A/N: A poem I wrote about Jamie and the Wild Eagle's relationship- specifically, the first time the Eagle decided to pop up. It's rather less angsty than the last one I did on them. As in, not angsty at all. ^_^;;

Wild Eagle's POV.

"Making Your Origin"

Let's revolutionize ourselves

There's nothing else to do today

We'll get out of bed

And blow everyone away!

Hey, we are the eagle

We can fly on forever

Not to be hindered by

Pain or unfriendly weather

And you and I are so alike

Deep in our hearts, we are kin

Doesn't matter if we're both

Awkward in our shared skin

So come on, together now

We'll become amazing and grand

Even if we've never met

Our victories go hand-in-hand

I'll fly to infinity if I must

But always return to you

I know you're waiting for me

And what I need to do

Hey, other me

We're just the same!

In body, at least

If not in name

So I'll risk our life

And you risk our heart

It's the perfect arrangement

And we'll make it an art!

* ende *

. : review, or bit and leena will prove the "little towns and citizens go SQUISH!" theory! : .