The Gene Corp Wars

The Great War

The Story So Far – The Coalition at War

Almost a year has passed since the outbreak of the Second Gene Corp War as Coalition forces prepare to make their first major offensive move of the war, an invasion of the Roman-occupied British Isles codenamed Operation Just Fury, the largest joint-military operation launched by the Coalition in over a century. Although many of the Coalition's commanders are predicting a quick and easy victory, others are concerned about the lack of viable information on Gene Corp's operations in Viking-Verse Europe which have gone unchecked for a unknown period of time which has led to the formation of Task Force Therian, a multinational fighting force dedicated to putting a halt to Gene Corp's operations through covert or conventional military action, primarily targeting Project Titan, the production of post-human dragons in the conversion camps and facilities that Gene Corp has set up across the Roman Empire and at the heart of this elite fighting force is the battle-hardened 502nd Special Operations Fighter Squadron and APMSF 1st Stormtrooper Legion, who were vital assets in the Coalition's defense of the Barbaric Archipelago and played a key role in its eventual repulsion although they suffered greatly when a small number of their personnel along with the President of the United States were kidnapped in an ambush by the Roman General and post-human Night Fury, Aemilius Casca, who is currently number three on the Coalition's most wanted list behind the CEO of Gene Corp, Cameron Yates and the Roman Emperor, Marcus Salvius and the 502nd and 1st Legion have made it their own personal objectives to find their kidnapped personnel and kill Casca using any and all means necessary. However unbeknownst to the 502nd or the 1st Legion, the kidnapped personnel led by former USMC Sergeant Jayden Henderson, a post-human Stormcutter dragon is planning and preparing for their own escape from the facility that Gene Corp has imprisoned them in.

However, also unbeknownst to either side of the Gene Corp Wars, is that the conflict is about to once again escalate to a whole new scale of warfare rivaling that of the Clan Wars, the most brutal and destructive conflict fought in the history of the Coalition.

The Major Factions

The Coalition

The United States of America

Government: Socialist Democrat

Head of State: President Paxton Fettle (Acting)

Headquarters: Cape Girardeau, Missouri

The European Federation

Government: Federal Union

Head of State: Prime Minister Alberta Linto

Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

The Russian Federation

Government: Socialist Democrat

Head of State: President Artur Rusnak

Headquarters: Moscow, Moscow Oblast

Viking Tribes of the Barbaric Archipelago

Task Force Therian

Minor Factions:



United Asian Federation (UAF)

South African Federation (SAF)

Central American Union (CAU)

South American Union (SAU)

Australian Union

Confederacy of Independent States (CIS, Russian-led Alliance)

The Roman-Gene Corp Alliance

Gene Corp and Blackwater PMC

Government: Corporate

Head of State: Cameron Yates (CEO)

Headquarters: Gene Corp Headquarters, Previously located at Rome

The Roman Empire

Government: Limited Democratic Monarchy

Head of State: Emperor Marcus Salvius

Headquarters: Rome

***Author's Notes***

1). Therian is short for Therianthropy, the mythical ability of humans to turn into animals through shapeshifting, I thought it was a suiting name considering the fact that one of the major components of it are the post-human dragons, who were turned into dragons by Gene Corp's technology

2).My keyboard broke while I was working on these, so I got a new one, a Logitech G710+ mechanical