A/N: A Red Notebook Daiken. This is a monologue I wrote for a chance to use some really strong imagery as opposed to relying solely on dialogue, which is what I usually go in for when I want something to make an impression. Think it worked rather well, to be immodest.

Ken's POV. Boy's rabu rabu.

"The Invincible"

Warm cinnamon and half-melted chocolate, red-brown earth and irrepressible flames, the dazzling light of the sun, and a strange, almost childish glee found in the simple act of existing- all the things that make my Daisuke who he is, with the help of a thousand other smiles and tears and things that I cannot even begin to explain.

Like some fabulous reincarnation of a hero long gone, he moves on, always looking ahead to the next challenge, always ready to fight for those he cares about, an utterly undefeatable icon of courage and friendship set against the rising sun. And I . . .

I watched him from the shadows and circled him with cautious steps, unable to run to him for fear I'd be rejected by the light as unworthy, even though sometimes . . . sometimes, when he thought I wouldn't notice, I caught him looking at me with those impossibly-caring eyes, something unreadable in them. And always, even when Hikari was there, he'd look to me first.

And right now, it's me he's kissing so hard that I can barely breathe (not that I'm complaining), me he's holding in his arms while the others' jaws hit the proverbial floor. Miyako's sputtering, Iori's choking, Hikari's grinning, and poor Takeru looks like he's about to faint. Our Digimon are reacting mostly like their partners, and V-mon flashes me a victory sign while Wormmon's eyes turn up in a smile. And while they do all look amusing, I think I'd rather close my eyes and enjoy my very first kiss.

Daisuke is incredible. He leads the Chosen Children, has the most powerful Digimon of all our group's, has tamed the cruel Kaiser, and his kisses . . . indescribable. It's times like these I am certain- even when we finally run out of luck, even when we finally discover an enemy we cannot escape and find ourselves surrounded, with our backs to the wall and no last- minute discoveries of a new level of digivolving, and it's all over . . . even then, he'll find a way to win. Even then, my Daisuke will always be invincible.

* ende *

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