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Chapter 1:

It had been 3 years since he had gone. Three years since she had given up on him. Uchiha Sasuke. The one, the traitor, who had left the village to go seek power from Orochimaru. Haruno Sakura was left heartbroken and cried for many days, locking herself in her house and starving herself.

Then, all of a sudden, she came to realization, Why should I care for that cold-hearted monster? What has he ever done for me?

Sakura wanted to become stronger, so that she could prove that she wasn't the weak, little girl that always needed to be protected on missions. She hated feeling like she was useless, but how was it her fault that her body froze whenever it came to a fight? Or that her usually sharp mind decided not to work when needed most? Luckily, she had the rest of her team to protect her, but that made her feel like even more of a nuisance, an annoyance.

Sakura didn't know where to start or how to get stronger, but she thought since she had an interest in medical studies, that if she went to the Hokage, Tsunade, maybe she would teach her.

After Tsunade had agreed, seeing potential in the young kunoichi just as she had with Shizune, Sakura became her apprentice.

Now, three years later, Tsunade's training had a big effect on Sakura. She had inhumane strength, because she could control her chakra phenomaly and release it all at once, creating a huge impact. She was a valued medical ninja, being second-in-command, after Tsunade herself, as young as Sakura was. A genjutsu user as well, she was a fine kunoichi of Konoha, their village name.

Sakura decided to suppress her feelings of love for Sasuke, telling herself that she hated him, no matter how much it hurt. So after a while, she became…numb to feelings. Why bother with feelings when you have strength?

Her cheery personality had faded and now she only smiled when she was near their old Team 7, now without Sasuke of course.

This team consisted of Uzumaki Naruto, the biggest idiot and loudest ninja in their village, Hatake Kakashi, the legendary copy ninja who copied over thousands of jutsus with his Sharingan, Yamato, their team captain when Kakashi had other missions to take care of and their temporary replacement for Sasuke, Sai. Sai was a lot like Sasuke, as in he didn't have very good social skills and kept to himself.

Uzumaki Naruto, her best friend, had also left for 2 and a half years, opting to train with one of the three legendary Sannin, just as Sasuke and Sakura had. He had come home expecting to see his dear friend Sakura welcome him back with a smile, but her smile seemed forced and didn't reach her eyes. She hugged him, but it was awkward and uninviting. Her arms were cold.

Hatake Kakashi had become like a father-like figure to Sakura. He was always there for her when Naruto wasn't in the village and he comforted her like a real father would. These feelings toward him became stronger when Sakura's own father and mother died. She relied on him more and he let her stay with him for a while, as did Naruto until she was stable enough to be on her two feet again. Sakura stayed with Kakashi almost every day when Naruto had left the village for training and when she had enough money from working at the hospital and going on missions, she bought a small, though spacious enough for her, apartment.

Yamato was new to Team 7, like Sai, but he cared for Sakura a lot as well, and was there to give her advice when she needed it.

Sai, well, he was...Sai. He never really did much for Sakura, except give her drawings of things that he sketched or painted, which she greatly appreciated, giving him a tiny smile every time he did. When they were left alone, they usually sat in silence, but it wasn't uncomfortable. They took occasional walks together, nothing special, walking in silence, but it was comforting for them both.

Sasuke's departure had taken a big toll on Sakura, in some ways good and some ways bad. Because of his leave, she had decided that she needed to become stronger, while at the same time her emotions were fading away, with Naruto, Kakashi, Yamato and somewhat Sai trying to keep them alive.

Ever since Naruto had gotten back from training, she had started smiling and laughing more, unable to resist laughing at the blonde's attempts to cheer her up, which usually included him doing something stupid.

The rest of the "Konoha Twelve" or now, "Konoha Eleven" were there for her too. She had gotten closer with everyone since Sasuke's departure, since they were all there.

Many people, like Hinata, Tenten, Ino, Lee and Kiba had arranged training sessions with Team Asuma, Kurenai, Kakashi and Gai. They also arranged doing many things together, ranging from picnics, playing games, watching movies, etc.

It seemed that Sakura was slowly coming back to life, but she still kept to herself more than usual. It looked like her emotions were coming back slowly, like she was recovering from losing the one she loved. Like she was…healing.

Today, was a regular morning in Konoha and, as usual, sunny with a slight breeze in the air. Sakura got up at exactly 6:00 A.M., the time she would wake up to start her day. She got dressed, had a bit of breakfast and headed out the door to go train with her master, Tsunade. When she reached the Hokage Tower, where Tsunade worked, she walked to her teacher's office and knocked on the door.

"Come in!" A voice answered. Sakura walked in and noticed that her former sensei, Kakashi, was there as long with Shizune, her senpai. Her gaze dropped on her teacher, who was sitting at her huge desk. Sakura lifted one of her perfectly curved eyebrow as if to say, "What's going on?" She knew that Kakashi wasn't usually there, something was up.

Her teacher, mentally reading her mind, said, "Sakura, I was just about to call you here," she paused, lacing her fingers together and propping her elbows on her desk. "Uchiha Sasuke has returned."

Sakura's heart stopped momentarily. She didn't fully understand what her master meant. What?! No…this couldn't happen. Not now. It's been 3 years. Why all of a sudden come back now? Why when I'm healing? Why when I started to forget about you?

Sakura was not only confused, but angry. Why did the Uchiha have to come back right when she was starting to heal, when she was starting to become more like her cheerful self? Why did he have to go and ruin everything?!

When Sakura recollected herself, she didn't even bother to ask about Sasuke. "When can we start today's training, Tsunade-sama?" she said to her master.

Tsunade knew this was going to happen, she knew that her apprentice wasn't going to like the idea, but she was rather relieved that Sakura hadn't caused a fuss and stormed out of the room. She sighed. "I am busy today, so you can take your shift at the hospital."

"But my shift doesn't start until noon, Tsunade-sama," she replied. Sakura just wanted to train, in the woods, where she could punch things and let out her anger by causing a mini earthquake with her superhuman strength. She wanted an escape.

"Well, today, you need to take care of a special patient." Tsunade knew that her pupil wasn't going to like what Sakura would encounter at the hospital, but she needed someone to keep care of him, someone who wasn't drooling over him every second. Sasuke was on probation, any normal citizen would have been killed immediately for betraying the village. But she had done this for her pupil, for she wanted her to be cheery again and smile, not depressed and acting all tough like she is now.

Who would be that special? she thought. But, she agreed, not wanting to get on her master's bad side. She had done that before and it was a terrifying experience. When Tsunade gets angry, you are as good as dead.

"Fine," she spat out. Sakura knew that was no way to talk to her teacher, but she hoped that Tsunade would understand what she was going through.

Tsunade nodded and dismissed Sakura.

Sakura walked slowly to the hospital, taking her leisure. She thought about why all of a sudden Sasuke would come back, now of all times. What was so special about today? She also wondered who the special patient was. As realization dawned on her, Sakura stopped in her tracks. It isn't Sasuke is it?! Tsunade-sama didn't say anything about him being hurt! Desperately hoping that her patient wasn't Sasuke, she walked faster towards the hospital.

When she got there, Sakura instantly signed in and checked her duties today. The first and only major one today was the patient in Room 202. Heart pounding, she made her way there. She turned the doorknob and opened the door after knocking and hearing a faint grunt as an "okay" to come in. There, she saw Uchiha Sasuke, laying on the bed. His usually flawless complexion was covered with bruises and he had a huge injury on his left leg and lower right part of his stomach.

Sakura stood there for a moment before recollecting herself and fully entering the room. On the outside, she was composed and calm, looking indifferent towards the situation. However, on the inside, she was furious. Sakura wanted to make him pay, to make him feel the pain he had made her feel. Even though that was impossible, because she had received a blow to the heart, not physically. She knew even though that she couldn't make that happen, she still wanted him to get hurt, even if it's just a sliver of what pain she had to go through. Sakura was no longer the weak girl Sasuke had left on the bench the day he left Konoha. She often wondered how she was still able to stand.

She calmly walked over to his bed, and said in a monotonous, practiced voice, "I have been assigned to care of your injuries today, Uchiha-san."

Sasuke raised his eyebrows. He was looking at Sakura, not believing this is the helpless, little fangirl who always needed to be protected on missions he left when he left on the bench that night. He wouldn't admit it, but he was slightly impressed. She seemed to be having an aura around her that just proved she was strong.

Sakura first started a regular physical checkup on Sasuke, not making eye contact with him at all. Then, she started to heal his major injuries. She slowly unwrapped his bandages and soon, her hands began to glow a green tint as she moved her hands around his body, hovering very slightly, but not touching. Sakura spent the next hour healing all of his major injuries. He was still not ready to totally walk, but he was in better condition than before.

Sasuke was looking at Sakura the whole time. What has she become? She doesn't seem like a fangirl anymore. She seems...cold hearted. She looks…strong.

After she was done, Sakura wrote some notes about his condition on the clipboard attached to his bed. Then, she turned around and headed for the door, feeling a bit depleted of her chakra - after all, Sasuke had many injuries. When she opened the door, a bright blur of orange was seen and Sakura was glomped by a figure. Sasuke realized it was Naruto.

"SAKURA-CHAN! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?! I WAS GOING TO ASK YOU IF YOU COULD-" he screamed, then he sensed a familiar chakra. Naruto turned to the look inside the room, his mouth gaping wide open when he saw Sasuke lying there. "T-TEME! HEY! YOU ARE BACK!"

Sasuke cringed. That dobe. He's still as loud as ever.

Naruto ran over to Sasuke's bed, dragging an irritated looking Sakura with him. "First," Naruto punched Sasuke harshly on his unharmed shoulder. The punch sent waves of pain through Sasuke's body, since he was still bruised. Sasuke groaned and glared at Naruto, but before Sasuke could say anything Naruto cut him off, "That was for leaving and everything else you have done," he said it pretty seriously, which is strange for Naruto.

Then he broke out into his goofy grin. "Second," he held out his fist and Sasuke looked up at Naruto, then with some hesitation, bumped his own fist against Naruto's.

"So? How were you? When did you get back?!" Naruto said cheerfully.

"Yesterday night," Sasuke said, in his usual, short response answers. Sasuke came back because he had successfully killed Itachi, his older brother. And now that his life goal was complete, he came back to Konoha. He had killed Orochimaru before he set out to find his brother and take his vengeance on him.

"Oh, cool!" Naruto gasped dramatically. "Now, CAN WE GO GET RAMEN?! WE CAN BE LIKE THE OLD TEAM 7 AGAIN!" Naruto screamed.

Sakura hit Naruto on the back of his head and closed her eyes, "Stop screaming, idiot." But she smiled slightly, the kind that only comes out when she is with Naruto. He was like a big brother to her. When he came back from training, he was the only one who could make Sakura truly smile again. Of course, there was still the rest of her team and her master, but she could only smile truly with Naruto. "And, he is obviously not in any condition to go around walking."

Without a glance at Sasuke, she then turned around and left the room, leaving the 2 boys alone.

Sakura, for the next couple of days, had to check up on Sasuke, everyday, 3 times a day. The other nurses who weren't Sakura's friends, glared at her for getting so much time to spend with their precious "Sasuke-kun." But Sakura would be happy to leave him with them.

After 2 weeks of this had gone by, she decided that Sasuke could leave the hospital, "You're free to leave whenever you want to. Your injuries have been healed enough, but you still need to come back every 2 or 3 days for a physical check up to see how you're doing." She said while writing on her clipboard on how his condition was.

Sasuke nodded and before either of them could move, Naruto came bursting through the door. "HI!" he announced.

"Hey," Sakura absentmindedly said, finishing up her notes.

"Is Teme allowed to leave?" Naruto asked Sakura.

Sakura looked up at him and nodded, putting the clipboard full of notes on the desk near Sasuke.


No one answered.

"AW, COME ON! PLEEEEAAAASE?" Naruto begged.

"Hn. Whatever, dobe," Sasuke answered.

Naruto took this as a yes and cheered. Then he turned to Sakura who sighed.

"I still have another patient to heal before I am relieved of my duties for today, so if you can control your temptations," she looked at Naruto, who nodded excitedly, "I guess I'll join as well," she said sighing.

Naruto grinned. "But don't take too long, I'm really hungry." As if to prove his point, his stomach growled.

Sakura smiled slightly. "Sure, Naruto."

She left the room and went to the room next to Sasuke's. After healing the little girl who had broken her arm, she wiped her forehead to get rid of the sweat and went outside.

Sakura saw Naruto and Sasuke sitting in the chairs in the waiting room, Naruto talking to Sasuke animatedly while he ignored the "dobe."

Naruto stopped talking once he saw Sakura. "Sakura-chan!" He got up, pulling up Sasuke with him. "LET'S GO!"

After Sakura had put away her medical supplies and signed out, showing that she was done for the day, the three walked to Ichiraku Ramen.

Naruto, who was in the middle of the two, with Sasuke on his left, Sakura on the right. Naruto being Naruto couldn't stand the silence and tried to strike up a conversation, only to having the attempt fail when neither of them replied or only answered with short responses.

All the while they were walking there, they could hear the villager's whispers.

Some were about Sasuke, "Hey, isn't that the Uchiha boy?" "Yeah, what is he doing in our village?" "Tch, he's just a traitor, that's what."

Others were remarks about Sakura, mostly from her "fanboys." "Oh my God, it's Sakura-san!" "She's so beautiful!" "I know! Look at those legs!" "I would love to take her on a date!"

Naruto growled at both "groups" of villagers, feeling protectiveness over his friends.

When they reached Ichiraku Ramen, Naruto went to go place their orders after each had told them what they wanted.

Sakura decided to say something voluntarily to Sasuke, something she hadn't done since he came back. "So, hurt anyone else yet?" she sneered. "Left someone else on a bench? Broken anyone's else's heart?" she said.

Sasuke just looked up at her from where he was observing the changes in the village, wondering why she suddenly talked. Once he realized what she said, he narrowed his eyes.

"Konoha is not some rag-tag village that you can just waltz in and out of, you know. You are a traitor of the village, and I am surprised that you weren't killed when first sighted," she smirked. "Tell me, Sasuke, is life everything you expected it to be once you killed your brother?"

Before Sasuke could retort back, Naruto came back with 7 bowls of ramen in his hands. He gave one to each Sasuke and Sakura and 5 for himself. He did love ramen. All throughout eating, Naruto talked and talked about things, trying to catch up with Sasuke. Sasuke just usually answered with a grunt, a nod or didn't say anything at all. Sakura just stared at him the whole time, not saying a word.

Afterwards, Sakura stood up while Naruto was still talking. "I'm going to train. Bye," she curtly said, placing enough money for her ramen bowl on the table.

Sasuke watched as she turned on her heel and walked away. He stared at her walking away from them before turning his gaze back to Naruto. He really wanted to ask what was wrong with her, why she was acting like this, and for once, he did.


"Yeah, teme?" Naruto replied, slurping up his 6th bowl of ramen, which he recently ordered.

"What happened to Sakura?" he asked, keeping his laconic attitude.

Naruto's cheery mood instantly dropped and he frowned. He gulped down the rest of the ramen before saying, "We really shouldn't talk about this here, I don't think she wants anyone else to know," Naruto said, glancing around at the other tables full of people.

They both paid for their ramen and they walked to Naruto's apartment. "After you left, Sakura-chan locked herself in her house. She cried and starved herself for days. It got so bad that Tsunade-obaa-chan had to send some elite ninja to get her out," Naruto explained, plopping on his couch, while Sasuke sat a bit farther away from him.

Sasuke was shocked, although he didn't show it on his face. He expected something bad, but not this terrible.

Naruto continued. "Then, one day, she just snapped. She wore different clothes, changed her hair and her cheery personality was gone. When I came back from training with Ero-sennin, she was cold-hearted and emotionless. She became Tsunade-obaa-chan's apprentice and trained under her for 3 years. She is a skilled kunoichi, having insane strength, medical skills and genjutsu abilities." He grinned, "She can really punch, you know." He remembered once when he was about to do his "Orioke no Jutsu" when Sakura punched him, which had knocked him out cold for a few hours. "She is a valued jounin. Actually, she could have been in ANBU, they offered her a position to which she declined, saying that she was content as a jounin and a medic working in the hospital."

Sasuke met Naruto's gaze. ANBU? Why would she decline?

Somehow, Naruto read Sasuke's mind. "Yeah, I know right? She's really strong. Neji and Tenten are also part of the ANBU."

I am not surprised about Hyuuga, but Tenten?

"When I came back, about half a year ago, I expected some change in her, but not like what she had turned into to. She was no longer that sweet little girl from before. When I asked Tsunade-obaa-chan, she said that Sakura hadn't smiled or laughed for the past two and a half years, only trained. I felt terrible and did everything to make Sakura smile or act like she did before, so carefree. And bit by bit, she started coming back, but that girl from before is gone, replaced by a cold-hearted, emotionless fighting machine."

Sasuke felt like he was punched in the stomach. He needed to sever his bonds with Konoha in order to achieve his bonds so nothing could hold him back. He knew that bonds only bring sorrow, he learned that the hard way.

He avoided Naruto's gaze and looked around his apartment. His eyes landed on the photograph Team 7, their old team when they were Genin, took that he, Sakura and Kakashi all had a copy of too. In the photo, Sasuke looked irritated, not looking at the camera, with a glare on his face. Naruto was glaring at Sasuke because Sasuke had called him a "Urusantonkichi" before the photo. Kakashi was behind them, a hand placed on both of their heads, his one visible eye curved, showing his happiness. Sakura was in the middle, looking as happy as ever, her eyes closed and a huge smile plastered on her face.

After a long silence, Sasuke said, "I'm going to go train."

He instantly went to the training grounds he trained on as a kid, ignoring Tsunade's orders to refrain from training. When he entered the training area, he quickly hid as he sensed a familiar chakra. Sakura.

Sasuke watched as Sakura, who was pulling her gloves over her hands, concentrated and closed her eyes. Then, she snapped her eyes open and punched the ground. Hard.

The impact sent ripples in the ground and the earth cracked beneath her, it was like a mini earthquake. She dusted off her hands and looked around at her work, with a criticizing eye. She pursed her lips as if she thought it wasn't good enough. Afterwards, she started to walk away and before Sasuke knew it, Sakura was behind him holding a kunai to his neck. He inhaled sharply.

"What are you a stalker now as well as a heart-breaker?" Sakura was way past pissed. Who does he think he is? Just coming into the village, being irritating and then watching her?

"I came here to train," Sasuke said calmly, despite the knife that was being held dangerously close to his neck.

Sakura's hand didn't falter, but after a while she lowered the ninja tool and left without saying another word. Sasuke just shook his head and went to another section of the large training area that wasn't ruined.

Sasuke trained well after 10:00 P.M. He decided to go home and get some rest. When he was on his way home, he looked up at the night sky and filled his lungs with fresh air. When Sasuke looked back at the road in front of him, an ANBU member was right ahead.

"You have been summoned at the Hokage Tower," The ANBU member simply said, before they vanished and smoke was all that was left behind.

Sasuke sighed and started to head to the Hokage Tower.

When he reached there, Tsunade said, "I know you've been training."

He rolled his eyes.

"Uchiha Sasuke!" She bellowed, getting frustrated. "You know as well as I do that you aren't in any condition to be doing that. And if you haven't forgotten, you are under probation!"

"Hn." He grunted, crossing his arms, flinching ever so slightly because of her loud voice. He didn't like the word "probation," it made him feel like a criminal. But then again, to some people in the village, wasn't he? He was a rogue ninja, and he also had special treatment, he was lucky enough not to be killed. The only reason why he was still alive was because of Naruto. Naruto persuaded Tsunade to not allow anyone to kill the missing-ninja if seen. Therefore, his life had been spared.

"As a punishment, you have to stay in the hospital tonight," Tsunade said sternly.

"What?" he hissed.

Tsunade nodded expectantly. "It's for your own well-being."

Sasuke rolled his eyes again. "Whatever," he stormed off towards the hospital without being dismissed by the Hokage. As much as he didn't want to stay at the hospital, he knew that getting Tsunade angry would not be a wise choice. If that woman got mad at him, it would be as if he is as good dead.


Afterwards, Sakura stood up while Naruto was still talking. "I'm going to train. Bye." After setting down a wad of cash, enough to pay for her ramen, she walked off, feeling Sasuke's gaze on her back.

As she walked to the training grounds, she felt anger boiling inside of her and she really felt like punching something, so she walked faster to the training area. She worked on her chakra control for a while, working on a new jutsu that Tsunade had told her to master, until she felt another person's chakra, even though it was faint.

Sakura ignored it for the time being, telling herself that someone might just be passing by, or it might be a fanboy. Sakura had developed many "fanboys" over the past years. But that was to be expected. Who wouldn't drool after a strong, well-built kunoichi of Konoha? She had the looks, strength, smarts, everything. Who wouldn't want to be her boyfriend? She was used to being "stalked" but she usually glared at them enough to make them leave her alone.

Sakura pulled on her black gloves and slammed her fist into the ground, creating an earthquake-like effect. She looked around, still not satisfied, but she could feel someone watching, only then feeling it as Sasuke's chakra.

In a flash, she was behind him, holding a kunai to his neck.

"What are you a stalker now as well as a heart-breaker?" Sakura was way past pissed. Who does he think he is? Just coming into the village, being irritating and then watching her?!

"I came here to train," he replied monotonously, with no emotion in his voice.

Sakura's hand didn't falter, but after a while she lowered the ninja tool and left without saying another word. She didn't want to get even more angry and she needed to cool down. She decided to go to her home and make some dinner.

After she had eaten, she decided to go take a walk, to clear her mind.

She felt someone's presence behind her and she whipped around and took out a kunai. She saw someone's silhouette and noticed the unique raven hair. Sasuke.

Sasuke was on his way to the hospital, and when he sensed Sakura's chakra, he decided to follow her.

She rolled her eyes and put the kunai back in it's holster. "What do you want?"

"What, I can't take a walk around once in a while?" he smirked.

She scoffed and said, "Yeah, sure. What do you really want?"

"To talk," Sasuke simply said.

Pft. Sasuke wanting to talk? Wasn't it usually the other way around? When did he become all outgoing? On the outside, she raised an eyebrow. "Sure. And Naruto has given up on ramen," she said sarcastically, then turned to walk away, but Sasuke appeared in front of her, halting her.

She glared up at him. Damn his height!

He smirked down at her.

"What?" she said, her voice dripping with venom.

"Why are you like this?" he asked.

She squinted her eyes at him, trying to decipher whether this was really Sasuke asking this. He almost seemed concerned.

How dare he have the nerve? He is the one who left me on a freaking bench in the middle of the night and then comes back three years later like nothing has happened?! Something must be mentally wrong with him. And before Sakura knew what she was doing, she slapped him. Hard. Across the face.

He glared at her.

"How dare you ask that, you jerk?!" Sakura screamed at him. She wanted to tell him that he was the reason she had turned like this, she wanted to tell him how she had given up on him, she wanted to tell him how she no longer cared about him, but she didn't. She simply stormed away, leaving him glaring at her retreating back.

I can't believe he actually said that! The nerve of him! She decided to go home and took a long, hot bath, calming herself down. When she got out, dressed and brushed her teeth, she went into her room, ready to fall asleep and forget everything that happened today, when she saw Sasuke leaning against her bedpost.

She sighed. "What?!"

Sasuke didn't answer, just simply looked around her room and then back at the pink-haired kunoichi that was standing a few feet away from him.

"Why can't you just leave me alone? I am really tired, and I would like to go to sleep," Sakura said, getting more agitated by the minute. How dare he intrude into my house in the middle of the night?! He is such a jerk!

Sasuke raised his eyebrows and then looked at her up and down, it made her uncomfortable, like she was being evaluated.

Sakura sighed deeply for what felt like the millionth time that day and simply walked over to her bed and grabbed Sasuke by the shirt. She pulled him out of her doorway and to the front door. She was about to push him out when he whisked behind her quickly and avoided being kicked out of her house. An Uchiha doesn't get kicked out of someone's house, an Uchiha leaves and comes as he pleases.

Sakura took a deep breath. "I'm going to tell you one more time, Uchiha. Get out." When he did nothing but smirk, she let out a scream of frustration. "UGH! You are so aggravating! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! You have already ruined my life enough!"

Sasuke frowned at this statement. What did I do so wrong?

Sakura seemed to read his mind. "What do you not understand?! You did ruin my life!"

Sasuke just raised his eyebrows, slightly amused by her actions.

"GET OUT!" she screamed again.

He just stood there.

Then, Sakura exploded. "You're just a back-stabbing, cold-hearted asshole who never thought that his true friends meant anything to him but a distraction! YOU KNOW HOW MUCH DAMN TROUBLE WE ALL WENT TO TRYING TO GET YOU TO RETURN?! WE ALMOST DIED! AND YOU HAVE NO RECOGNITION OF THAT! AND YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE YOU'RE JUST AN ASSHOLE WHO DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE BUT HIMSELF! YOU HAVE LET EVERYONE DOWN!"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at her.

Sakura's knees buckled, and she fell to the ground, her cold demeanor, her walls breaking. "You let me down!" Tears streaked down her face and soon she was sobbing uncontrollably, letting out all the emotions that were pent up inside for 3 years. All the hatred, anger, sadness, regret, loneliness she felt, was being displayed. "Please, just...just get out," she pleaded the Uchiha, somehow managing to get out the words between sobs. Even a few words felt like they were choking her. And he did, leaving her in a pool of many mixed emotions.

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