I always come back to Bad Wolf Bay, to mourn the girl I was, the love I had and you.

I promised you forever but I didn't keep it.

In retrospect I couldn't keep it but how I wanted to.

I'm always haunted by your ghost; I see your handsome face and your beautiful brown eyes everywhere.

It painfully reminds me of what we had, what we should've had and what we should've been.

Losing you was like a knife to my heart.

The girl that I was doesn't exist anymore, she died after your face disappeared from my tear-stained eyes.

I wish she could come back but who else would I bring her back for?

Everything I was it was because of you.

Everything you showed me I could be I now use every day but you'll never know.

All the things and places you showed me were nice but it never compared to being with you.

You were the rare shooting star I thought I never find but like a shooting star I should've known it couldn't last.

The scars of my broken heart I don't want you to see.

The love I feel for you never died, never.

I know you won't forget me just as I will never forget you, however many new faces you may get.

I still love you, Doctor and I always will.

My story started with you and this is where it ends... Bad Wolf Bay.