A/N: Just a sketchy little one-shot that viciously attacked me out of nowhere while I was innocently watching "The New Guy" and simultaneously angsting over the latest book of Mars (But Tatsuya finally got some! Whoo!). Odd sources of inspiration, but I've been getting my ideas from odd places lately. The last Digimon one-shot I wrote came from a combination of Cowboy Bebop philosophy and No Doubt's rules for life.

Daisuke's POV.

"Imperfect Match"

"And I am whatever I say I am- if I wasn't, then why would I say I am?"

~ Eminem

Look at me.

I'm real.

Look at me, Ken.

For the first time, I'm real. I'm letting you see me cry, and I'm letting you see me be less than my best. You see this? I am flawed. I am not brave. I am not invincible. I am human.

I am just Daisuke. And Daisuke is not enough.

Especially not for someone as perfect as you.

Strangely, though, I can't give up on you.

Would you mind kissing someone who wasn't as perfect as you? Do you mind that I am not as great as I always say I am? Does it really matter?

Do you think . . .

. . . could we, maybe . . .

Can we be imperfect together?

* ende *

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