knew the agent was strong, but she had no idea he was this powerful. Still, she would deal with him later. She tried to move again but failed. She felt a bit sleepy and decided that it was better for her to stay put for a minute. Perhaps a nap before she would look for Pantheon.