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"Nico!" Hazel cried, running towards him. Arms outstretched, she gave him a big hug.

"Hey, Hazel," he muttered. "Who are they, and what are they doing on the Argo?" Nico's hand drifted towards the hilt of his sword, but Hazel stopped him.

"Nico…..just listen," she pleaded, but Nico had moved to peer over the side of the boat. There was a moment of silence, and then he turned towards them, eyebrow raised.

"That is desert."

Slowly, Hazel nodded.

"I'm guessing tha means we're not in Greece."

She nodded again.


Leo shifted his feet. "Um…..navigation broke."

Hazel winced, feeling bad for Leo. Poor guy kept having to tell people he still reminded her all too well of Sammy…but she had Frank now. She musn't think of that.

Nico sighed and Hazel stepped towards him, but he just shook his head. "I leave you guys for three hours and you're already lost?"

"Actually, we're not lost, we know exactly where we are. We're in Egypt, and now we're headed back towards Greece. The navigation is all fixed up," Percy said helpfully. Annabeth smacked him.

"What?" he protested, and she rolled her eyes.

Under her breath, Hazel heard her mutter, "Seaweed Brain."

"Um, sorry to interrupt, but where did HE come from?" Carter asked impatiently.

"Somewhere," Nico said shortly, crossing hisamrs. Hazel sighed, felling the need to elaborate.

"Nico can shadow travel. He was busy down in the underworld, helping Dad with some rogue spirits. He's my brother, son of Hades, god of the dead."

At this, for some reason, the Egyptians all turned their heads to look at Walt, who was staring at the ground.

"We shouldn't have met," he mumbled.

"Why shouldn't you have met Nico?" Frank asked curiously. "Why's he any different than the rest of us?"

"Because," Zia said softly. "Walt's soul is bonded with that of Anubis, the Egyptian death god. They're both standing there. They became one at the moment of Walt's death, something that was brought pn by an ancient curse."

Silence descended on the Argo II, the only sounds being that of Festus creaking as he flew and of the wind whistling past. Finally the silence was broken by a war cry.


Hazel cried out in surprise, and Frank moved in front of her. She pushed him aside in time to see a baseball bat-wielding satyr barreling towards the Egyptians.

Guess who?