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The first time I saw her, they were happy. I had gotten the keys to the house late the day before, and had spent the night sleeping on the air mattress that I had never taken out of the box before, in my overpriced sleeping bag that I had justified buying by telling myself I would use it enough for it be worth it, which it wasn't, of course.

I had decided that rather than crash another night at Jaspers I would just park the U-Haul in my new garage and bring inside only the bare necessities before unpacking everything in the morning. I had trudged inside with camping gear, excited to finally find a use for it, bringing along with it my laptop, a cup, my coffee maker and a bag of groceries I had picked up at the market on the way over from Jaspers, not even noticing the pale blue house directly across the street from mine.

I had slept less than I thought I would, and when I woke with a stiff back in the morning, I was beyond thankful that I had thought to bring in the coffee machine. After brewing a cup, I found myself staring out the kitchen window. It looked out onto my new street, still quiet in the morning; it had none of the noise I had grown used to at college and then in my apartment in the city. I supposed this was as close to the wilderness I'd get for a while; buying the house kind of saw me rooted to the same spot at least for the foreseeable future, and once again that nagging feeling had me wondering if this was really the right thing to do.

I was broken out of my musings by a shriek reaching my ears, startling me in the middle of a sip of coffee.

My eyes flew back to where they had strayed from the window as I saw the door to the pale blue house across the road that I had yet to take any real notice of, fly open. I watched as a blur of long brown hair and pale limbs scattered across the porch and flew down the stairs, a blue bell laugh filling the quite of the August morning.

She was grasping a navy blue tie in her hand, and was preparing to run around the side of the house when another figure came barrelling out, his dress pants contrasted by bare feet, in turn set off against a crisp white shirt yet to be buttoned, and his blonde hair almost glowing in the early morning sun.

The man caught the young woman around her waist from behind, quickly lifting her off her feet and spinning her around, another tinkling laugh floating from her as she kicked playfully in the air. The man stopped spinning and set her on her feet, and as she caught her breath I got a clearer look at them both; her hair fell down in soft curls to her waist and swept across a heart shaped face. I couldn't make out the finer details of her face from where I stood, but from what I could tell, she was beautiful and her petite but curvy body shook happily with laughter still. The man holding her looked slightly older, but in shape and with a full head of hair still, and I could hear his laughter joining hers now.

The woman turned in his arms and kissed him, and I had to look away; there was so much love in the way she wrapped her arms around him and tangled a hand in his hair, the other resting around his neck still clutching the blue fabric, and the way he leant down so as to reach her height was full of devotion.

The two figures wrapped up in their own world couldn't be more at odds with the cookie cutter houses and manicured lawns surrounding them and I couldn't help but feel like I was intruding, even though they were out in broad daylight. I swirled my coffee in the cup, looking down at the dark depths and doing everything to distract from the couple across the road, except for actually leaving my spot by the window.

I stayed there even after I knew for sure, by the retreat of voices and the closing of a door that the two had gone inside the pale blue house, and that I wouldn't interrupt their moment should I look up, but I was lost in my thoughts by this point, thinking about my new house and my old apartment, and good friends, and college dreams, and the air mattress that had been sitting in its box until last night.

I didn't look up from my cooling coffee until I heard the door across the road open and close again, and I saw the blonde man walking to an expensive looking car parked in the driveway and get in, before pulling away from the pale blue house.

I finally turned away from the window to empty the rest of the coffee down the sink and get started on a long day of unpacking so I could at least sleep in a bed tonight.

Sighing on my way from the kitchen, I ran a hand through my hair and found myself thinking of a blue bell laugh floating through the morning air. They were happy.