Lost in Okinawa

A Ranma ½ fanfiction staring Ryoga.

By Daimyo Shi

Yep Ranma isn't mine Not that I want him. I'll take Nabiki though!

words in English

[Ryoga's thoughts]

Ryoga looked around at the palm trees as left the dock area. He could see the sandy beaches further down the coast line.

"Oh no this isn't Yokohama, it is too Tropical! Where the hell am I?" shouted Ryoga.

"Okinawa." said a man near Ryoga.

"I took the Wrong boat!!" exclaimed Ryoga

[ok all I have to do is find the airport and I can take a plane back to Tokyo and I can see my dear Akane.] Ryoga walked forward along the street towards the south.

After hours of walking along this highway Ryoga approached a small village. Just along the main road he saw what looked like a bar. He could hear the loud music through the building doors. in front of it something else true his attention. There were two large white men dressed in Army fatigues looming over a young Okinawian woman. Ryoga could just barely hear the gaijin's voices.

"So cutie want to spend some quality time with me and my buddy here?" said the taller of the two men. In barely understandable Japanese.

"No I have to get home." said the girl meekly.

"Come on cutie just a bit of fun." said the other US service man. He stood in the girls way to escape.

"No please leave me alone." replied the young girl.

"Come on we just want to give you a good time." said the first Soldier. The girl looked very worried. She had no way to escape.. Ryoga had heard enough.

"Hey Baka gaijin, she said no! Now leave her alone."

"It is not of your business little boy now bug off." said the taller man.

"Why don't you go home and accost your own women." said Ryoga.

"what is with this fuck head?" said the tall one.

"I don't know let's fucken kick the shit out of him!"

Ryoga listened to the two soldiers as the conversed in English. Too bad Ryoga knew exactly what they were saying. Ryoga may get lost in a house sometimes but he had knack for languages. English was one of his better ones. [they think I don't understand, well lets see.]

The First Soldier shot a fast right handed haymaker at Ryoga who quickly dodged it and responded with a snap kick that hit the soldier's shoulder. The second soldier caught Ryoga off guard with a full round house that threw Ryoga into the exterior wall of the bar.

"Yes! He wasn't so tough!" says the smaller of the two men.

"Wait you stupid unpolite fools! I am not done with you yet." shouts Ryoga as he rises unhurt from the ground. Ryoga cracks his knuckles "you should run way now because now I am mad!"

"he speaks English!" says the taller of the two men.

The Two soldiers ready themselves to attack Ryoga. They can't help but have a little fear in their hearts since Ryoga seemed un affected by that attack. The first Soldier landed a crescent kick and the second connected with two hits of a double hit kick. This knocked Ryoga through the wooden bar sign and to the ground. He got up without any effort. He leap kicked the first soldier who managed to dodge Ryoga's kick. The soldier countered with a snap kick Ryoga blocked it. Ryoga responded with a karate punch that landed on the soldier's jaw sending him flying back. The second soldier trying to relieve his friend came dashing in with a uppercut that Ryoga dodges with ease. Ryoga responded with a double hit kick that sent the second soldier flying of the ground. A single Word escaped the mouth of the girl. "Sogon"

the two soldiers groaned in pain. The both pulled army knives from their belt sheaths. Ryoga pulled his umbrella from his backpack. The two soldier charged Ryoga as he stood ready. The first mist but the second managed to get a piece of Ryoga's shirt. Ryoga thrust out with his unberlla catching the second soldier in the nose. A crunched indicated that Ryoga had broken the nose. The second solder wasn't getting up. The first Soldier takes another slash at Ryoga. Ryoga brings the umbrella down hard on the soldier hands. Several cracks sounds could be heard and the soldier screamed. The soldier grasped his now non-working hand. He managed to pick up his friend and fled from Ryoga's righteous battle aura. Ryoga walked over to the young woman.

"Are you alright Oji-sama?"

"Hai, domo arigato Oeiyu-sama." said the young woman.

"It was no trouble at all. If you like I can walk you home." replies Ryoga

She smiles broadly at Ryoga and nod, a faint blush come over her face. "Domo arigato Oeiyu-sama."

"Eii, it is fine my name is Ryoga, Hibiki Ryoga." said Ryoga hoping she would wouldn't call him Oeiyu-sama again.

"I am Kinadia Kachiko." said the young woman with a deep bow.

Ryoga followed the girl home making sure that no one else accosted her.

"Domo arigato Hibiki-sama." Kachiko bowed deeply again.

"It was no problem." said Ryoga returning her bow.

"Good bye Hibiki-sama." said Kachiko.

"So long Kinadia-san." said Ryoga. Ryoga turned around and walked west into the setting sun. Kachiko watched as her Eiyu walked into the setting sun. the ghostly form of a Shinsengumi uniform seemed to shrouded Ryoga as he walked into the sun set.

Aku Soku Zan



Sogon = awesome.

Ojo-sama: an old Japanese term for a unmarried woman under the age of 25

Hai = yes.

O = great

eiyu = hero

Aku Soku Zan From the series Rurounin Kenshin supposed to be the motto of the Shinsengumi translated a number of ways Kill evil instantly is my favourite, Sin Swift Slay is another translation.

Owari = The end