Dividing Lines

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Clarke narrowed her eyes, trying to pick out shapes in the darkness. She went closer to the metal wall; her fingers perched on the edge of the small hole. Behind her, she could just hear the shouts of the guards and the crackling of the fires in camp. But all she wanted was to try and see something beyond the wall.

The remaining population of the Ark was squeezed into this small camp, with its suppressing high walls and strict rules. There wasn't really enough space but the Council didn't want to build out in case of Grounders or animals. The sky above them wasn't hard to see but anything outside the walls was. When Clarke had imagined Earth, she never guessed that it would be so like the Ark. In both cases, all people got to see were the stars.

She saw the sense in it of course-using the ships as houses and communal areas for the population, keeping everyone in the same pace. Yet what it really meant was that the whole camp smelt like metal and fuel, while armed soldiers marched around them.

Not that she could complain about it. They weren't allowed leave camp unless it was to gather food and water. Ever since Jaha had died sending the Ark down, Diana had taken over and wouldn't allow anyone to go against her rules. She said it was to keep them safe but Clarke couldn't be sure. Just once, she wanted to go outside and see this planet they had worked so hard to get to. She didn't want to be like the Council, telling everyone to be afraid of the Earth.

Someone's hand suddenly came down on her shoulder and Clarke swung around to see Diana staring at her.

"Miss Griffin," she said in a cold tone, "You know that no one is allowed near the wall at night time."

Clarke tried to shrug her hand off without seeming disgusted but it wasn't easy. "I was just-."

"Clarke?" Abby Griffin's voice cut through the air and Clarke quickly walked over to her mother.

"Dr Griffin, I thought Clarke here was your apprentice? Can't you keep her busy?" Diana asked as two guard came to stand either side of her.

Clarke saw her Mom's jaw twitch in anger but somehow Abby managed to respond pleasantly. "Of course, Diana. Clarke was just about to leave anyway, weren't you honey?"

Clarke nodded quickly and after getting a bag of her rations from her mom, she hurried off. She hated being near Diana, it gave her the creeps. The woman had almost as oppressive an air as the walls around the camp.

Plus, being near the Chancellor reminded her of Jaha, who in turn reminded her of Wells; her best friend who had died in the landing. She had lost both him and her father that day; Jake Griffin had been on a separate drop ship from his wife and daughter and it had exploded. Clarke didn't even want to think of it anymore.

With a sigh, Clarke sat against the metal of a drop ship, munching on her rations and locating Kane a few feet away. He was sitting across from her, near a camp fire.

It wasn't like the ones she had seen in pictures because this one had metal guards around it to stop burns and in case anyone put it out. The Ark Camp was really strict about wasting supplies.

But despite this, Kane sat by it and spoke to the number of small children gathered around him. They were small for their ages; not having enough rations or seeing enough sunlight did that to a person. However, it was like Chancellor Diana said: humanity must make sacrifices to survive the harsh world of Earth. Clarke snorted at her own thoughts and decided to ignore them. She listened instead.

"Alright so, I am sure you all know the story of the war and how the Ark came to be?" Kane asked and the children chorused with "Yes!" and the occasional "Duh!"

Clarke smiled at this despite her bad mood. Many of the children were orphans; their parents have perished in the landing. They all knew her because she snuck extra food to them and warmer blankets.

Kane chuckled and straightened up. "Of course, I am clearly talking to geniuses here. Anyway, nearly two years ago we discovered that the Ark was dying. In order to save human kind, the Council made a difficult decision. They sent 100 teenage delinquents down to Earth to see if it was survivable. Those teenagers discovered that it was."

Excitement bubbled amongst the children and Clarke couldn't blame them; she knew what happened next.

"The 100 sent up camp and began to prepare for us to join them. They flourished despite the hardships. But they faced unknown enemies: The First Grounders."

Some of the children gasped and huddled closer together. Others looked up at the trees peeking over the high walls of their camp, as if the First Grounders were going to pounce at any moment.

"The First Grounders thought the 100 had declared war," Kane continued, "The 100 refused to allow that tribe to harm them so they fought back, with weapons found in bunkers and rocket fuel from their ship. The 100 were lead by a stowaway, the only older brother we know of: Bellamy Blake."

There were hoots from the children and Clarke didn't miss the grin on Kane's face. This Bellamy Blake was a hero in some peoples' eyes. He had led a bunch of teenagers into a successful war and had come out the other side whole. To others, he was a criminal who risked too much for his little sister and defied the laws of the Ark.

The children whispered stories about him while many adults kept any respect they had for him to themselves. Even without his hero status, he was the only big brother they knew of. Diana still kept the one child law in place.

Clarke had little opinion of him. She had never seen a picture of him or met him in person so how could she judge? Kane shushed the children in case the soldiers heard but kept talking.

"Bellamy Blake helped the camp expand and it is rumoured that with the help of another delinquent, he created peace between the 100 and the remaining Grounders. Does anyone know who that other delinquent was?"

"Finn!" a little girl said and suddenly Clarke felt Kane's gaze on her. She just blushed and looked down at her berries.

"Yes, Finn Collins aided Bellamy in the peace negotiations but, as you all know, Finn lives with us now."

Clarke almost expected the boy to jump out of the shadows as if on cue. He had a habit of doing such a thing. In her mind, it was a mistake for him to rejoin the Ark but he experienced some extra freedom because of his knowledge of the Grounders. He also seemed to have a soft spot for her, which the entire camp knew about. He never failed to make the kids laugh so that was something.

"Anyway," Kane continued on, "When we landed, we expected the 100 to join us, to unite the camps. But they had other ideas. They didn't want to live by our rules anymore so they refused to follow the Council. That is why to this day, we live separate from the 100 camp. Many parents of the 100 joined their children as did a few families from the lower classes."

Clarke saw Kane pause but he kept going to finish the story. "But we live here, at the Ark Camp, and we are starting life on Earth all over again."

The kids grinned back with sleepy smiles. "I think it's time for bed," he said and with a nod, some parents appeared to pick up their children. Clarke watched as they separated, going off to the designated sections of the camp to sleep. That left a group of children by the fire, those who had no one to tuck them into bed.

She stood up and dusted herself off before walking towards them. Their little faces lit up at the sight of her.

"Clarke!" they greeted but she got straight to business: people weren't allowed walk around after dark.

"Alright kids, it really is time for bed," she said and ushered them away from the fire. These orphans had a small area near her family's section but it was nothing but a pile of blankets and an overhanging piece of metal to keep the rain out.

Her own house may have been one room but it was bigger than most because she was a Council member's daughter. She wished she could bring them inside to her place again but Diana was getting suspicious. She tucked all the kids up with their thin blankets, some of them already asleep.

"Clarke?" She looked to see one of the oldest boys, Chris, staring at her from his spot. He was only about eight but she had seen him already giving his rations to younger kids or even his jacket. She noticed that he wasn't wearing it so she made sure to remember to find another one for him somewhere. The privileged children didn't need several different ones when an orphan was left shivering.

"What is it, Chris?" she asked softly, drawing the blanket closer around him.

"Do you think the 100 camp is nice?" he asked innocently.

Clarke paused, not knowing how to answer him. She had imagined what it could be like; maybe they had freedom, maybe they had more food. But she just grinned at Chris and smoothed his short blonde hair back.

"I'm sure it is."

Chris smiled but she could see his eyes closing. "I bet it's awesome. Bellamy Blake would make it awesome."

Clarke tried not to laugh as the boy fell asleep. He was making a hero out of someone he had never met. She made sure they were all comfortable before getting up and walking towards her section. She was tiered after a long day helping her mom and all she wanted was to fall asleep under her own blanket.

She crossed the wide open area that held a few other fires and she had her section in sight when she suddenly heard gun shots. Jumping slightly, Clarke turned around to see guards shooting through holes in the north wall into the forest. She could hear yelling and crowds started to appear out of their sections. The gunfire stopped suddenly and Diana strode over to the wall with her personal bodyguards in tow.

Clarke looked over to the orphans' area and although they were awake again, Chris was making sure they didn't get up and in the way. Clarke was about to go check on them again when she felt a hand on her arm.

Finn appeared with a soft smile and warm eyes. "Don't worry Clarke," he said, "It's probably an animal or something. Those guards jump at their own shadow."

Clarke nodded but her heart was still beating pretty fast. She noticed the people around them whispering and glancing their way. Finn's hand was still curled around her arm. A part of her always said to just go with it; to just fall for his charms completely. She was the Princess of the Ark, apparently, and he was the golden boy. They were practically a fairytale. It made sense, didn't it?

She still pulled away, her face getting red. She sent him a friendly nod and then hurried back to the children. As she passed by the guards, she caught sight of the dark trees through the holes in the wall.

Funny, she couldn't help but think; animals never came this close to camp.


It wasn't unusual to hear his name being called throughout camp, being the leader meant being needed everywhere.

But this time it was Jasper calling him and the last time he saw Jasper, he was heading to the lake with Octavia and a hunting party. They had been gone since yesterday to look for medicinal seaweed and Octavia had begged him to let her go. It was a little close to the Ark Camp in Bellamy's opinion but since they never left their walls and they would have to cross a large river, he decided to take the chance.

Bellamy quickly jumped up from the porch of his home, dropping the knife he was sharpening. When he heard his name again, more desperate this time, Bellamy sprinted through the camp to the medical bay.

It was a large area of the original drop ship that had brought the 100 to Earth, even though the camp itself had grown. He burst through the doors to see his little sister stretched out on one of the tables, her clothes covered in blood. He felt bile rise in his throat but he pushed past Miller and Monroe to get to her side.

"Octavia?!" he exclaimed, taking her hand and scanning her for her injuries. Her face was covered in sweat and her eyes met his.

"Bell...it hurts..."

He pushed back the long strands of hair from her forehead and mumbled, "I know, it's going to be ok. You're going to be fine O."

He snapped his gaze over to Jasper, the one other guy he trusted with his sister. He looked distraught and was covered in dirt and leaves with scratches all over. "She was chasing a rabbit, she wanted it for dinner," he choked out, "Before we knew it, she had gotten too close to the Ark Camp. They shot out in the dark at her."

Bellamy saw red, wanting to tear apart the person who had done this. He looked at her side and saw that makeshift bandages were tied around it.

"What's the damage?" he managed to say with a level voice, "Do we have anything that can help her?"

He was speaking to Monty, the expert in all plants and medicines. The boy looked at him but shook his head. "The bullet must have gone through something first because it came apart before it hit her. That means that a bunch of shrapnel is in her side. None of us know how to take it out without doing more harm. It's too intricate a job."

Bellamy let out a slow breath as he felt his sister squeeze his hand in pain.

"Bellamy, what do we do?" Jasper asked in desperation. They didn't have a proper doctor in camp, just one or two people who picked things up as they went along. Bellamy stared at Octavia, who was trying to stay strong.

"We don't have anyone qualified enough to heal these wounds," he said in a low voice, "But the Ark Camp does."

Miller walked to stand beside him, his gun still strapped to his back. "Bellamy we can't just walk into the Ark Camp and ask could Abby Griffin please come out and help us."

"We won't be," Bellamy said, standing up straight again. He looked at the other four, his face hardening. "Griffin has a daughter, remember? The Princess of the Ark; whatever her name is."

"Clarke," Octavia breathed out, "I remember the stories about her..."

Bellamy nodded. "I'll bet my best knife that Clarke Griffin knows how to heal O. She used to work in the infirmary and who would be stupid enough to not want to learn how to heal themselves down here. Abby Griffin would bring too much attention but not this Clarke."

"Again, we can't just ask the Ark Camp-."

"We won't be asking," Bellamy stated. They all caught on quick enough and Jasper was the first to nod.

"We should go now and get there by first light," he said, "I've heard that's when their hunting parties go out. That may be our chance."

Bellamy looked at Monroe and Miller. "Get James and Carter. Tell them we're heading out and why. Bring the guns."

They nodded once and left. Bellamy looked at Octavia again and she gave him a weak smile. He returned it but kissed her forehead. "If the Ark Camp hurt you," he said, "Then the Ark Camp can save you."

Clarke got up early the next morning, sneaking out of her section without waking her mom. She shut the metal door behind her quietly and shrugged on her jacket before leaving. There was barely anyone up so Clarke spotted the hunting group easily.

She jogged over to them and greeted Jackson, her mom's assistant. "Morning," she said, "Are you heading out now?"

Jackson nodded and swung his empty bag over his shoulder. "Yup, some are going to catch squirrels but I'm getting some herbs that your mom needs."

Clarke nodded and then asked, "Can I come with you? To help I mean?"

Jackson frowned and glanced back towards her section. "Does your mom know you're going?" he asked and Clarke felt herself nod. "Yah, she wants me to learn more about collecting plants in the field."

She knew it was wrong to lie but after her run in with Diana, Clarke wanted out. She wanted to see more of Earth, even if it was barely a mile away from camp. Jackson hesitated but when a guard called him to attention, he made up his mind.

"Alright fine, but you have to stay close to me. Don't wander off."

He turned around so he missed her scowl. She wasn't a child; she didn't need to be minded. Clarke followed the others out into the forest, the clanging of the metal gate shutting behind her. She suddenly felt a weight lift from between her shoulder blades as she stared out at the forest. It was so green; a mixture of colours she had never really seen before.

"Clarke, come on," Jackson called to her, seeing that she was at the back of the group.

She barely hurried up, her head looking around instead. She pressed her hands against the bark of a tree and ran it through the grass. She looked up at the blue sky, somehow looking different from the outside of camp. It was just occurring to Clarke that she should start gathering herbs, when a hand shot out and clamped down on her mouth.

She screamed but it was muffled of course and another arm dragged her behind a tree. She struggled and kicked as someone carried her away. Finally, her elbow made contact with something and the grip loosened. She wrenched herself away but suddenly there was another guy in front of her.

This one was lanky, with brown hair and his clothes clearly marked him as a member of the 100 camp. He held out his hands as if to calm her but Clarke kicked his shins and shoved him away. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted two others coming so she spun around, ready to run.

But she skidded to a halt when she met the end of a gun. It was steadily pointed at her and she raised her eyes to look at the person holding it.

He was taller than her, older with dark eyes and dark hair that curled. He had a smattering of freckles and a jacket over his broad shoulders. He was dangerously attractive. And she could pretty much guess who he was.

"Bellamy Blake," she stated quietly.

Bellamy's lips moved into a smirk at this, and he replied, "You must be Clarke, the Princess."

She frowned at the nickname but kept still. There was no point in screaming either. They had gone too far from camp for anyone to get to her before one of the 100 did something. "Anything I can help you with?" she asked, with mock friendliness, "Or did your minion just grab me for fun?"

"Dude, I think she broke my nose!"

Bellamy's eyes darted to Miller, who was holding his bloody face. But he looked back at Clarke, meeting her defiant gaze. He couldn't believe he luck when he saw her walking right out of her camp. He was glad that he remembered what she looked like from his days on the Ark. Everyone knew who she was back then.

Her blonde hair fell down her back softly and her blue eyes looked at him with curiosity. She was small too but judging from Miller's bloody nose, she could look after herself.

"Did you hear gun shots last night Princess? Or were you already in your tower by then?"

The frown on her face told him everything he needed to know.

"Your guards shot my sister; they put a bullet in her side."

Clarke blinked, actually stepping forward. "What? Where is she? Have you taken the bullet out-do you make sure the wound was clean?"

Bellamy frowned at her in confusion. This was not exactly how he expected this to go. Clarke kept looking at him, completely ignoring the gun now. "Don't you have someone who can help her?"

Bellamy straightened up and replied, "No, that's why we're taking you. You are going to save my sister, Princess."

"Of course I am!" Clarke exclaimed, "Can you get this gun out of my face now?"

Almost in shock, Bellamy put the gun away. He faced Clarke, his hands on his hips. "You do realise that we are kidnapping you, right?" he asked but Clarke just mirrored his posture.

"Don't be ridiculous; this is a...business transaction. I go willingly to heal your sister and then I return to my own camp."

Bellamy looked her up and down and Clarke ordered herself not to blush as she felt those eyes on her. Finally he reached her face again and asked, "What do you get out of this 'business transaction' then?"

Clarke shrugged before replying, "I want to see your camp. No one from the Ark camp has had contact with any of you in two years."

Bellamy took a step forward, so Clarke had to tilt her head to look in his eyes. "So, you want to spy on us?" he accused her but confusion flashed across her face.

"No," she said, her voice getting softer, "I just...want to see..."

It seemed like a pathetic answer but Bellamy understood her perfectly. "The Princess wants out of her tower?" he mused and she scowled at the name again.

Bellamy smirked and held out a hand. "You can stay until you heal my sister. Deal?"

Clarke took his hand and shook it, neither of them dwelling on the fact that her hand looked tiny compared to his.

"Now, we can go as soon as I set his nose," Clarke said, turning her head to stride over to Miller. He looked terrified for a moment but allowed her to help him.

Bellamy watched her, his mind trying to catch up with what had just happened. This girl had just negotiated the terms of her own kidnapping. It wasn't even a kidnapping anymore. He would think more about it but Octavia needed Clarke and they were running out of time.

"Let's move," Bellamy said to the others and Clarke counted five teenagers, all around her age. With the adrenaline from before, she hadn't had the time to see them all.

"What, you didn't bring some rope to tie me up?" she asked, walking right beside Bellamy.

"Well, we were hoping to knock you out so I didn't have to put up with you talking. That plan might still be used."

Clarke snorted at his threat and turned to her left to see the other guy she'd hit. "Sorry about your shins," she said but he grinned at her.

"It's ok, I kind of deserved it; trying to kidnap you and all. I'm Jasper."

"Clarke," she replied and she noticed the dark circles under his eyes. He saw this and smiled again but this time it was wearier.

"I was with Octavia when she was shot; she's my good friend. We're all worried."

Clarke glanced at Bellamy again but he kept his eyes forward and marched on. Clarke knew she should be afraid of him but she wasn't, not even the slightest. Instead, with the prospect of seeing more of Earth, Clarke was excited.

Finn watched as the six members of the 100 took Clarke away. He wanted to run right after them and take her back but he was outnumbered. Plus, that would mean admitting to everyone that he knew ways in and out of the camp.

He had exited one of these ways when he heard Clarke had gone with the hunting party. Maybe they could have sneaked off or something. But when he had found her, she was already surrounded by Bellamy Blake and his goons. He couldn't hear what they were saying but they took Clarke away which was all that mattered.

Glancing back at the walls of the Ark Camp, and then towards the direction of the hunting party, Finn finally made up his mind. He quietly followed Clarke, knowing that they were headed back towards their own camp. With those guns, he couldn't rescue Clarke by himself but he could follow their trail and make sure that she was safe.

A face flashed through his mind, one that he had tried to forget for two years. Would Raven still be at the 100 camp? Had she forgiven him for dumping her?

He shook his head and kept going, treading softly through the forest.

"This cannot end well."

Standing on the top of a large hill, Hunter looked through the binoculars and followed the small group. He could easily pick out Bellamy Blake and the doctor's daughter, walking side by side in the direction of the 100 camp. He passed the binoculars to his sister, who casually looked through them to see Finn scampering after the group.

"This cannot end well," Hunter said again.

"You're repeating yourself," Caitlin commented.

He looked over at her and replied, "The statement needed repeating. This is without doubt one of Blake's worst ideas."

"He's trying to save his sister," Caitlin said, "I'd do the exact same for you, little brother."

"You've done worse," Hunter added and Caitlin just grinned.

"Either way, it's not our problem. Let the Sky People sort it out for themselves."

Hunter sighed and took the binoculars back. He knew that he and his people owed much to Blake and his camp-they had fought against the most bloodthirsty Grounder tribe in the area. It had helped his own tribe step in and finish the job. But that didn't mean he could support any stupid plans.

"You never know," Caitlin said, "This could all work out for the best."

Hunter gave her a disbelieving look. They could only hope that whatever came of this, it didn't affect the tribe.