7. Accidental Marriage

Part seven of SwanQueen week challenge

Saturday, June 14th 2014 Day 7 Prompt – Accidental Marriage

Emma and Regina end up married by accident (e.g., get drunk, perform a ritual without knowing what it means, etc.)

Description: Part Seven of SwanQueen Challenge Week – Regina and Emma wake up in bed together in Vegas… Wearing wedding bands, together they try and piece together the events of the night before.

Location: Storybrooke

Pairings: Regina/Emma

Characters: Regina, Emma, Mary Margaret, Belle, Ruby, Ashley Boyd?

Warnings: Contains SwanQueen… If you don't like then don't read, you have been warned

Status: Completed One Shot (For now)

I do not own the characters (though I wish I did, if I did SwanQueen would be hot, complicated and all over our TV screens every week)

Please do not repost this fiction without my express permission. If found anywhere else I would appreciate if you could notify me. Thanks.

I have been looking forward to this one ALL week! I had this idea, and just couldn't wait to get it written down.

What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Ashley rocked the baby back and forth, begging desperately for it to fall asleep. She was tired, and fed up of being alone with the baby. She was living vicariously through Ruby, listening eagerly of her tales of her nights out on the town. "Oh how I miss night clubs, and girly night out, and cocktails." She complained. "I really need a break."

"Then lets go away." Ruby looked so excited as her mind whirred away as she thought of a plan, deciding on one her eyes grew wide. "Lets go to Vegas!"

And so it was planned. A small group of the women of Storybrooke were going to fly to Las Vegas for a weekend. After defeating yet another threat to Storybrooke, they decided it was the least they deserved. The men of the town weren't best pleased, until Leroy pointed out that they could have a boys weekend, drinking, gambling and having as much fun as they liked without the women reprimanding them. The final group came down to Mary Margaret, Ashley, Belle, Ariel, Ruby, Emma and Regina, who had to be forced to attend. Most of the group, with the exception of Ariel wanted her to join, believing she more than anyone needed a weekend to escape. To be something other than evil, or a hero, or a mayor. To be a woman, nothing more. In the end she only agreed, when Emma offered that Henry could stay with her every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night for the coming month.

The group was painfully diplomatic, everyone being given a role in the organisation of the trip, which was decided by vote. Belle and Ruby were in charge of the entertainment and educational aspects, Ariel and Mary Margaret were in charge of finding and booking tables at restaurants, as well as cafes they might lunch in, Regina and Katherine were in charge of booking the flights and accommodation, and Ashley and Emma were in charge of deciding which night clubs and casino's they wanted to visit.

"First class?!" Ashley breathed excitedly as they were given their tickets at the desk. Regina had charged everyone standard seat prices, but had booked first class, paying the difference herself.

"It's the only way to fly, especially long distance. I didn't think you'd appreciate sitting in the peasant class, whilst I sat in the royal class." Regina looked more glamorous outside of Storybrooke. Her black leather handbag hung from the crook of her elbow, with an air of nonchalance, dark glasses framed her face and a purple silk scarf hung around her neck, over her grey fitted dress. A pair of killer heels, a diamond bracelet and matching necklace finished the outfit. Stood in the airport surrounded by the denim and chino world she looked stunning, every inch the royal queen.

"Regina you didn't have to, but thank you." Emma knew she didn't want thanks, and that she wouldn't have done it if she didn't want to, and that's what made this all the sweeter. She really had changed. The other girls chorused their thanks, causing the elder woman to blush in embarrassment.

"It was nothing, really. Now come on before we miss our flight." It wasn't 'anything', she knew that, and they knew that. It was an act of true kindness. If she was honest, Regina had been worried it would backfire, and that they'd think she was trying to buy their affections, or worse, that she was trying regain some superiority by highlighting her wealth.

When they arrived in Las Vegas, the girls were in for another surprise, Regina had booked them into two of the flashiest suits in the Four Seasons hotel. The rooms were next door, overlooking two different sides of the hotel. "This is ONE room?!" Belle asked with her eyes as wide as dinner plates. "You could fit the whole of Storybrooke in here!" And she was right, the rooms were enormous. Both almost identical in style, they had a dining area, kitchen, bar, billiards table, balcony with stunning views.

"Each suit sleeps four, so we need to decide who's sleeping where." This had been the part she had been dreading most. It was how she imagined gym class was in Henry's school, and she was terrified of being picked last. Ending up somewhere by default."

Mary Margaret spoke first. "Emma, please don't take offense at this, but I would like to be in the opposite suit to you…"

"Yeah no, no offense taken at all, how could I possibly not take offense at the fact my mother doesn't want to spend time with me?"

"Emma!" Her mother warned, taking a step to her. "It's just, we're here, in Vegas, and there is alcohol and…"

"Oh just spit it out will you." Regina was growing restless, and she was beginning to need a drink.

"I don't want to watch or hear my daughter…Pull…"

The room erupted in laughter, except for Emma and Mary Margaret who turned deep shades of scarlet to match the carpet.

"I'm not going to pull anyone!" She hissed back, arms crossed over herself defensively.

"Never say never." Ruby giggled.

Mary Margaret smiled. "It's not a bad thing Emma, I'd just rather not risk it, you're my little girl… You always will be."

"Can we please just decide on rooms before I vomit." Regina narrowed her eyes at Mary Margaret.

Ruby flopped in one of the black leather sofa's and smiled. "Well Emma why don't you stay with me and Belle, and Regina?"

"Me?!" Regina was shocked, Ruby wanted her to stay with them?!

"Is there another Regina here?" She continued without waiting for an answer. "I think you'll be fun to stay with, and I want to see your wild side come out." Ruby gave a wink, which elicited another laugh from everyone, as it was Regina's turn to flush red, though only for a moment, before she regained her composure.

"You couldn't handle my wild side wolf!" she threw back with a smirk. She'd decided to hell with it, if she was going to enjoy this weekend at all, she might as well go all out. "So Sn-Mary Margaret, Ariel. Katherine and Ashley, is that okay?" Ashley gave Katherine an excited hug, they had sat next to each other on the flight over, and an unlikely bond was forming.

"Yeah" Said Ariel. "Sounds great." And so the four of them left for the room down the hall, agreeing to meet downstairs in the bar at 8pm.

As soon as the door clicked closed Ruby was up out of her seat and heading to the bar. "So now the sensible brigade has gone, who wants a shot?!"

Regina couldn't help but smile, the 'sensible brigade' was just about right, but did that mean Ruby thought she wasn't sensible? "Didn't you worry I'd 'crash' your fun?" She asked Ruby as she took a shot from her. Ruby it would seem didn't want to wait for them to agree to drinks, as she handed them out.

"Madam Mayor, I think there is far more to you than meets the eye. I think you will be the first one on the dance floor and the last one to go to bed every night. I think you'll drink us under the table, and be adventurous and fun, and if I'm wrong….I'll…I'll… I won't go out for an entire month when we get back to Storybrooke."

More laughter filled the room. Perhaps this weekend was going to be fun after all. A couple of hours later, Regina and Ruby were bickering playfully over the mirror in one of the bathrooms. "Ruby, there are four en suits in here, eleven mirrors, and you have to use this one?!" They were both applying their makeup for the night out, and with several drinks inside of her, Regina was struggling.

"YOU could go and find another mirror!" Ruby retorted as she elbowed her in the side, she was finding it so much fun to wind her up.

"This is my en suite, why should I have to find another mirror – eugh!" after receiving another elbow to her side her hand slid, and she had mascara on her brow line. "RUBY! I'll have to start again now!" She sighed.

Emma stormed in, throwing the door open. "How can two people, a) spend so long getting ready and b) argue so much about it?" Emma was dressed and ready to go, she had been for forty-five minutes, and her and Belle had been sat together on the sofa chatting away, until she couldn't bare the sound of squabbling anymore. "You're not even changed yet, what the hell have you been doing for an hour?!"

"Getting ready!" Ruby and Regina answered in chorus.

"You have half an hour and then we're leaving without you.

"Forty-five minutes" They again said in unison, causing the two of them to giggle, and even Emma couldn't force back the smile.

"You're such children, fine, forty-five minutes. But not a second longer!"

The two brunette's looked at one another smiling before looking back at Emma "Yes mum!" Rolling her eyes Emma left the room, still smiling to herself. They should come to Vegas more often.

"Are they nearly ready?" Belle asked, handing Emma back her drink.

"Don't even ask." She said rolling her eyes.

Belle nodded with a smile. "I've been out with Ruby enough times to know how long she takes to get ready."

Back in the bathroom Ruby had convinced Regina to let her do her makeup for her, as she had a steadier hand. "If you make me look like a prostitute I will roast you." She warned.

"I'm making you look hot to trot, don't worry, a certain blonde won't be able to resist." Ruby smirked as Regina's mouth opened to say something, and then closed. "I knew it!" She grinned satisfactorily. "You know she wants in your pants too right!?"

"Ruby, be quiet!" Regina snapped in a hushed tone. "You couldn't be more wrong if she tried." She lied. "I don't 'want in Miss Swan's pants'".

"Whatever you say Madam Mayor." Her voice sing-songed, as she continued to apply Regina's make up. When she had finished she refused to let the older woman see, instead forcing her into the bedroom to pick out an outfit. "So what are you going to wear tonight?" Leafing through her wardrobe she caressed the expensive fabrics with a smile, it was like a little girls dress up fantasy. Dress or skirt?" Before Regina had a chance to reply Ruby's hand fell on a blouse and she pulled the hanger out of the wardrobe, holding it up decisively. "This!" A soft silver-grey the blouse had long wide sleeves, which met at a narrow cuff. It was cut low, and was a little too transparent. "What bra's have you got to wear under it?" Again without hesitation she began opening and closing drawers until she found Regina's underwear and began to rifle through it.

"Ruby do you know what privacy is?" She asked mockingly as she watched the young girl pull out a navy and black satin and lace bra and matching French knickers. Who would have guessed that they would strike up a friendship, but she couldn't help but like the younger girl, she was so fun, open and honest.

"Sure, a tie on the door means do not disturb." She shot a wink over her shoulder causing Regina to laugh. "Do you always wear stockings and suspenders?" She asked holding a set up in her hand. Regina blushed and nodded, unsure if that was a bad thing or not. "Hot mama!" Placing the underwear on the bed with the blouse she turned back to Regina who was trying her best, and failing, to hide her smile.

"Seriously, hot mama?" Taking another long sip of her drink she shook her head at Ruby. "So what skirt am I wearing?"

"Oh, I hadn't thought of that." Looking back through the wardrobe she pulled out a black figure tight skirt, which finished just above the knee, as well as a pair of patent black heels. "Can I wear these…Please?"

"God you have good puppy eyes!"

"It's the wolf in me." She smiled taking that as a yes. She left to allow Regina to change, whilst she got ready herself. Their rooms next door to each other, ten minutes later she gave a knock before entering. Regina was sat on the bed putting on a pair of black-heeled sling backs.

Regina's eyes flickered over Ruby, from head to toe. "Now who's looking hot." She smiled. Ruby was wearing a red figure hugging dress, black tights and Regina's heels. Her hair was straightened making it look even longer, and her make up was as striking as usual. "The shoes suit you, if you want you can keep them."

"Are you kidding me? These are like five hundred dollar shoes!" He face light up with pure joy as she looked down at her new favourite shoes.

"Actually they're eight hundred and fifty dollar shoes." She was really beginning to like Ruby; she did have good taste in fashion after all. "But I have more black shoes than is logical, and I don't wear them all. You might as well enjoy them. Shoes should be loved."

"Oh I will love these! I promise." She gave a spin, wondering if this is how Ashley had felt when Rumpelstilskin had dressed her for the ball. Looking back at Regina she suddenly had a frown on her face as she watched her stand. "What are you wearing?" She asked with a disapproving frown.

"What do you mean? This is what you picked out for me…" Regina looked down at her outfit, suddenly feeling more self-confident than she had in her entire life. She had felt sexy until 10seconds ago. Her brow knotted, she wrapped her arms around herself as she looked to the ground.

"I did not tell you to wear a camisole under the blouse." Placing a finger under Regina's chin she lifted it so she could look into the chocolate brown of her eyes. She was smiling softly, and Regina relaxed instantly.

"Ruby this blouse is made of a sheer fabric, its quite transparent, I need a camisole." She argued, noticing the determined look in Ruby's eyes.

"You said I could dress you, so take it off." Folding her arms defiantly she raised a brow, waiting for Regina to take it off.

"Were you always this bossy? I never noticed before." Regina shook her head, giving in. Something about Ruby gave her confidence to be more adventurous, and coupled with the alcohol she figured 'why not'. Unbuttoning her blouse, she pulled the camisole over her head, revealing her silk clad breasts and toned stomach. She didn't remain exposed for long, as she re-buttoned her blouse back up. "Better?"

"Much." Ruby's eyes twinkled as she led Regina by the arm over to the full-length mirror.

The older woman gasped as she looked at her reflection, she couldn't deny she looked hot. Her eye shadow was dark and smoky, her lips a deep purple plum. She was still unsure about the blouse, she would never normally dress this way, but it kind of excited her. It wasn't so sheer that it was obscene, but sheer enough to show off more than usual. "Come on then, before Emma comes to shoot us."

Emma was beginning to grow impatient as she paced the room, drink in hand. She was wearing dark denim skin-tight jeans, an emerald green long sleeve blouse and black heels. She didn't know the last time she had worn stilettos, probably when she was working as a bail bonds person in Boston. It seemed unnatural but Ruby had insisted she bring them, and Belle had ensured she wore them. Belle wore a sky-blue peplum dress, her hair curled as always around her shoulders. "Finally!" Emma murmured as she heard the two brunettes giggle as they entered the room. Turning around her jaw fell to the floor as she took in the sight; she finally understood and appreciated their time in getting ready. It was worth it. Ruby was stunning, looking a lot more sophisticated than she had expected. She had never seen her dressed for a night out, and assumed from her day time attire she would be slutty, something she certainly didn't look. But Regina, Regina was the one who took her breath away. She wasn't dressed so differently from usual, but at the same time it was a far cry from it. Her make up was sultry and seductive, her blouse was temptingly revealing, it surprised her, she would never have imagined Regina to dress so provocatively, but it made a very welcome change. "Wow" She breathed as her mouth went dry. "You look good, both of you. So good!" Tearing her eyes away from the Mayors chest, she reached for the bottle of Sambuca that was on the side, lining up the shot glasses on the bar. Even if no one else did, she needed a drink. "We have fifteen minutes before we have to meet the others, I say we have a few." Her suggestion was met by agreements from all, and with the music cranked up they got their party underway.

Next-door was a much quieter affair. Sharing their second bottle of white wine between the four of them they were sat on the leather sofa's discussing their expectations for the weekend. "I hope their okay next door." Katharine said as she played with the hem of her white dress. "Tensions are probably flying already. "Ariel and Ashley nodded in agreement.

Mary Margaret however disagreed. "I think they'll surprise you." She only half believed it herself, the other half more hoped she was right. Ariel opened a third bottle of wine, topping up the glasses. She was wearing a green floaty dress covered in white tridents, similar in style to Ashley's pale pink chiffon dress. Mary Margaret frowned as she looked at the third bottle. "We don't want to turn up drunk, you know how judgmental Regina will be."

"Screw Regina, I'm here to have fun and let my hair down." Giggled Ashley. "If she doesn't know how to have fun that's her problem. This is the party suit!"

In the other suit the music boomed as the four women danced and drank. They were all smiling, and enjoying their selves and Belle secretly took several pictures of the group, snapping away on her phone. Tonight was going to be a night none of them ever forgot, but if they did, she'd have evidence to remind themselves. Her cell started to chirp, as the alarm she had set went off. "Come on girls, its eight o'clock, we said we'd be in the bar now." With a grumble, they turned the music off, did two more rounds of shots before leaving the room. Downstairs there was no sign of the other girls, making Regina smug. "See Emma we could have spent another fifteen minutes getting ready." Emma just rolled her eyes. Ten minutes later, Mary Margaret and the others walked into the bar, surprised to find their companions even tipsier than themselves, and in high spirits. Looks were exchanged as the new comers saw how well they were getting along.

Flattening the skirt of her cream and blue flowery dress, Mary Margaret smiled around the table. "Looks like you guys are enjoying yourselves."

"Yeah, we are." Emma smiled back warmly, realising that she was enjoying herself more than she had in a long time.

Several hours later, after dinner, a rather raunchy show chosen by Ruby, they were lead to 'Venom' a club Emma had found. The music was loud and the beat vibrated through them. More than a little drunk, the eight women were getting along surprisingly well, though they had seemed to stick a little to their groups of four. Ariel, Ashley, Katherine and Mary Margaret seemed more content to sit and drink cocktails in a booth, talking and watching the dancing. Where as Belle, Ruby, Emma and Regina it would seem preferred to be amongst the action. Their bodies were slick with perspiration as they danced in the centre of the crowd. The lights strobed around them as the music consumed them. Belle and Ruby smiled to each other as they danced together, glancing over at Emma and Regina, who were putting on quite a show. Regina was grinding her hips back into the blonde, who had her hands on her hips encouraging her. This continued for several minutes until Belle and Ruby left to get another round of drinks. As the song changed, Regina turned around, her dark eyes met with Emma's, and she felt her knees grow weak and her stomach lurch inside her. Her heart was pounding in her ears drowning out the music. The room stopped moving, and in that moment they were alone. The only two in the world.

Emma's eyes flickered down to Regina's deep lips momentarily before making eye contact again. And then they were upon each other, a swirl of tongues as hands held them closer, their bodies electrified. The kiss didn't last long as they pulled back for air, looking into each other's eyes, no words needed to be said.

Waking up the first thing Regina noticed was that her head was pounding, and that the room was really bright. Clearly she had forgotten to close the curtains before she went to sleep. Bringing her left hand up to her face to shield her eyes she suddenly froze as she felt something on her ring finger. Snapping her eyes open she stared in horror at the cheap plastic pearl ring that wrapped around her digit. Slowly she turned her head to the side, dreading what she might find, and sure enough to her right was a matt of blonde curls lying across the pillow next to her. Grabbing one of the white bed sheets, she wrapped it about herself before jumping out of the bed as if it were on fire. "Emma!" She barked, her face as white as the sheet that covered her.

"Hmm" The blonde groaned, rolling over in bed and looking through sleepy eyes at Regina.

"Look at your left hand please." She begged.

Holding her hand out in front of her she looked at the ring on her finger, letting her thumb play with it.

"Did we get married?" She whispered fear and horror lacing her voice.

"You know I think we might have done." Emma replied. "I do vaguely remember being in a 24 hour chapel."

"Oh god!" Regina sank to the end of the bed, her face buried in her hands as she tried to process the information.

Lifting up the sheet that covered her, Emma looked down at her own naked body before letting the sheet fall back down. "Regina…. Did we consummate the marriage…?

The cool of the glass mirror on her back, through her blouse sent shivers down her spine, or maybe it was the hot kisses that Emma was placing on her collar bone as her hand pulled her blouse free from her skirt, letting her fingers roam underneath, skin on skin. Regina couldn't help but let her eyes flicker closed as she let out a soft moan, forgetting herself, and the hotel lift operator stood smiling in the corner as he pretended not to notice. All that mattered was Emma's touch on her. Lacing her fingers in the blonde's hair she pulled her mouth to her own, kissing her hungrily. Neither remembered how they had made their way back to the hotel, and neither cared.

Regina groaned, looking up. Realising for the first time that she wasn't in her room, she was in Emma's. "I erm…" picking up her shoes, underwear and skirt she looked for her blouse on the floor, amongst Emma's scattered items.

"I think it might be in the living room…" Emma offered helpfully, only to be met by a glare before Regina stormed out the room, looking for her clothes, and possibly some of her dignity.

An hour later, showered and changed they both returned to the living room where Belle was already making coffee in the kitchen. At the smell of the coffee, it wasn't long before Ruby joined them, and they sat the four of them drinking in silence. "So last night was fun." Ruby offered, trying to break the awkwardness.

Belle nodded with a smile. "Those pretend marriage ceremonies were great."

Pretend, pretend! Of course it had been pretend. Regina and Emma sighed a huge sigh of relief. So they hadn't really got married. Putting her hands under the table, Emma worked the ring off her finger, slipping it into her pocket. She noticed Regina had already removed the evidence. Emma now remembered that they had gone to a theatre chapel after dinner, before Ruby had taken them to a 'dance' show. They had just been acting for charity.

"We don't need to meet the others until one o'clock" Belle continued. "What do you guys fancy doing for the next few hours?"

"How about playing a game of pool?" Ruby suggested innocently as she sipped her morning coffee.

Regina felt like she'd just had ice-cold water thrown over her, as she visibly tensed at the memory that just flooded back into her mind, looking over at Emma she realised that she too, had just remembered. Nervously they followed the young brunettes over to the table, unable to speak. A bottle of tequila lay on its side at the edge of the table, and dark wet pools signified much of it had made its way onto the felt of the table.

Leaning back against the table Ruby eyed Emma and Regina suspiciously. "Which of you is responsible for this?" She had returned to the room with Belle that night, and new for a fact it wasn't either of them.

"Regina and I might have done some more shots last night when we got in." Her cheeks blushed at the memory. She flashed a look at Regina and was glad to see she looked equally as embarrassed, but with a small smile playing on her lips at the recollection.

Pushing open the door the two women fell into the room, Emma pouncing on Regina at her first chance, her kiss was forceful and needy as she walked them back into the room until Regina was pressed up against the billboards table. Pushing her back onto the table, Emma straddled her before, without warning, she ripped open her blouse, sending buttons scattering over the green. Her eyes devoured Regina's body hungrily, she was stunning.

Looking up into those lust filled eyes, Regina suddenly felt self-conscious. "I think I need another drink," she murmured softly.

Emma growled impatiently, before rolling off of the table and practically ran to the bar. "Don't move," she ordered grabbing a bottle of tequila, salt and some lime wedges. Returning she hopped up onto the table, resuming her position straddling Regina's thighs. With a wicked smirk, she poured a generous amount of tequila from Regina's navel, up her torso, soaking her bra. Regina gasped in surprise and the shock of the cold, and went to sit up, but was prevented from doing so by Emma's strong hold on her shoulders. Placing a lime wedge in Regina's mouth her smirk grew as she watched Regina's eyes grow wide at the realization. Her eyes appreciatively drank up the sight of the golden liquor pooling on Regina's body. Licking her hand as seductively as she could she tipped some salt before licking it again. Her eyes locked with Regina's who's were so dark they were almost black, leaning down she let her tongue flick out into Regina's navel, swirling it around teasingly as she swallowed the alcohol. Licking her way up, at a tantalizingly slow pace, her eyes never leaving Regina's, who let out a low moan at both the sensation and the display before her. This was possibly the most erotic thing she had been privy too in any of her lives. Emma's tongue continued up in the valley of her breasts, before she leant up to capture the lime from between Regina's lips, sucking it before tossing it aside, replacing it with Regina's mouth.

Regina could taste the tequila, salt and lime on Emma's tongue and it was delicious. Reaching up, she decided it was her turn to ruin Emma's outfit, as she ripped her shirt open, roughly yanking it from her arms, desperate to feel the blonde's body against her own. Reaching behind her she expertly unhooked her bra. Her right hand immediately finding her left breast as she squeezed gently, feeling Emma's nipples harden under her touch. She was rewarded by the moan that came from the younger woman.

Begrudgingly Emma brought her hand to Regina's, forcing it from her breast back onto the table, finding her other hand she too pinned that down by the side of the brunettes head. If she didn't take control now she was going to loose herself to this woman who seemed to be intoxicating all of her senses. The moonlight and hotel lights were streaming in through the huge windows that covered the length of the room, the light only highlighting Regina's beauty. Her dark hair splayed out on the table a perfect contrast to the pale glow of her skin. Leaning forwards Emma nipped at her pulse point, before letting her tongue trail salaciously down her neck and her cleavage.

Regina wanted to fight back, to regain control. If they were going to do this, she wanted to do it her way. But she couldn't. The part that wanted Emma to take her on the billiards table was stronger. Her hands pressed to the table, with the blonde's weight pinning her down was the most intense sensation she had ever experienced. She gave in. Control could wait a while.

Emma brought her mouth to the soaked fabric of Regina's bra, letting it close around her nipple as she sucked hard. She felt the brunette fight against her hold, and she knew she wanted more, she wanted her to remove her bra, but something about denying Regina some of what she want sent a bolt of heat shooting to her core. As she trailed more hot kisses down her stomach her right hand unlinked from her partners, to push her skirt up around her waist. She worked herself further down Regina's legs, until she was nestled between her thighs, when she let out a moan of appreciation. Regina wearing stockings was a delicious sight, one she realized in that moment, she hoped to see again and again. She pulled the elder woman underwear down her toned legs, until Regina sat up a little to remove her heels. "Leave them on." Emma growled, her voice thick with desire. She smiled to herself as Regina's head fell back to the table, all resistance gone.

With one hand still laced with Regina's, she leant on it giving herself leverage, as the other traced over her lovers wet folds. She heard the hitch as the brunette inhaled sharply and Emma's eyes watched her face transfixed, loving the way her brow tightened as her fingers teased at her clit, and the way Regina's bit down softly on the corner of her lip as she tried to suppress a moan as she easily slipped two fingers inside of her. She couldn't believe how wet Regina was, as her slick fingers effortlessly thrust into her. Immediately she added a third digit, reveling at the way Regina's body contracted around them. She worked a slow rhythmic pace, as she watched the brunette's features contort with pleasure. Her thumb moved to slowly graze over her clit periodically, eliciting more moans until Regina let out a wine, "Emma!" she begged. Her voice so needy it was almost enough to make the blonde climax. Kissing her collarbone, Emma began to thrust hard into Regina, the force making the table creak under them as it rocked. The moans that filled the room were loud and desperate as she finally gave in, restraint lost to the moment. Emma ground her thumb roughly into Regina's clit until she felt her clench around her digits, her entire body shuddering under her as the palm of her hand was covered in her.

Several minutes passed before either of them moved. Emma was lying next to Regina on the table, smiling as she listened to her try to control her labored breathing. Finally Regina sat up and looked down at the blonde, her hair a mess around her shoulders and her cheeks flush with exertion. Bringing her fingers to Emma's jeans she unzipped them, trying her best to work the tight fabric down her legs, without much success. Emma smiled as she watched her grow impatient, before she placed a hand over Regina's, "here," she whispered as she tried to pull them off, with little more success. They had got them to her thighs, but her legs were still bound by the fabric providing little fabric. Impatiently Regina hopped off the table, pulling Emma by the ankles until she was sat up, legs draped over the edge. Tearing her underwear down Regina sank to her knees and for a moment Emma thought she might just pass out at the sight. Regina Mills was on her knees between her legs.

Regina let her eyes flicker up to Emma's before moving closer, her eyes falling closed momentarily as she breathed her scent in, as though it was oxygen itself. Emma's arousal filled her nostrils, making her feel dizzy. She placed a hand of the blonde's thighs before leaning in to capture her prize. Her tongue covering her length in one long slow motion. Their moans sang together, before Emma wrapped her fingers in Regina's hair, pulling her closer. Happily, Regina began to tease around Emma's clit, and dart into her folds, learning how to bring her close, and then to bring her back down again. Learning every part of her. Regina's nails dug deep into the younger girls thighs, but she didn't care, she needed this, she felt like she would die without the taste of Emma on her lips. She didn't have to wait long to be rewarded, as Emma's hands clung to the back of her head, holding her still as the waves rolled over her. Regina drank her down, doing everything to continue her climax for as long as possible. Now spent, it was Emma's turn to pause to catch her breath. They were both surprised that Regina stayed kneeled between Emma's legs, her head resting against her thigh as Emma's fingers remained laced in her hair.

Hopping down from the table, Emma pulled her jeans up a little before extending a hand, to pull Regina to her feet. Then without warning she scooped her up and carried her back to her room, letting the door swing closed behind them.

Okay so a few things that need to be explained. I was VERY drunk on wine when I wrote this, hence more graphic than my other SQW stuff and probably why its longer. Also had no wifi, hence no upload. Like the others, this needs a lot of TLC. I'm sorry if you thought it was rambly, or if you didn't like the interactions between Regina and Ruby, but I see them getting along well so yeah. Anyway let me know