A/N: Here's something I'm sure to get flamed for. ^_^;; Superboy/Robin. Together. In bed. And snogging like divas to boot. Mrrow. X3

I don't think people usually write stuff like this in DC fanfics (read: never ever EVER), but I decided to give it a whack, being a rabid slash fangirl (what do you want, I'm only seventeen here). Hopefully it's as in character as one could expect, seeing as I've made their sexuality take a one-eighty. But Kon is still a hopeless flirt and Rob is still something of a cold fish, so I haven't messed with their actual personas much at all.

Inspired by a very sexy sketch I saw of Kon and Rob getting rather cozy. It's quite shibby. Unfortunately, I've forgotten who drew it, and it's unsigned. If I find the site again, I'll put up its address.

Superboy's POV.

"Prelude To Your Kiss"

Between the sheets after such slow seduction

Kissing my way over hot, hot skin

Oh, the strange, strange attraction

Of this strange, strange place I'm in

I treasure my hard-won defeat of you

Who was always so resourceful and tough

For celibate kisses, while precious

Are simply not ever enough

As tasting you makes me shiver

Touching you makes me flush

The seduction of you, such a fine, fine prize

Is a thing that no fool would rush

And I want to be inside your skin

See what you think and you say

And be forever part of you

And live in you each day

So here I am, please let me in

Don't turn me away so soon

After all that I have done

To steal you from the moon

The night is so seductive

And it makes love to you

But that's a privilege I will steal

Because I deserve you too

I won't be refused, won't be denied

So lie down and let me start

This is something worth the doing

And with you it is an art

It seems I get so lonely

When we cannot touch

And really, when I see you

It's simply all too much

And our legacies are great

And our allies never flinch

We battle hard and battle long

And win it inch by inch

But this was not a battle

This was a fucking WAR

Even if you never knew

What I was fighting for

To have you tumble before me

Like the walls of Jericho

And win your heart, it took

All the tricks I know

After all that I have gone through

After how hard that I have fought

The things I've learned so precious

That they cannot be bought

And you are so just so beautiful

When you look at me like this

That gorgeous gaze that makes up

The prelude to your kiss.

* ende *

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