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Chapter ten

Felicity wakes to persistent knocking on the front door of the bungalow. She tries to move, but is trapped by an arm curled around her, the hand at the end cupping one of her bare breasts. She feels her entire face flush as she realises that it's Oliver behind her, curled around the length of her body, their bare skin pressed together.

"Ignore it." Oliver's voice murmurs into her hair. "They'll go away eventually." His arm tightens, somehow pulling her even closer against him. Felicity smothers a gasp as she feels his hard length pressed against her backside and she somehow resists the urge to roll her hips back towards him.

The knocking continues, followed by a voice calling out "Mr Queen! Miss Smoak!"

"Oh, enough of this!" Felicity says, firmly pulling Oliver's arm away and gingerly climbing out of bed. She spots one of Oliver's dress shirts draped over a chair and pulls it on, buttoning it quickly as she pads out to the foyer.

"Yes?" she asks as she opens the door to reveal a relieved looking bellboy.

"I've got a message from Mr Diggle, ma'am. He said it's urgent and for you or Mr Queen to call him immediately. He said he's been trying to reach you all morning."

"He could have called the landline." Felicity yawns, before recalling that she'd unplugged them the night before so they couldn't be interrupted. It hadn't occurred to her to plug them back in when Oliver had dragged her towards his room, his hands all over her body and his mouth fixed on her neck.

"I believe there might be a problem with the landlines?" The bellboy says delicately. "We were unable to transfer Mr Diggle's calls from Reception. Would you like me to check them for you?"

"That's okay, I'll check them myself." Felicity replies with a blush. She pulls the door closed a little more behind her, remembering that hers and Oliver's clothes are strewn around the lounge.

"Thank you for passing on the message." She says politely. "I'll be sure to call Mr Diggle straight away." She snags a note from the small fold of money that Oliver left on a table by the door for occasions like this and passes it to the bellboy, who hurries off with a quick thanks.

On her way back to the bedroom, Felicity plugs the landlines back in and snags both her phone as well as Oliver's. She powers her own on to find eight missed calls from Digg.

"Oops." She says, showing Oliver. He's sitting up in bed, leaning back against the headboard, the sheets pooled low around his hips.

"Were we supposed to call Digg this morning?" he asks, accepting his own phone from Felicity and finding the same number of missed calls.

"Nope. Maybe he's got news. You'd better call him. No video calls." She warns, slipping back into bed beside him, still wearing his shirt.

He stretches his arm around her shoulders and tucks her against his side while he swipes at his phone to bring up Digg's number. He's barely got time to put it on speaker when Digg answers.

"What the hell, Oliver!" Digg growls down the line. "I've been trying to get hold of you two for hours."

"So I understand." Oliver replies. "We turned off the phones last night. It's been an insane few days and an uninterrupted night was on the cards." He purposefully doesn't mention exactly what activity that wanted uninterrupted and Felicity bites her lip to stop the giggle that's threatening to come out.

"Landlines too?" Digg asks. "I've been harassing reception all morning and they kept saying the line was engaged."

"That was me, Digg." Felicity pipes up. "I ordered room service last night and I mustn't have put the phone back on the hook properly."

Digg lets out a disbelieving grunt. "Right. Well next time you want an "uninterrupted night"," he drags out the words so they know that he knows exactly what they're playing at "can you at least leave one phone on and check the damn thing once in a while?"

"Sure. Will do." Felicity promises. She glances up at Oliver who looks like he has no intention of following that request for the remainder of their stay.

"So what's the emergency, Digg?" Oliver asks. "Everyone is Starling's okay?"

"Yeah, everyone's fine. Lyla will be home tomorrow and Roy busted up a drug gang as the Arrow which made the papers. I rang because I found evidence in the Triad's files linking them to Intuit. It turns out Jack Reynolds has a gambling problem. He got in deep with the Triad at one of their underground casinos and they accepted partial payment in the form of silent co ownership in Intuit. At the time, Intuit had one of those addictive gaming apps that hooks everyone for a few weeks and brings in the cash. It looks like Jack tried to get rid of them once they moved towards developing XDC-52 and he started courting QC."

"So he managed to pay off his debt?" Felicity asks.

"Most of it. He was probably planning on paying them off with the money he got from QC. Problem is the Triad realised what he was trying to do. There's a few emails here between Triad members talking about giving Reynolds warnings. Somehow they've found out about the program and decided it's worth a lot."

"It sounds like there's enough there to protect QC against any suit Intuit might bring up for the deal turning south." Oliver comments. "I'll ring the lawyers today and steer them in the direction of Honolulu PD so they can get that information through the right channels. We can hardly have the Arrow magically providing the documents."

"That'll be made easier by the story out in the Hawaiian papers this morning announcing the arrest of key Triad members in relation to the robbery of Intuit and the associated B&E and hostage situation at Reynolds' house. There's a clear trail there for the QC lawyers to follow. It shouldn't be too long before the police find the link between Intuit and the Triad anyway." Digg replies.

"Great. Does this mean we can finally relax?" Felicity pipes up with a yawn. "Because if this is what a business junket is supposed to be like I don't think I want to go to the next one."

Oliver lets out a huff of laughter and the arm he's slung around her shoulders tightens slightly. "Unfortunately, Miss Smoak, I'll require my Technical Advisor on all future business trips."

"Oh really?" she replies archly. "So I'll be there for skills other than secretarial?"

"Definitely." His tone is positively lascivious and Felicity blushes to the roots of her hair.

"Uh, guys?" Digg speaks up. "Still on the phone. I feel like I've wandered into something I really don't want to be included in. I'll see you two back in Starling in two days."

Digg ends the call and Oliver drops his phone on the side table before dragging Felicity back underneath him and taking her mouth in a searing kiss.

Two months later

"Hurry up!" Felicity shouts, tottering down the hotel hall on her four inch heels. She nearly stumbles as the wheels of her suitcase catch in the carpet. She reaches the elevator and pushes impatiently at the button, glancing behind her to see Oliver striding down the hall, his hair still damp from the shower they'd shared and his hands grappling with several pieces of luggage.

"You know, we could have called down to the concierge for someone to help with the bags." He points out, reaching her side and dumping the bags without ceremony. "Alternatively, you could have packed a little lighter considering we're only here for four days."

"And what, exactly, could I have left behind?" Felicity jabs fiercely at the elevator button.

"The first aid bag for a start."

"That is not negotiable and you know it."

"I just don't understand why we need to take the portable defibrillator."

"Because we might need it." Felicity draws out her answer slowly, as if she's talking to a very stupid person.

"We're in Gotham, Felicity, not the middle of the Amazon. I'm pretty sure we can find medical help in one of the biggest and richest cities in the country if we need it." Oliver leans over to snag her hand as she moves to press the button again. He gives it a squeeze and keeps hold of it.

"You said something very similar two weeks ago when we were visiting Barry and yet we still ended up having to rely on my supplies after you and Barry got into that stupid competition. Honestly, the combination of whisky, arrows and super speed was never going to end well."

Oliver bites down on his lip to keep in the bark of laughter that's threatening to escape. Unable to take out her impatience with the elevator button, she's shifting from side to side. It's only been fifteen minutes since their shower had been interrupted by Digg's call to say the baby was on the way and Felicity's somehow managed to not only throw together all of their luggage, but reschedule the jet to take them back to Starling early.

"We're not going to miss anything, you know." He points out. "First babies take ages to arrive."

"Television and movies have taught me otherwise." She replies. "You barely make it to the hospital and then whoosh! Baby."

Oliver wisely chooses not to reply and instead picks up the bags to move into the elevator that's finally arrived. He drops the bags into the corner of the elevator and leans back against the back wall, lightly crossing his arms. Felicity bustles in beside him and checks her phone yet again.

"You're annoyingly calm about this." Felicity says to Oliver, taking in his casual pose. "You'd better not be this calm when it's our baby on the way."

Oliver's eyes cut to Felicity's, which are wide with alarm. "Not that there's a baby now! Or that there will be anytime soon. Or at all, because we've been dating for like two minutes. Plus, there's all the birth control. So that's one target you won't be hitting anytime soon. Not that I doubt your ability to do so, I mean you're a superhero, there's got to be some super sp-"

"I get it, Felicity." Oliver interrupts with a smile. He unfolds his arms and drags her in against his side. "For the record, I'm pretty sure I'll be a complete mess if that day ever comes."