A/N: Another Jaime/Wild Eagle poem. My muses don't much care for much else, it seems. I have written nothing else for this series but poems about these two. Or this one. -_-;; Whatever- on with the fic. Please enjoy!

Warning: Cute boys with inexplicably changing hairstyles ahead.

Wild Eagle's POV.

"Make It Fall"

The sky is so beautiful

I wanna make it fall

I'll battle with this weak body

And make it worth remembering

When you're in danger

I exist on your adrenaline

And become powerful when you

Submit to my wild ways

I am the immortal eagle

Wicked and so invincible

And I will never fail

When others are depending on me

Maybe I seem temporary

Or simply impossible

But I exist to fight for you

And all wild eagles are immortal.

* ende *

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