Dean has been cured of the Mark of Cain. Castiel is now human.

"Cas, It dosen't matter to me that you're not an angel anymore. I've been wanting to say this for a long time and well, here goes. I need you. I love you and I want to be with you. I've never loved anyone like I love you. Please tell me if there is any hope that you might love me back."

Long pause as Castiel looks deep into those pleading and hopeful green eyes.

"Dean, I have always known that you are special to me, in a way no one else can ever be. I don't have anything to offer other than myself. If you will have me, I'm Yours."


He has gotten good at this. He knew he could. After all, it is nothing compared to some of the major deceptions he has pulled off in his lifetime of lies. It has been fairly easy to simulate love when you really aren't expected to know how to express it anyway.

At first, it was easy to just be a mirror and reflect back what was offered. Dean kissed him, kisses were returned. Hands roamed his bodys' intimate areas in loving touches. He reciprocated with seeming appreciation. Paying close attention to the ways Dean tried to give him pleasure. He catalogued every touch that was appropiate for a lover to show.

Now, when he is laying on his back with his body open for Dean's pleasure, feeling the man moving inside him, all the right sounds and responses come easily now. During sex, In the beginning he had taken his cue from Dean. Since he hadn't ever been with a man, his hesitancy was blamed on inexperience.

The internet had also been very helpful (Seriously, gay porn looked weird!). It would have been so much easier had either Dean or Jimmy been born female. With practice he learned how to give and enjoy homosexual pleasure. Even to making himself orgasm when he needs to. It is important to Dean that Cas enjoy their times together, so orgasming had been a necessary skill to learn. His body really does enjoy the physical release of endorphins that are generated when they have sex.

If only his heart and mind were so easily directed.

Loving looks and tender moments are now well learned behavioral patterns too. Dean dosen't need just sex. He desperately wants to love and be loved. Cas will do his best to make him believe that he has that.

After all, it is all for Dean. The man he has betrayed and decieved so many times deserves to be happy and loved. Dean must never know that Cas cares for him only as a friend and brother-in-arms. Castiel will devote the rest of his human life to making sure that the eldest Winchester never suspects his 'angel' is 'faking it'.

This is the one thing that he is determined NOT to fail at! It gives him purpose and a reason for existing. To Dean Winchester he is everything and he will give Dean anything he needs. Anything!