A/N: Just a little something I started in gym class while waiting to get my knee braces replaced (which incidentally has yet to occur). Xellos and Zelgadis; yaoi hints, but not much. Take it as a friendship fic if you prefer.

Talking is "blah." Zel thinking is / blah-blah. / The OTHER Xel's telepathy is // blah-diddy-blah. // And abstinence is the only 100% effective way to avoid getting an STD, no matter what your date says.

Yes, Xellos is talking to himself for most of the fic. Kinda. Well, you'll see.

"Conversing With the Dead"

"Hello, Zelgadis."

/ Hello, Xellos. /

"Whatever are you doing, you silly boy? Look, you've gone and dirtied the bedspread. The innkeeper's wife will be absolutely livid."

/ Does it look like I care? /

"Tsk, tsk. You really ought to get up now, Zel-kun."

/ No. /

"Now, now- Lina-san will fuss if you're late. And the princess will think you've gone off and left them for the umpteenth time."

/ I AM leaving them. /

" . . . would you please get up? Zel-kun?"

/ I don't want to. /

"Zelgadis-san . . . my friend, you really must go down to the others."

/ Idiot. Why would I? /

"You know I cannot heal people. And you're so weak yourself . . . You need their assistance."

/ I need nothing. /

"I could change you into a mazoku- "

/ NO! /

"- but you probably wouldn't like that, would you."

/ Why can't you just leave? /

" . . . the bleeding's gotten worse, Zel-kun."

/ I noticed, fruitcake. /

"You really must go downstairs now, Zel-kun."

/ No. I'm tired . . . /

* SLAP * "Zelgadis-san, don't fall asleep while I'm talking to you. Didn't that Red Priest of yours teach you any manners?"

/ But I- /

"Get UP. Lina-san will be angry if you stay here."

/ She'll live. /

// But you won't. //

/ Stay out of my mind, Xellos. You're always there anyway- can't I even die in peace? /

"No, I don't think so. No real sense in that. You ought to die in battle, in a beautiful burst of agony, like a real warrior."

/ I don't need that. I'm happy knowing that I have fought in the past. /

"But you won't get anything from dying like this. Bleeding to death in a cheap inn, and only wounded by a freak chance in a scuffle between dragons? It's- well, it's rather ridiculous, to be honest."

/ "Honest," eh? Not even a secret? I know it's ridiculous after all we've lived through, but at least it's still mine. My death . . .

"But I don't want you to die."

/ Then I'm sorry. But I don't want to cause any more pain, and if I die here, all the suffering I bring goes with me. /

"But wouldn't worse suffering replace it? You'd be missed, you know."

/ They'll get over it. It is human nature to forget pain. /

// . . . Mazoku never forget anything. //

/ . . . /

"Come downstairs, Zelgadis-kun?"

" . . . okay."

* ende *

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