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The Aftermath

The wind blew softer that day as the red-brown autumn leaves began their descent from their now-withered branches, winter was coming and she wasn't going to hold back. A tall man, dressed in skinny jeans and white V-neck shirt, stood silently in front of the gray pavement and held in his hand five white roses and a brown book in the other. The book looked old, as if the wind would tear it apart with one swift blow, was thick and was bound by a red thread. Blue swirls escaped the man's knuckles, which held the roses, and landed softly on the ground then formed a huge circle around five huge stones.

"I can't be too protected right? You know Shadowhunters these days can't help it around me. I'm just too fabulous!" exclaimed Magnus as he positioned himself to sit beside a very familiar spot a few inches away from the stone which held the words 'Alexander Gideon Lightwood, ave atque vale' and just near the pulsing blue line on the ground. Softly, he smiled and set the last white rose near the tombstone. Ever since the war with Sebastian- Jonathan Morgenstern ended, the Laws began changing and shifting, thanks to Clary, to fit a more modern time. Shadowhunters began accepting gays and lesbian and whatnots in their society, the Ascencion became more open to mundanes who had Knowledge, the dead were still burned but tombstones were built to commemorate them, and a bunch of other changes that were, more or less, welcomed.

"Unfortunately for them my heart still belongs to you my dear Alexander, " Magnus sighed and closed his eyes as his hands travelled on the stone, tracing the letters, "and part of it will always be." With a wave of his hands, and blue sparks, a teacup with brownish liquid emerged. The wind whistled around Magnus who was now leaning against the stone, just as how he would lean on Alec when he was alive, and reached for the brown book. Long pale fingers traced the letters on the hard cover, 'Alexander and Magnus Lightwood', and finally gripped it. It had been a long, a seriously long debate on whose surname they should follow when they got married. Nephilim always followed the male surname but because they were both male, it had caused a problem and because both of them were stubborn to yield, it had caused a bigger problem. They came into terms and with much stubborness from Alec, saying that Bane was not a Shadowhunter name, and decided with Lightwood and the next day they were married. Although it was forbidden to rune a Downworlder they were not forbidden from getting married the mundane way- except the priest was a Silent Brother and they both had the rune Clary invented when Valentine Morgenstern's demons invaded Idris. Magnus then wore a gold tux with red trims and Alec a gold tux as well, much to Magnus' dismay, with red runes. He preferred to have had Alec in the sexiest classic black tux but no, it had to be gold. Both of them swore their vows, kissed and did each other's runes. It was one heck of a wedding with werewolves munching on the wedding cake, warlocks in their ridiculous outfits, with the exception of Tessa and Catarina, the occasional vampire for courtesy in honor of the new Accords, no faeries, a bunch of Nephilim debating on how Magnus could just conjure up a baby- as if that was possible, and a handful of children- the newest generation of Fairchilds, Lightwoods and Herondales.

"I'm sorry though, Elizabeth and her husband are busy with work in China" he said as he looked to his left where Jace and Clary Herondale's stones stood, "your other kid, Jemain is with his wife and are in the hospital, you have a lovely blond grandson whose name is Ember." He cocked his head to his right, to where Simon and Isabelle Fairchild, yes Fairchild, lie and spoke softly "Don't worry Lucia said she will drop by later, Iris is still heartbroken and is in Paris, and David is in school." It had been his task, to twice a year deliver news to his friends about their kids, and he has been doing it for the past ten years.

First it was Jace who departed, who died in battle against a Greater Demon, then Isabelle, while giving birth to David, then Clary and Simon, in a battle with the Unseelie Court. Alec was the last one to part and when the Silent Brothers said that he was no more, Magnus walked out of the Institute and mourned in his-their apartment for months. He had never loved or wil love anyone as he loved Alec, and it was too painful when he saw his beloved lying on the bed with black hair, arms folded on his chest and not breathing. He thought that it was time to end his immortality and when he found the courage to rip the White Book from the shelves to find the mortality spell, a voice so familiar spoke to him, Alec, and told him that it was not the end and even in the afterlife he would love him still. As if on cue, Tessa strode inside his apartment and helped him to move on, just as he helped her when Will died two centuries ago.

"And as for us love, Lilian will be here tomorrow. She still does try to invite me to London though." Lilian was their child, not biologically but adopted, more like rescued. A great fire consumed the Carstairs household and Lilian, who was barely a year old, was the only one rescued. She wouldn't stop crying until Alec held her in his arms and cradled her to sleep, from then on she stuck with him but showed lesser affinity towards the warlock, nevertheless grew up with them until she moved to the London Institute to train as a Shadowhunter. Lilian- or Lily, no matter how much dislike he had for the warlock, shared his grief and would drop by and coax Magnus to travel to London and just taste a 'divine cup of tea' or 'fancy the dresses' but would exit the apartment with only herself and a promise, which she knows will be broken, that he will try.

"Which I think, you should. London is absolutely wonderful this time." Magnus lifted his head and saw Tessa,wearing a beige jacket and black pants, with her brown curls blowing in the wind and gray eyes staring at Magnus. With a swirl of his fingers a small portion of the blue circle disappeared and as soon as Tessa stepped in, appeared again. The other 'warlock' found her place near Magnus and ran her eyes on the stones as if to greet them one by one, then rested her eyes on Alec's stone. She always had a soft spot for the boy, not romantically but a bit more motherly of some sorts, probably because he looked a lot like Will but acted nowhere near. "Oh, and I'd like one of those caramel things from Starbucks and a croissant."

Magnus rolled his eyes but smiled and gestured a small wave, voila, it was served. Tessa always accompanied him on his trips and sometimes James would but he was too busy with the Clave, and she was fair company, never made him feel alone when he just stared at his beloved's grave. Perhaps it was because Tessa knew what he felt because she had been there before, or because Tessa was just close to the heart.

"Will Lil be here? I'm dying to see her."

"She said she will be here tomorrow."

"That's wonderful!" Tessa took a bite in her croissant and looked at Magnus who was carefully sipping his tea. She saw the color back inside her friend, the joyous aura emanating from his body, though there were still gray tendrils at the side she could not blame him for he was devastated. She knew all to well this day would come but who was she to stop her friend from falling deep in love, and miss the ecstatic feeling of falling in love. She remembered how it felt when she loved William, the sudden surge of energy when she saw him smile as if she were the sun rising after a long night, the soft flutter of her mind when he read to her and everything. She imagined Magnus must have felt the same, if not more, when she entered that apartment ten years ago. It had hung with the dry air of despair that even Chairman Meow refrained from entering. Takeout boxes were stacked in a table, coffe cups were sprawled across the room, the very picture of an in denial teen. She saw Magnus then, with bags under his eyes, holding the White Book and crying. With a swift movement she tore the book away, fearful that her friend might have done the spell already, and knelt towards him and wrapped him in her arms. He had said to her that he could not for his beloved warned him not to. They trained to move on, the two of them, eating ice cream, visiting tombs, reconnecting with others, and making that book.

"When Will, when Will died I though you were just over acting. I didn't understand your pain, except that the first ones are the hardest. But I never shared your pain up until now." Magnus said as he once again held the brown book tightly. In his mind ran all the most memorable memories he had with Alec, their first kiss, their break up, their wedding, the attack on Valentines' ship, inside his father's realm, and every other moment. "I thought that I would never be hurt because my first was done. But I was wrong."

Tessa held her cup down and sighed, "Magnus, we all hurt. I know you think that you are incapable of feeling anymore, just as others who have lived as long, but I also know that you are wrong. First aren't always the hardest, sometimes it's the middle which is the most unbearable. The difference is, with first's you have no basis except for the wise words of those who've already felt it."

"I suppose. Would I still move on Tessa? I still have eternity to live, and without Alec it feels as if my life is pointless. I feel as if I were a compass trapped inside a circle of magnets."

"Will once told me that when the time comes when I do not know what to do, I should imagine what someone who knows what to do would do."

Magnus sighed then turned to look at Tessa who was looking at him with loving eyes. "I imagine you would move on and continue." His head turned to look at two other figures outside their circle and with a small gesture, both entered the circle and sat beside them placing an assortment of white flowers at the center of the stones.

"Lilian, I thought you'd be here tomorrow?" asked Tessa as she hugged the girl.

"Yes, well Lucy insisted I go today." The lavender haired girl pointed her chin at the black haired girl, who was the spitting image of Isabelle, beside her and smiled instantly. Magnus and Lucia exchanged glances while Lilian stared at him. He was his adoptive father and she knew how he grieved for her other father and she also knew how he loved her as if she was his own despite her lack of emotions. When her Shadowhunter father died, his warlock father called her immediately and before he could say a word he started sobbing and then she knew what it mean. The next day she was at their old apartment coaxing the warlock to come to London but he just smiled and told her he would be fine. She returned the next day and the next and was there fore three weeks, as much as her training allowed her. After a month she came and he was thinner, paler, and wearier, nevertheless refused to go to London and insisted she finish her training. Now, ten years after, he looked like his old self, if possible younger. No signs of grief, except for the usual I-miss-your-father-look which she had already grown to.

"Well, I'm glad to tell you that I, your dear fabulous father, will accompany you to London. It's high time I met your boyfriend." Magnus tried his best to mimmick a British accent which was met with a chorus of laughter and light slaps on the arm.

"That's great dad! I can't wait for you to meet Lian. He's the best!"

"I'm sure he is honey. But not better than your father."

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