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Summary: When memory is veiled, can the love forged between two hearts survive?

A/N: If you have not read the first seven stories in the A Light in the Darkness main story arc (Awakened, Shadowed, Revealed, Concealed, Rekindled, Refracted, and Reflected), I highly recommend you do so for the full experience. However, I have included a quick summary of the previous stories so if you want to give this one a whirl on its own, you can.

What's Gone on Before

Shot entering a courthouse in our world, a stranger comes to Narnia one year into the Pevensies' reign. This stranger, Katerina Alambiel, gains the trust of young Queen Lucy even though others suspect she might be a witch. Still, she is allowed to remain in Cair Paravel as a guest. Oreius begins to earn her trust as she earns his. When the evil sorcerer, Jannes, takes Lucy, Katerina Alambiel is accused of being an accomplice even as she crafts a plan to rescue the Valiant Queen. Infiltrating the sorcerer's lair, Katerina Alambiel leaves a trail for Oreius and the Kings allowing them to rescue Lucy. Katerina Alambiel pursues and kills Jannes with Oreius' aid (Full story: Awakened).

After six months of finding a niche in the daily life and routine of Cair Paravel (Full story: Shields), Katerina Alambiel is counted as a friend rather than a guest by the Four and by General Oreius. She accompanies High King Peter and Queen Susan on a trip, unaware that another sorcerer intends to frame her as the High King's assassin. Just before parting ways with Susan, dark secrets in Katerina Alambiel's past are revealed. A pair of assassins frames Katerina Alambiel in two attacks on the High King's life before she and a badly wounded Peter are captured by the sorcerer, Jambres. As he tortures them, Jambres reveals that Katerina Alambiel is part Human and part Narnian. Katerina Alambiel interferes with Jambres' attempt to kill Peter, taking the brunt of the spell herself before Oreius and the other Narnians rescue them. Aslan confirms to Katerina Alambiel that she is both Human and Narnian, and that her Narnian heritage is that of Nymph and Centaur due to her mother being the Nymph daughter of a Centaur, before charging her with the task of searching for the identity of her birth family, thereby unlocking the forgotten memories of her early childhood. Katerina Alambiel survives the spell with the addition of two white streaks in the front of her hair as souvenirs and Peter decides to knight her into his chivalric order for her actions (Full story: Shadowed).

Two years after being knighted Dame Sepphora of the Most Noble Order of the Lion, Katerina Alambiel is nearing the end of her search for the identity of her Narnian birth family. While her long-forgotten memories begin to resurface, she runs afoul of Count Hendrik of Sisemaal, one of Narnia's allies. Afterwards, Katerina Alambiel discovers that she was born Alambiel, daughter of Lew the last King of Narnia, and the only survivor of Jadis' massacre of the original royal family. Before Katerina Alambiel can decide how to handle the information, she and King Edmund go on a border patrol but are captured by the vengeful disgraced Count Hendrik and his cousin, Heikki, who leads a group of mercenaries employed by the Witch Medea. As Peter and Oreius lead a huge rescue party to find them, Edmund and Katerina Alambiel are tormented by Medea. Peter and Oreius rescue them just after Medea turns Katerina Alambiel over to Heikki and Hendrik and prepares to kill Edmund. Medea is defeated and her forces routed and scattered. Katerina Alambiel swears Oreius and the four other Narnians who know the truth of her identity to secrecy (Full story: Revealed).

Two and a half years after the incident with Medea and the Sisemaalian mercenaries, Werewolves and Hags plot to resurrect Jadis through the sacrifice of royal blood. While General Oreius and the Kings are on a diplomatic journey to Archenland, Oreius is forced to reexamine his feelings for Katerina Alambiel. In the absence of the General and the Kings, Katerina Alambiel and Queen Susan are ambushed by Werewolves and Susan is spirited away to be the sacrifice. Katerina Alambiel and her small party pursue the Werewolves but without the aid of the soldiers led by General Oreius and the Kings, Katerina Alambiel offers herself as a trade. With Katerina Alambiel now prisoner of the Fell, the remaining soldiers and Susan finally meet up with the Kings and Oreius. While the injured Susan is rushed back to the Cair and the healing power of Lucy's cordial, Oreius and the Kings seek to rescue Katerina Alambiel before the Fell ceremony on Winter Solstice and the truth of Katerina Alambiel's royal heritage is revealed to the Four. Oreius and the Kings disrupt the ceremony and aid in Katerina Alambiel's escape. Upon returning to the Cair, Katerina Alambiel presents the Four with an edict resolving many potential issues concerning her heritage, which is now common knowledge, but Oreius waits for a better time to reveal to Katerina Alambiel that he cares for her as more than a friend (Full Story: Concealed).

Almost six months after having her royal heritage become common knowledge, Katerina Alambiel travels as the Princess Royal with General Oreius on a diplomatic mission to the country of Zelaia. On their last night in Zelaia, Katerina Alambiel comes to the realization that she loves Oreius. However, before either one speaks up, they are captured by slavers and sold into the underground world of the Blood Games. Forced to fight by the man who bought them, Katerina Alambiel and Oreius teeter on the brink of despair. They finally escape with another fighter and return to Narnia. Once they recover from their wounds, Oreius and Katerina Alambiel confess their love to each other and are now courting in secret (Full Story: Rekindled).

A little over five months after Katerina Alambiel and Oreius return to Narnia, they travel with Peter on a diplomatic trip to Telmar. However, due to treachery on part of one of the Lords of the Council of Telmar, the three are forced to end negotiations early and attempt to leave Telmar. Before they can cross the border, mercenaries attack them. Oreius stays behind, allowing Peter and a wounded Katerina Alambiel to escape. Once Katerina Alambiel is in the care of healers, Peter sneaks back into Telmar to discover Oreius' fate. When he finally finds the mercenaries though, he is captured. Tormented by the mercenary leader, Peter is then forced to fight for his and Oreius' freedom. After winning their freedom, the mercenaries once again ambush Peter and Oreius but the fight ends with the mercenary leader dead and Peter gravely wounded. Receiving guidance from an unexpected source, Oreius carries the wounded and, at times, delirious Peter through Telmar and the Western Wilds until they finally return to Narnia. Once he receives the cordial, Peter becomes betrothed to the Beech Nymph, Thalia, whom he's been courting for some time (Full Story: Lion and Flower), while Oreius and Katerina Alambiel choose to wait to announce their courtship until Peter and Thalia's wedding (Full Story: Refracted).

A month after Peter and Oreius' return to Narnia, a diplomatic party sets sail for the Seven Isles to represent Narnia at the wedding of the Governor's son. Soon Edmund, Lucy, and Tarrin Peridanson are separated from the rest of their party including Oreius and Katerina Alambiel who are still courting in secret. The search for their missing charges leads them through storms and into the company of a questionable character. Meanwhile, Edmund, Tarrin, and Lucy are unaware that their situation is not all that it seems. When Lucy discovers the truth, matters take a deadly turn and it is a race against time to defeat their hidden enemy. Tarrin Peridanson sacrifices himself to save his King and Queen, but is revived by the cordial upon their return to Narnia. Oreius and Katerina Alambiel's courtship is forced into the open and then Tarrin Peridanson is knighted Sir Delos of the Most Noble Order of the Table (Full Story: Reflected).

A Light in the Darkness: Veiled

Chapter One: Peril Unlooked For

Run. It was the only thing she could think. Rain pelted her face and wind whipped past her, tugging at her already tangled and matted hair, but it barely registered. Fear and the desire to escape had numbed her to all but the most painful sensations. Her leg ached and her lungs burned. It was so difficult to breathe, she could feel her broken ribs scraping against her lungs only a hair's breadth from puncturing them.

They were chasing her. She knew it. She couldn't let them capture her again. Death would be better… But, she didn't want to die. Not yet. She had to get back. Had to warn them before-

A scream ripped through the air as she tumbled down an embankment in the darkness. Landing in the muddy bank below, so close to the river she had needed to cross, she gasped, nearly weeping from the pain and from the knowledge that she hadn't escaped. She couldn't run anymore. A single tear mingled with the rain as the face that had helped her survive this long came to the fore of her thoughts again. "I'm…sorry. I tried…I...tried to-"


The ground was shuddering. The vibrations hurt, forcing the woman to open her eyes as best she could. She couldn't see anything in the dark. She tried to move but pain enveloped her.

She must have passed out. She could hear voices above and around her. They sounded worried, not harsh like…like the other voices. A sharp pain bloomed in her head, squeezing. A whimper escaped and the closest voice took on a soothing murmur. It hurt…oh, it hurt. It hurt so much. The soft touch of blackness beckoned her and, knowing it would stop the pain, she willingly slipped into its warm embrace.


33 Sunbend 1008


He looked up in surprise as Ardon slammed the door open. His friend's sides were covered in lather, no doubt from galloping in the late summer heat. "What is it?"

The thought occurred to him that perhaps Alithia was injured or, worse, losing her unborn foal. But, Ardon shook his head. "Oreius, you must go to the healers' wing. Now. The patrol from the northern border has returned and they have Alambiel with them."

Oreius froze. "What?" She could not have been at the northern border. Alambiel was in the Seven Isles aiding Queen Lucy.

But, he could not ignore the intensity in Ardon's brown eyes as the other Centaur grabbed his arm. "Alambiel has been taken to the healers' wing and Tuulea was summoned. You need to be with her. Now."

He didn't understand how it could be this way, but it was and he knew he had to be with her. Galloping out of his study, Oreius did not slow until he reached the healers' wing. The doors had been closed even though with this heat, the policy had been to leave them open to aid in cooling the general areas of the palace. Entering the healers' wing, Oreius scanned the room. Several of the junior healers, including the Faun Linus, were frantically preparing supplies or carrying them to the only section that had been curtained off. He could hear Alithia's hushed voice from behind the curtain. Alambiel was in there.

Tuulea stepped out of the curtained off section, but he didn't catch so much as a glimpse of Alambiel. Oreius angled his path slightly to avoid trampling her, but he was intent on pulling back the curtain. He nearly shouted in frustration when Tuulea darted in front of him, stopping him before he could reach the curtain. "Wait, young one. Wait." There was a hint of tears in the Nymph's dark eyes as she whispered, "You need to prepare yourself."

Oh Lion, oh Aslan, no, please, no. A vise tightened around his heart, making it all the more difficult to maintain his composure as he forced himself to choke out the question, "Is she dead?"


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