In my last chapter, Alec died (I could kill myself for writing it). So, I think it appropriate to write this.

I don't own the characters, and never will. They will forever and always belong to Cassie Clare. Oh and the infinity thing and The Fault in Our Stars are John Green's (major salute dude!)

Magnus fumbled open the letter as he fought the tears threatening to fall down his face. He wasn't one to cry but the pain Alec's death had caused was too much, too much to hold inside. It was already a few days since his death and all Magnus could do was lock himself inside their room and cry. Removing his immortality was the first thing he thought of to end his misery and if possible, by the sweet little chance, he could see Alec somewhere at the other side of the river, or before some angel or god cast him to hell. But Tessa was quick enough to stop him and rip the White Book from his hands.

Days after that incident, when the warlock was looking through the book he gave Alec about himself, a small paper slipped from the pages. Outside the envelope was his name written in a way he would know who it was from, Alec.

To my dearest Magnus,

I assume I am dead now that you are reading this, because in all the years I have been with you, you have never laid a hand on this book. I do not blame you. My love, we both know this day would come, I am not sure what would happen to me as I am writing this now, but we have talked about this, my mortality and your never ending life.

Grief, I know how that feels. And I am very sure you know that as well, given that you have met people and lived on when they have passed. And live on you should. I am not saying that you should forget me, no, but I do not want you to grieve for me forever nor do I want you to take away your immortality. I want you to know that I loved you with all I had. If I am reborn into this world as someone else, I assure you I will love you and then I will love you after that life, the next and so on. But if I am in heaven, know that I am always watching you, and loving you.

I read in this book by this Green person, The Fault in, I forgot the title, but it said something about other's infinities being smaller or bigger than other's. I guess, this is where our infinity stops. Nevertheless, your infinity goes on and always know that at some point in that infinity I was there to share it with you. Remember as well, that you were my infinity.

Magnus, I know that I've already told this, but I want to thank you for being with me, for sharing me your life, your vulnerability and everything that belongs to you. Even now, I can't fully understand why is it that you fell in love with me. I know you've told me before, but I just can't believe it that I could make you fall in love with me. Maybe I never will understand you, but I know deep in my heart that you do love me and I you.

My dear, I hope that you continue on and love again. But please do not forget about me. Don't stop your eternity for me. Live it for the both of us.

I love you Magnus Bane. And I will always.

With much love,

Alexander Gideon Lightwood

ps. Take care of Lilian and make sure she doesn't break that many hearts. Please do control yourself with clothes, your closet might burst any time. And please, feed the Chairman. Don't steal food. I love you.

A smile crept on Magnus' face as he kissed the letter and took into memory Alec's word.

"I love you too Alec."

So that ends the entire fic, I think. I'll post a chapter when I get other ideas, which will take some time because currently I am indulging in another fic and at the same time reality calls for my attention. (But, If there's something you want me to write, please do tell me. I'd love to write it!)

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