A/N: La-la-la, little poem. I like poems, and I think I did rather well on this one. True, it's smushy and freakily romantic, especially considering that it involves Yami B, but them's the breaks in fanfiction, kids.

Yami Bakura's POV, speaking to that OTHER Bakura.

"This Strange Little Thing"

Amazing, this thing, this falling in love

That makes you do all that I say

Amazing, this thing, this strange little thing

That always blows me away

And this bizarre little thing

This falling in love

Makes me choke in the muck

While you fly like a dove

And as soon as I pull

Myself up on my feet

You're there and I am

Suddenly feeling so sweet

And I gag on my own

Thoughts of your kiss

And then you embrace me

And it feels like this

This strange little thing

This falling in love

I'm suddenly worthless

And you're still a dove

But then you turn your head

And you smile at me

And suddenly it's so

Very easy to see

That this strange little thing

Of dirt and of doves

This thing is worth it

This falling in love

For the pain and the lonely

Nights and the tears

And the sorrowful screams

And the pointless fears

They all become nothing

They all fade away

And all that you have to do

Is look at me this way.

* ende *

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