Chapter Eleven: Forged Alliance

Oddesund Bridge; Danish Rift Zone

Isotxian 3rd Armored Division

March 22nd, 2011 - 0720 Hours

With the Oddesund Bridge now secured and the remaining Roman and Blackwater forces in full retreat, Erwin was shooting flares up at the Coalition dragon while shouting at them, trying to get their attention as they flew in circles above him and Julie while one of the larger dragons shouted at him with its collar, although they could barely hear or understand it due to the distance

"ERWIN ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?!" Julie screamed at him as he loaded another signal flare into his flare gun

"If anybody is going to help us get our brothers back it's going to be them!" Erwin replied as he closed up the flare gun before pointing it up at them while a DS-89 Turboprop drop ship landed behind them

"Uh oh…" Margaret said quietly when she saw the commander of the Isotxian Home Army, Field Marshal Reed October walking out of the drop ship


"The fucking Romans took my brothers!" He replied before he fired the flare gun into the air

"Is this true?!" October asked Julie, who nodded

"Yes sir and he thinks the Coalition might be able to help us…for some reason he's yet to tell me." She replied, "He tends to get emotional when one of us gets attacked like this."

"I can see that…Erwin stop firing those damn flares before you piss that one dragon off!" October shouted at Erwin

"Too late for that…" Julie replied as the large dragon landed in front of them, knocking Erwin down and making him drop the flare gun

"You got my attention! Now what do you want?!" The Dragon asked Erwin with his collar

"My brothers! The fucking Romans took off with them!" He replied

"Well they took my daughter away and almost killed my son, so join the club!" The Dragon said to him

"Well at least we understand each other then!" He replied as the nearby Isotxian soldiers and tanks aimed their weapons at the dragon while the other Coalition dragons landed behind him

"HOLD YOUR FIRE, I think he might be onto something here!" October shouted

Erwin stood up and looked directly into the dragon's eyes

"Look I don't care who or what you are, but I think if any either of us are going to defeat the Romans, Blackwater, and whoever the fuck Gene Corp is, we're going have to work together." He said to the dragon

"What makes you think we need your help?! We were doing just fine until you Isotxians showed up with your fucking airships and started shooting at us!" The Dragon replied

"Hey we thought you or Gene Corp was going to attack us, so we struck first!" Erwin said to him, "Ever heard of a preemptive strike before?!"

The Dragon rolled his eyes

"That's what I thought it was…" He said to himself

"Who and what are you?!" Field Marshal Reed October asked the dragon

"General Charles Karlson." He replied

"Major General Erwin Schnitter the 31st." Erwin said to him, "What do you mean they took away your daughter?"

"They fucking kidnapped her! What else could I possibly mean?!" Karlson roared at Erwin inside his heads

"How are you talking to me in my head?!" Erwin asked him

Karlson snorted

"It's called telepathy, all dragons including the post-human ones like me can do it." He said to him, the Field Marshal, and Julie with his collar

"Post-human?" Julie asked him, "Wait…does this all have to do with those rumors about Gene Corp?!"

"Rumors?! Rumors?! Does this look like a rumor to you lady?!" Karlson shouted at her as he motioned to himself, "We all…well most of us used to be like you until Gene Corp came along and fucked everything up with their genetic experiments!"

Two other dragons, one of them with a rider landed behind Karlson

"Karlson?! What the hell are you doing?!" One of the Dragons shouted at Karlson

"Your mom isn't the only that got kidnapped today Barnes." He replied, "This is Major General Erwin Schnitter the 31st, he's saying that the Romans took his brothers as well."

Barnes walked over to Erwin

"Wait if you guys were all turned into dragons by Gene Corp with their 'genetic' experiments, then does that mean they're going to turn our brothers into dragons too along with the others they captured?!" Field Marshal October asked Karlson and Barnes

"Likely unless they tend to use them for other purposes, like bribing you guys to work with them." Karlson replied

"We would never work with anybody like Gene Corp!" October shouted, "But maybe we can work together…I am Field Marshal Reed October, the commander of the Isotxian Home Army and the leader of this entire operation."

"General Barnes, commander of Task Force Therian." Barnes replied

"Barnes maybe we should clear this with General Smict before we go off and make an alliance with these people because weren't just shooting at us about an hour ago?" Karlson said to Barnes telepathically

"You're right." He replied

"Well unfortunately we don't have the authority to make any diplomatic outreaches right now, so we're going to clear this with our superiors." Barnes said to October

"You got to be kidding me…" Erwin replied

"Who's your superior?" Reed asked him

"General Earl Smict…my grandfather and he and his own superiors may not be too hot with this, even considering the circumstances." He replied

Reed sighed

"Maybe we can offer something in return for all the damage we caused…didn't we capture a Blackwater General who keeps blabbering on about some guy named Reaper they have frozen up in Gene Corp's HQ or something?" Julie asked him

"WHAT?!" Karlson asked her

"You know him?" Reed asked him

"Know him? He's my dad!" Barnes replied, "Do you know the location of their headquarters?!"

"Yeah he keeps saying it's in the Alps and that he'll lead us to it if we promise to give him a pardon." Reed said, "That is where they might have taken our men, his brothers, along with your mother."

"What do they mean by frozen up?" Margaret asked them

Reed shrugged

"Maybe have in a cell or something, who knows." He said

"Hey Fishlegs what was that species of dragon that could survive being frozen for so long?!" Barnes shouted to the Dragon Riders with his translation collar

"The Skrill!" He replied

"Wait wait…so are you saying that turned our dad into one these 'Skrill' dragons so they could freeze him?!" Margaret asked Barnes

"Yeah, that's what it sounds like since the last time I checked nobody has perfected freezing people for long periods of time and keeping them alive without any permanent damage." He replied

"Yeah I believe he also that Gene Corps leader, Cameron Yates or something like that, considered him to be his most prized possession and we thought he meant as a slave." Reed said to him

"He's probably keeping him in his office then as some kind of decoration." Karlson replied, "Which mean it isn't going to be easy to get him out."

"So does this mean they're going turn my mom into another Skrill and freeze her too?" Margaret asked

"Judging about what we know about Mr. Yates…yes." Barnes replied

"Where are you keeping this Blackwater General again?!" Margaret asked Reed

"We sent him to our dimension along with two other high-ranking Blackwater Officers we've captured where they be should safely tucked away in a cell inside a local jail." He replied, "But we're not having him over until we're sure that we're allies or not because how do we know if this Reaper person isn't only going to be trouble for us if we help you free him? In fact how do we even know if you won't backstab after we help you find them?!"

"These Isotxians defiantly aren't stupid, but I don't know about you, but I think we might be able to trust them." Karlson said to Barnes telepathically, "Plus the last thing we need is a second enemy, an enemy that has airships and who knows what else."

"Why are we fucking debating this?!" Margaret shouted, "Just contact Grandpa Smict or somebody else and see if we're willing to make the deal or not!"

Cape Girardeau, Missouri – Coalition Verse

APM Command Bunker

0845 Hours

President of the United States and head of the Americans' People Party (APP), Paxton Fettle was reviewing a document detailing the recent events in the Roman Rift Zone when director of the CIA, Luke Twones entered his office

"Mr. Twones, can you please look outside and tell me that there aren't pigs flying around out there or something?!" Paxton asked him, "Or do I really have a meeting with former President Emmonds and the Coalition leaders in a few hours?!"

"I checked myself and no there are no flying pigs and I can't believe it myself either." He replied, "But you may want to the Isotxians to that list."

"I thought they were hostile?" Paxton asked him

"They were until about a few minutes ago, they're wanting to make a deal in exchange for a cease fire." He replied

"What are they giving us or what do we have to give them?" Paxton asked him

"They claim to have captured a high-ranking Blackwater General who knows where they're keeping Reaper." He replied

Paxton placed the document he had been reading down onto his deck

"And why are they doing this?" He asked him

"Because Gene Corp has captured a rather large number of them including the two sons of a very high-ranking officer of their own along with Catherine Reaper…" He replied

"Really?! She got captured already?!" Paxton asked him, "And let me guess it was our friend Casca again?"

"Yeah…" He replied, "But General Karlson for some reason believes that we can trust the Isotxians although General Smict isn't so sure, but he does say that the Isotxians do seem to be serious about making this deal."

"Who is making this deal on their side?" Paxton asked him

"The commander of their forces in Denmark, Field Marshal Reed October, who claims to have been given authority by his superiors to make negotiations." He replied, "He also says that the Isotxians which to avoid a long-term war due to other commitments they have in their world."

"Are they at war with somebody else or something?" Paxton asked him

"They're not saying, but a few of the Isotxians we've captured keep mentioning an ongoing world war with a nation known as the 'Eastern Empire', but we don't know much about them yet, in fact we don't know anything about them." He replied, "Hell we still know very little about the Isotxians."

"Great…more assholes we'll probably have to deal with later." Paxton said to himself, "Have we gotten any official word from the Isotxian Government, do they even have one?"

"Of course they have a government, but no we haven't heard anything about from it besides that the fact that's it apparently a republic with a two-house parliament and Prime Minister, who is both the head of parliament and the head of state." He replied

"What do you think we should do? Because there is always that chance that the Isotxians mean well, but their contact doesn't." Paxton asked Twones

"I think it's worth the chance, plus even if the contact is wrong, a peace with the Isotxians will prevent a potentially devastating and long-lasting two front war while creating a third front for Gene Corp." He replied, "Not to mention the possible economic benefits from having a major trade partner after the end of the war."

"Yeah if we don't get pulled into their other war first, so what do these Isotxians want to do after we agree to their exchange?" Paxton asked him

"One of their officers have developed a rather interesting plan, but it has a bit of a catch." He replied

"What is it?" Paxton asked

"They want to trick Gene Corp to make them believe that they're going to be their friend by using a hostage they supposedly 'captured' from us to give them more leverage and they're hoping that Gene Corp will let get into their headquarters so they can confirm the intel they get from the general." Twones replied

"That's rather risky…but I guess it's better than launching a full-scale assault on the facility and then finding out Reaper, Catherine, and the Isotxians they captured aren't there." Paxton said, "So who's going to be the hostage?"

"Actually it's two hostages, Margaret Reaper and Barnes."

"WHAT?!" Paxton asked

"They volunteered, plus Calvin Karlson will be with them disguised as an Isotxian Soldier along with a few Alfa Squads." Twones replied

"I'm guessing that he's hoping that he will be able to get his sister and girlfriend back from this?" Paxton asked him

"More than likely and he's made the Isotxian Officer who developed this plan, Major General Erwin Schnitter the 31st, promise him that he'll try to do it." He replied

"I really hope he isn't disappointed if it doesn't work." Paxton said, "Tell the Isotxians we accept the exchange."

Twones nodded

USAS PattonCargo Bay; Over the Jutland Bank

Task Force Therian

1021 Hours

Calvin was inside the cargo bay as he straightened out his Isotxian uniform while his parents, Erwin, and Julie watched him

"Do I look convincing enough to you?" Calvin asked them

"Perfect, but that transformation device of yours will give you away." Erwin replied

Calvin nodded and pulled down his sleeve to cover the device

"Is that good enough?" He asked him

Erwin nodded

"If you were a bit taller, you look like the average joe…at least our dimension's version of an average joe." He said, "But luckily for us Gene Corp doesn't know that, at least we hope they don't!"

"So when are we meeting the Gene Corp envoy?" Calvin asked him

"Midnight." Erwin replied when Barnes poked his head into the cargo bay

"There you guys are." He said to them as he and Margaret walked in, "So Calvin how is it being an Isotxian?"

"This uniform itches…" Calvin said to him when an Isotxian Commando walked in after Barnes and Margaret carrying two FN FAL rifles, one slung around his shoulder and the other in his hand

"You'll get used to it." Fergus replied as he walked into the cargo, "I'm Captain Jack Ferguson, 87th Commando Regiment. You'll be with us during the mission."

Calvin nodded

"So am I going to get a gun?" Calvin asked him

"Of course you will! Wouldn't be a soldier without one!" He replied as he threw the rifle he had in his hand to Calvin

"Is this an FN FAL?! I've only heard of these!" Calvin asked Fergus

"If that's what your people call it, then I guess so. But we call it the M48 Assault Rifle." He replied, "It's the standard battle rifle for our commandos, paratroopers, and air marines."

"Air Marines?" Karlson asked him with his translation collar

"They're like regular Marines, but they're with the airships." Erwin replied

"Hmmm we just use regular infantry." Karlson said as Calvin removed the clip from his M48 to see the rounds inside it

"Are these 5.56mms? I thought these rifles fired 7.62mms?" Calvin asked Fergus

"They used to when they were first built, but when the Federal Republic was formed, they started modifying them to fire the 5.56mm to keep them up to date." He replied

"I see." Calvin said as he put the clip back into the M48 before he slung it over his shoulder, "Thank you Captain Ferguson."

"Please lad, just call me Fergus!" Fergus replied, "So you can turn into a dragon?"

"Yep." Calvin said

"Hmmm that might be useful if we need to make a quick escape." Fergus said to him

Calvin nodded

"Not really that fond of being a fake prisoner, but it's for my mom and dad, so whatever." Margaret said, "But then again that Blackwater General could be pulling our leg and we'll probably all end up dead."

"Let's hope that doesn't happen…Margaret is it?" Erwin replied

Margaret nodded

"Don't get any ideas soldier boy." She said to him

"I'm not…" He replied

Gene Corp HQ; The Alps

1423 Hours

Catherine regained consciousness in the center of a large chamber and quickly realized that she was unable to move her arms or legs while a large dragon with two legs that were chained to the ground and two large clawed wings that were stretched out to their full length and were secured in place by four rubber-coated harnesses that were connected to the ceiling and floor of the chamber by large chains while a rubber-coated reinforced muzzle was tightly secure on its snout preventing it from breathing fire or from speaking. And it didn't take long for Catherine realize what had happened to her

"Reaper?" She said to the dragon telepathically, since her muzzle prevented her from speaking

The dragon looked up at her

"Catherine?" The Dragon asked her telepathically in an all too familiar voice, "That's really you isn't it?! I thought all that stuff about you being back from another dimension was just a bunch of bullshit…and I can see we're now both in the same situation."

"Seems that way too." She replied as she looked at her wings and almost sighed in relief when she was released she was the same species as he was when she saw that she too now had the same claw-tipped wings

"Gene Corp defiantly outdid themselves this time, I can barely move. What about you? " Reaper said to her

"Same here." She replied, "Why is it so cold in here?"

"Cold?! Please, I've been frozen solid inside a room-sized fridge next to Yate's office, so this doesn't even fucking bother me." Reaper said to her, "And I bet they're probably going to freeze me again…this time with you."

"On second thought it isn't that bad in here." She replied, "Even as a dragon you're still taller than me."

"That's because you're a female, female dragons are almost always smaller than the ma-" Reaper said to her

"I know…" She replied, "So what species are we?"

"Skrills according to one of the scientists I heard before I was frozen." Reaper said, "So basically we're only one step behind Night Furies and we can apparently shoot lighting out of our mouths, but I haven't gotten the chance to do that because well, I've been frozen for the past…uhhhh."

"Eleven months." She said to him

"It's really been that long?" He replied, "How is everybody holding up?"

"Barnes and all they are fine…except for Calvin, he's been doing whatever he can to find you and the others and speaking of which…" She said

"I don't know exactly where they are, if that's what you're going to ask." Reaper said to her

"What do you mean by exactly?" She replied

"They're being held in a prison up in Scandinavia, but where, I don't know." Reaper said

"How do you know all this?" Catherine asked him

"While I was frozen next to his office, I heard almost every one of Yates' meetings with his lackeys, so I know a lot about their operations here now." He replied

"Still like to eavesdrop I see…" Catherine said to him

"It's part of my job and I didn't have anything else to do besides fantasying about biting off Yates' face." He replied as Catherine noticed the colorful patterns on his wings

"Your wings are beautiful." She said to him which made him look at them himself

"I'm guessing those are for mating or something." He replied

"Like a peacock and its tail?" Catherine asked him

"Yeah I guess so." He replied

"Well then they're working." She said to him

"So what has been Calvin doing to save me anyway?" He asked her

"Not a lot the last time I saw him, mainly because he was in his human form." She replied

"Human form?! He can turn human now?!" Reaper asked her

"Yeah and people stare at him for it, which really agitates him and his parents." She replied, "You're not mad at him are you? Because I swear if you hu-"

"I am not going to do anything to Calvin, why you or he even think I would?!" Reaper asked her, "Why does everybody think I'm the guy that kills anybody that even slightly pisses me off?!

"Because you do have tendency to get rather violent when you're pissed off." She replied

"And you're a kettle calling a pot black." Reaper said

"Yeah I have to admit I'm not much better either." She said to him

"So what happened to your dimension's version of me?" He asked her

"He died…and so did my version of my Barnes, but I don't want to talk about that right now." She replied

Reaper nodded as he tried to move his wings

"Man I wish I could hold you with these right now." He said to Catherine

"Certainly wouldn't mind the warmth." She thought to herself

"So you're both finally awake?!" A Voice shouted as Yates, who was wearing a heavy coat, and two armed Gene Corp Security Guards watched Catherine and Reaper from the catwalk that went around the entire chamber, "So Mrs. Reaper how are you enjoying the few 'adjustments' we've made to your body?"

Catherine snorted

"What about you come down here and take this muzzle off me so you'll find out?" She asked him telepathically

"Interesting offer, but I'm afraid I'm going have to turn you down on that one." He replied, "And Mr. President, well Mr. Former President, I hope we didn't cause you too much discomfort freezing you and all!"

Reaper released a quiet growl

"Fuck off you capitalist son of a bitch!" He said to Yates telepathically

"Capitalist?!" Yates shouted with a laugh, "Never heard anybody call me that one before! But I guess I should've expected that response from you APP type and I prefer the term 'entrepreneur'."

"Don't you have to be selling something to be an entrepreneur?" One of the Security Guards asked him

"Oh shut up…and no you don't have to sell something to be an entrepreneur, you have to innovate something to sell." He replied

"Innovate?! Is that really what you call what you're doing here?!" Catherine shouted at him telepathically, "All I've seen is you turning innocent people into dragons and using them as weapons against their own will! That isn't fucking innovation, that's a god damn atrocity!"

"Call it what you want to Mrs. Reaper, but what we're doing here in Gene Corp is the future." He replied

"And what kind of future is that?!" Reaper asked him telepathically

Yates shrugged

"I don't know, only time will tell after we finally this war." He said to him, "And once we manage to coax the Isotxians into helping us, we'll stand much more of a better chance against your friends."

"And why do you think these 'Isotxians' will want to help you?!" Reaper asked him

"They've been using Casca and his men to capture a whole bunch of them, they're probably using them as bargaining chips to get a cease fire." Catherine said to him telepathically

"Because we have something they want." Yates said to them, "Now if you mind, I have a negotiation to attend to in a few hours."

Yates and his Guards left the chamber

"I really hope Barnes and his guys have a plan." Reaper said to Catherine

"I hope so too." She replied

Hangar Bay - IAS Devastation Annihilation-class Flying Battleship; In Route to Gene Corp HQ

Task Force Therian and Isotxian Strike Force

1632 Hours

Barnes was fully "restrained" by the Isotxians as Erwin looked at his pocket watch to check the time

"We should be at Gene Corp's HQ in six hours." Erwin said to Barnes, "Are you sure you want to go through with this General?"

Barnes snorted

"If it gets my mom and dad back, then yes." He said to Erwin telepathically, "Where's my sister?"

"She's in the mess hall stuffing her mouth, that woman has a god damn stomach." He replied, "But man she is beautiful though."

"Stay away from my sister…" Barnes said to him

"I will, she's probably not my type anyway." Erwin replied

"So what happens if something goes wrong?" Barnes asked him

"You let me worry about." He replied

"So besides your brothers and sister, what other family do you have?" Barnes asked him

"My mom and dad." He replied

"What are their names?" Barnes asked him

"Maria and Field Marshal Erwin Schnitter the 30th." He replied, "My mom usually states at home while my dad commands Army Group Alpha."

"Army Group Alpha?" Barnes asked

"The largest fighting organization in the Isotxian Military, but that hasn't stopped it from being bogged down in Central Europe for the past seven years." Erwin replied, "Before all this happened, I was stationed over there as well as part of General George Chadaface's 3rd Army involved in the fighting around Neubrandenburg and to tell you the truth I was almost Isotx damn relieved to be pulled out of there."

"But you didn't see this coming, did you?" Barnes asked him

Erwin shook his head

"I was expecting a long fight, but nothing like this." He said

"So how did this whole thing between you and the Eastern Empire start?" Barnes asked him

"The Eastern Empire did in 1920 when they attacked Southern Slavia, even if most historians say that's a separate war like they do with the First World War." He replied

"1920?! You guys have been at it for over ninety-one years!" Barnes said to him

"Yep and it's still going on strong." He replied, "But there were moments was silence, like the time between the 1920 War and the First World War which broke out in 1939, which according to what I've heard is when your Second World War broke out…correct?"

Barnes nodded

"Yeah except ours ended in 1945 and we and the other Allies won." He said to him, "So do you have any idea why the Eastern Empire started to attack you?!"

"No, that's remained a mysterious to us even now." Erwin replied, "Fucking Eastern Imperials, they're as aggressive as they are endless. But that shit is light years away from us and now we've got the Eastern Imperials, Gene Corp, Blackwater, and the Roman Empire threatening to destroy us."

"I ensure you that won't happen." Barnes said to him

"I know it won't, there is talk about them redeploying more divisions and even the entire Third Army and General Chadaface with it and god help Blackwater and the Romans if that's true." He replied, "And then we've got the landships, which they're supposedly getting ready to deploy."

"Landships?" Barnes asked him

"I'll let them explain themselves when you see them." He replied

***Author's Notes***

) 1. Like the M48, many of the Federal Republic of Isotx's weapons are based off World War II and Cold War-era Western European and American weapons while many Isotxian vehicles are based off vehicles from the same era as well including the Ripper, which is based heavily off the Tiger and Abrams tanks and the Chadaface which has a mixed influenced between the Sherman, Patton tanks, and Leopard I while the Mandarax is influenced by the Panther and the Leopard 2.

) 2. Valka(I'm not going to bother hiding it because I've made it pretty obvious what's she been up to during all this) and Drago will be coming more into play when I start to get into Henderson's story arch, which will (hopefully) be soon. I'm also conflicted how much of a role Eret is going to play.

) 3. If any of you are noticing a sudden difference in format, it's because I'm now using Word 2013 rather than Open Office. Please comment on this in your reviews if you think this is better or worst.

) 4. Like their weapons and vehicles, some Isotxian characters are based off or in some cases named after famous figures from World War II. But I'm going to let you guess which ones are.