"So…" Beast Boy began as he looked away from his videogames. "That day you performed CPR on me; does that count as our first kiss? I know I was unconscious and everything but there was lip contact." He pointed out.

Raven was curled up on his bed reading a book; she glanced over it and shrugged. "I don't think it is. I only kiss people I like and back then, I didn't like you." She sat up and closed her book, "Are you winning?" She asked, pointing to the TV.

He looked at his paused screen and smiled, "Yeah, I think I am. This game is actually really boring to be honest," he said before standing up from the floor. Walking over to his bed, he dropped down next to her with a grin. "How's your book?"

Raven tossed it beside her and smiled, "Getting a little boring to be honest." She matched with a growing smirk, "Let's do something not boring." She suggested.

His grin grew, "I really like your thinking Rae."

Back hitting the bed, her cheeks burned slightly as she looked into his eyes. "Beast Boy…" Her eyes closed before she felt his warmth on her lips. She loved his kisses, even after two months of dating, she still enjoyed his kisses like it was her first. What she loved most about this was he didn't try to push on like Terra had told her, he wasn't that type of guy.

She found her thoughts being interrupted when her cell phone decided it was the best time to ring. By the ringtone, she knew it was Starfire. The redhead knew she'd be hanging out with Beast Boy so it must be important if she called now. Breaking the kiss, she smiled apologetically at him. "I should get this."

Beast Boy sighed at the interruption before pulling away with a smile, "After that call, you're mine."

Raven nodded and grabbed her phone, "Hello?" She answered. Frown forming, she yanked the phone from her ear as a squeal escaped the device. Putting it back to her ear, she smiled slightly. "What's all the excitement for?"

"Robin proposed to me Raven! Can you believe it? Oh, the ring is so beautiful." Starfire grinned, "You had to be the first person I told. Oh I'm so happy!"

Raven chuckled, "I'm happy for you two, congratz." Seeing Beast Boy's confused expression, she smiled. "Robin proposed."

"I gotta go tell everyone else, I'm even going to go tell my sister. Laugh at her because I'm the one who's getting married first." Starfire giggled, "I'll see you at school tomorrow."

Raven smiled as she nodded and ended the call, "I'm so happy for those two…" She sighed and put her phone down.

"Do you want to get married?"

Raven blushed and looked at him, "Well… yeah. Of course, not now though. We're still so young and we've only been dating for two months." She pointed out nervously.

Beast Boy nodded, "I'm talking about the future Rae, we can have kids and everything if you want. I'd be there every step of the way."

She laughed, "You're being too serious, go back to your usual non serious ways." She ordered amused. Leaning forward, she lightly pressed her lips to his before pulling away. "I'm going to have to go soon; I promised Elia that I would watch Henry."

Beast Boy nodded, "How is your Dad's girlfriend anyway? You don't really talk much about her."

She shrugged, "She's good I guess. Her son is adorable, he started calling me sis." She sighed softly, "It's not as hard as it was at first. I thought she'd replace mom but I was stupid for thinking such a thought. Elia is great, she's so sweet." Looking at him, she smiled. "You should come with me so you can see them for a minute or two."

He shook his head, "I can't, sorry. Cyborg finally got a chance to get away from Bumblebee; we are having a boy's night out."

Raven nodded before getting up, "Have as much fun as you want, just don't call me to pick you up if you get too drunk." She smiled jokingly. That's also another thing that has changed since she started dating him; she learned alcohol isn't always a negative thing. Drinking every now and then doesn't make you an alcoholic.

He stood with her before taking her hand, beginning to lead her out to her car. "I'll see you later alright?" He smiled, opening her door for her.

She looked at him with a smile of her own, "You better or else." She threatened, looking up at him.

Beast Boy grinned and cupped her face with his hands gently. Leaning in, he brushed his lips against hers. "I love you Raven."

"I love you too, Beast Boy." With that, she leaned forward to kiss him fully.

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