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Leo's was not having a good day.

First, the navigation on the Argo II had broken without him noticing, taking them on an unplanned vacation to Egypt. Next, he had had to tell the rest of the seven. And they had NOT been happy at it. And Leo hated it when Annabeth wasn't happy. Yeesh, that girl was SCARY.

So he had turned the ship around and headed back to Greece, but since they were demigods, the engines had to decide that NOW was the moment to fail. Thousands of miles across the US and Europe, and they chose NOW of all times to shudder to a halt, sending the ship pitching towards the desert below.

"Valdez-" The ship shuddered violently, cutting off Frank's voice. "I- am-oof!" Leo winced as the larger boy hit the ship's framework. "Going- to- kill you!"

Leo didn't answer. He was too busy trying to fix the ship, while at the same time holding on for dear life.

"Leo! I hope you can fix this pretty quick, Repair Boy, or we're gonna hit hard!" Jason called. Leo gave him a thumbs up and made a dash for the stairs. If he could get to the engine room….but they didn't have much time.

"Valdez! What's going on? Who needs killing?' Coach Hedge stumbled out of a doorway on Leo's right, wielding a baseball bat.

"Engine's down! Working on it!" Leo yelled as he raced down the hallway towards the engine room.

When at last he reached it, Leo grabbed some wires and shoved them together. He tinkered with various mechanical parts and pressed a button. Weakly, the engine juttered back to life and Leo let out a sigh of relief. But the engine was still weak…they were still crashing. Maybe he could get them to come down a little softer….

Leo tore back up the hallway to the deck, stumbling across its slanted surface to the controls. He grabbed a Wii controller and spun it wildly, then grabbed an airplane's pilot wheel and pulled with all his might. The Argo II's front pulled up and her descent slowed, but they were still falling.

"Everybody hold on!" Leo shrieked, his voice rising in a very not-macho way. He clutched at a car handle attached to the side of the control panel and braced himself for impact, his skin steaming as his emotions broiled inside of him.

Great, he thought thought sarcastically. If I'm going down, at least I'll go down in flames.

A huge crunching noise hit Leo's ears. His ship…oh, gods, why couldn't things ever be easy? Someone was screaming…it might have been him….and then everything went black.