Life Saver

"And of course, I got away with it." Laughter surrounded him and a grin broke across his face. Beast Boy felt a friend slap a hand on his back, as if congratulating him. He loved all of this attention he got from his large group of friends, "I gotta get to class you guys. See ya later." Keeping his grin on his lips, he headed over to yet another boring class.

She sat in the corner in the back of the classroom, keeping quiet to herself as she enjoyed a book she had just gotten from the library. Raven didn't mind that others didn't talk to her; she enjoyed her peace and quiet. Though this noisy classroom wasn't the best place to get it, she taught herself to block the rest of their voices out so she could get her silence.

Beast Boy groaned as he entered the classroom, slowly making his way to the back. Dropping down in the seat, he looked around. The only reason he like this class was because he could get away with sleeping. Glancing over next to him, a smirk formed. "Hello Raven, how is the book?" He asked before getting no answer. He didn't like this girl because she ignored him. He had tried making jokes that anyone else would have laughed their heads off from, but she'd just stare at him as if she didn't understand.

Raven glanced over and shook her head, though she could block out other's voices, she couldn't block out his annoying one. Flipping the page, she hoped he would get the message and quit trying to talk to her. This happened every now and then, usually he stopped. Seeing him twist around in his seat, facing her direction, she knew he wasn't finished.

"So, one of my friends is having this awesome party tonight, you should come. I doubt you have anything else to do, I mean, you don't have friends or anything. A cute guy is asking you out too, you should accept." Sure, this was just one way he got amused by when it came to this loner girl. Did he expect her to come? Of course not. He didn't even want her too; he just wanted to say it.

"Cute?" She repeated, "If that's how you want to describe yourself, then I don't know what cute is." She sighed softly, "Can you please leave me alone now? I'd like to enjoy my book without having you bother me." She requested and prayed to whoever was up there that he would turn around and go to sleep like he usually does.

Beast Boy frowned, "You really are no fun, you know that?" Grabbing a notebook out of his bag, he scribbled down some stuff. Ripping the page out of the notebook, he slapped it on her desk. "Just in case you change your mind. If you do come, I suggest you put on some make up, bring some color to your paleness." He suggested with the friendliest of smiles.

Raven brushed his insult off and ignored the paper, going back to her book. Once the teacher came in and apologized for being late, Raven picked up the paper. Looking at it, she frowned. "You have the writing skills of a preschooler. Figures, I feel bad for the teachers who have to grade your papers." Folding the paper up, she used it as a bookmark. Putting her book away, she ignored the others frown and paid attention to what the teacher was going on about.


"I'm home…." Raven sighed as she heard loud music blasting from the living room. Going towards the room, she peaked in to find her drunken father currently making out with his girlfriend of the week. Frowning, she walked passed them and headed straight to her bedroom. Closing her door behind her, she made her way over to her bed and laid down. Closing her eyes, she listened to the loud music playing with a frown. It hadn't always been like this, not when her mother was still alive. Her father changed drastically when she was taken from their lives. Now, this is all he does after work.

Sitting up, she grabbed her bag and dug around in it until she found her book. Resting on her back once more, she opened the novel and frowned when her bookmark fell on her. Picking it up, she looked at it, wondering why she was even giving attention to it. Setting her book down, she unfolded the piece of paper. The address was walkable, if she read it right at least.

Glancing over at her alarm, she pursed her lips, was she really considering going to this party?


Beast Boy grinned as he tossed another crushed beer can on the ground, "That's one more down! So many more to go!" He let out a laugh though it was muted out by the blasting music surrounding him. Looking over at a group of ladies in bikinis, he made his way over to flirt and attempt to get with one.

Raven looked around, seeing many people from school, there were also many that she had never seen before. Hugging herself, she walked around to see if she could try to make conversation with. Beast Boy had been right though, she had no friends. No one tried talking to her because they thought she was weird or something. This was a mistake, she shouldn't have come. She didn't even know why she came in the first place. Maybe it was because someone actually talked to her and invited her for something, whether it being a joke or not.

"Rae! You actually came!"

Glancing around, she felt an arm wrap around her and pull her close. Stiffening, the smell of alcohol filled her nose, causing it to scrunch up. Pulling away, she looked at Beast Boy who was giving his usual grin. "I didn't come for you." She huffed softly, staring down at the ground.

Beast Boy let out a laugh, "Who else then would have invited someone like you?" He asked, not realizing how harsh it had sounded.

Raven frowned and glared at him, "You're right, who else? I guess no one."

Beast Boy smiled, "You're funny." He held out his beer, "Want one?" He asked, shrugging it off when she shook her head. Swallowing down the rest of its contents, he tossed it towards the trashcan and missed, "Well, I'm going back to the swimming pool. Come find me if you need anything." Patting her head, he stumbled slightly as he left.

Fixing her hair, she sighed. Did they have anything else to drink besides alcohol? Tea sounded lovely about now but she doubted this place had anything. Walking around, her eyes continued to scan over all of the different types of people. There were already bodies lying around unconscious, probably from over drinking themselves. Seeing the large glass door open, she stepped through it and headed outside. She noticed many girls were walking around in bikinis, some in nothing. Looking away, she found a nice empty place to observe others.

"Dude! No! I don't wanna swim!" Beast Boy let out a drunken laugh as two of his buddies, Robin and Cyborg, held him up in the air. "Stop! Seriously!" Before he could escape the hold, he was thrown up into the air and splashed down into the pool. He was dizzy, everything was spinning around him. Probably from all that alcohol he had consumed. His limbs splashed, for some reason, he just wouldn't go up.

Raven had watched the scene happen and waited for the idiot to come back up. She knew he'd be laughing and grinning like he always was, even if his friends had done something like that. Her brows furrowed when she saw the splashes continue for moments, why wasn't anyone helping him. Looking around, she noticed everyone was laughing and having a good time, too distracted by their conversations.

Walking over, she noticed the splashes stop. Her eyes widened and without thinking, she dived into the pool. Opening her eyes, they burned slightly due to the chemicals, she looked around. Seeing the idiot who always wore that annoying grin just resting at the bottom without any movement made her heart beat faster. Grabbing him, she used the bottom of the pool to push them both up. Breaking surface, she looked around. "Someone! Help!" She swam to the edge and looked at his two friends who were no longer laughing. "Help me get him out, please!"

The darker skinned male immediately reached down and grabbed him, pulling him out. Setting him down, he shook the other. "BB? Wake up man, it was just a joke. Come on dude…"

Raven pulled herself out and crawled over to the unconscious teen, she rested her ear over where his heart was located. She paled, "He's not breathing…." She said with widening eyes. Looking up, she looked up at his other friend, "Call 911, now!" She hissed. Taking a deep breath, she ignored the gasps and talk around her. Placing her hands on his chest, she pushed down, pumping on his chest. "Come on you moron…" Going over to his face, she pinched his nose and lowered her face. Pressing her lips against his chilly ones, she blew two breaths in before going back to his chest.

About a minute later, water spilled from Beast Boy's lips before he came to a coughing fit. Once he caught his needed breath, his eyes slowly opened to see violet orbs. He blinked confused and noticed mascara running from her eyes due to the water. "You wore make up…" His said with a weak smile before his eyes closed and he ended up passing out again.

The darker skinned male bent down, "Is he alright?" He asked worried, poking at Beast Boy's face.

Raven nodded, "He'll be fine, the alcohol must have finally gotten to him. I suggest you get everyone out of here, the cops are coming and if they find out you were serving it to minors, you're not getting off easily." She suggested. Standing up, she sighed when she noticed how soaked she was. "Could I possibly get a towel?"

The guy nodded, "Of course, my name is Cyborg by the way." He stood up and looked around, "You got that? The cops are coming! Get out unless you wanna get caught!" He called out and immediately everyone began rushing out. He then left to go grab a towel.

Raven glanced down at Beast Boy before wiping off her lips. "I can't believe I did that…" Crossing her arms, she shook lightly as the cold air nipped at her wet skin. Finally Cyborg came with a nice fluffy towel; she immediately wrapped it around her body. "Thanks…"

Cyborg picked up Beast Boy and slung him over his broad shoulder, "I better get him inside and dried off before he gets sick. Thanks again, we owe you." He paused, "Glad you came to my party." He turned and took off towards the house.

Raven stared ahead and sighed, they didn't owe her anything. Drying herself off, she dropped the towel before making her way out. She needed to leave, she still felt like she didn't belong. It would be better for her anyway.

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