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Chapter 20: The New Normal

Kaiba had always thought he had been busy, but when he tried developing a social life, he learned what being busy really was. If he wasn't at school or work, Kaiba was finding ways to spend time with Yami and occasionally the Yuugi-tachi as a result. The latter was growing to be less of an arduous task, but Kaiba still coveted his time alone with Yami. Kaiba was surprised by his growing need to spend time with Yami. It wasn't as if it was just about the sex, either. Kaiba found comfort in having Yami by his side, although it was hard for him to admit that. Kaiba wasn't used to someone mattering to him in such a way except for Mokuba. It took some getting used to, which was putting it mildly. Kaiba was learning to think in different ways now that Yami was involved, but he still found some things strange, like Yami's insistence on nightly phone calls. However, as he grew accustomed to them, he found himself resenting it less. Somehow Yami always found something for them to talk about and it was turning into a nice way to unwind on his way home from work.

Even dates were becoming easier. Although Kaiba found he didn't particularly care for seeing movies in the theatre. It was odd not to be engaged with Yami for the few hours of time Kaiba had made specifically for the purpose of being together.

But all of those thoughts were distant as Yami slowly eased himself onto Kaiba's cock with a satisfied moan that cut straight through the brunette. "I have wanted to do this for two days," Yami sighed as he finally situated himself when Kaiba was all the way inside of him.

Resting his hands on Yami's thighs, Kaiba joked, "You're turning into a nymphomaniac," as he waited for his rival to adjust and quit shifting positions slightly to get more comfortable.

"Like you're any different?" Yami shot back with a knowing look.

It was true, galling as it was for Kaiba. His silence caused Yami to smugly say, "That's what I thought."

"Don't let it go to your head," Kaiba warned, even as he tightened his grip on Yami's thighs at the feeling of his rival clenching around him in response.

"Mmhm," Yami hummed in a disbelieving tone.

The conversation was dropped when Yami began moving. Yami picked up the pace as the movements in the new position became more natural and Kaiba had to groan at the perfection of sensations. How did it always manage to feel so amazing? It was beyond Kaiba why it felt so good, but he was becoming less willing to question it as time went on now.

The sight of Yami with his head tossed back while riding Kaiba and moaning in bliss was almost too much for the brunette. It made him want to flip them over and continue, but Kaiba refrained; he wasn't willing to give up the visual quite yet.

Yami braced his hands on Kaiba's stomach as he rode him hard and fast, grateful that he didn't have to hold back his reactions since Mokuba with out with the Yuugi-tachi. Thus Yami moaned, gasped, and swore loudly as they continued, pleased when he managed to eek a sound out of Kaiba. The effect was heighted as Kaiba trailed his fingers against Yami's sensitive skin. When Kaiba's hand started working his member, Yami thought he was going to come undone. It threw him off his rhythm and Yami subtly adjusted himself as he tried to resume it.

For every bounce, Kaiba thrust up hard, loving Yami's reactions. It never failed to satisfy him on some level that Kaiba could make his rival come undone in such a spectacular way. Yami's vocal reactions made Kaiba curious about the position, but that was for another time. For now it would suffice to see Yami in all his naked glory writhing on top of Kaiba.

Every time Yami called out to Kaiba, it renewed the brunette's vigor as they continued. Kaiba never grew tired of the way it felt as they moved as one and his everything became focused on that one person in that singular moment.

As Yami neared his peak, his pace started to become erratic and Kaiba helped guide his hips with his hands. Still, Yami didn't think he could take much more and he came with a loud cry that made Kaiba moan at the sight presented to him.

Even though he was spent, Yami kept moving his body to try and encourage Kaiba to find his release. It didn't take long before Kaiba followed suit and came, arching his back as he did so. Only then did Yami lean forward and begin to sensuously kiss Kaiba.

Yami whimpered softly in his throat when Kaiba pulled out and he wondered if he would ever stop feeling so empty afterward. Kaiba was surprised when Yami kept kissing him and moved down to his neck. "What are you doing?" Kaiba asked, even as he tilted his head to give better access.

"You're just so amazing," Yami murmured as he kept placing sensual kiss after sensual kiss on Kaiba's sensitive neck. Even though Kaiba was expecting it, he still gasped when Yami moved onto his ear.

"Yami," Kaiba warned, but it sounded more sexually frustrated than he had meant to.

It made Yami moan as his hips thrust reflexively in response to the tone. He continued licking and nibbling at Kaiba's ear teasingly, causing the brunette to shift under his attentions.

"What exactly are you trying to accomplish?" Kaiba demanded, feeling the start of arousal even though his body still wasn't quite capable of it.

"Want you so much," Yami moaned in response before lightly tugging on Kaiba's earlobe and earning a sharp inhale. "So much, Kaiba…"

"You're incorrigible," Kaiba complained, but still his hands sought out Yami's skin, gliding along it and building the former pharaoh's need.

"I can't help it," Yami protested as he shuddered under Kaiba's touch. He continued trying to reawaken Kaiba's body through lingering kisses and teasing touches and slowly it began to work.

Kaiba was shocked that he eventually managed to become fully hard from Yami's ministrations and he rolled them over, determined to take advantage of it. He was surprised to discover that Yami was also erect and arching up for more contact. It never failed to amaze Kaiba that Yami could become so aroused from mere foreplay.

As Kaiba applied a little more lube to his member, it gave him an idea. Sitting back and pulling Yami up with him, Kaiba said, "Come here," and led the way to his bathroom.

When Kaiba started the water in the shower, Yami's eyes lit up in excitement. "Looks like I'm not the only one with fantasies," Yami teased as he followed Kaiba into the shower.

Kissing passionately to make Yami shut up, Kaiba pulled him closer and basked in the feeling of two slick bodies in close contact. It took a bit of positioning, but Kaiba finally managed to back Yami up against the wall and enter him. Yami wrapped his legs around Kaiba's waist and held onto his shoulders for balance.

The sound of Yami's moans echoing in the large shower only served to heighten Kaiba's arousal as they continued. He didn't know how long he was going to be able to maintain the awkward position, but Kaiba gave it his best effort.

Yami still felt hypersensitive from before and he had to close his eyes to try and center himself before he was swept away by arousal. It caused Kaiba to nip at Yami's collarbone and the former pharaoh almost came at the sensation. "Too good," Yami gasped, holding on for dear life as Kaiba continued thrusting into him deeply, the angle allowing for deeper penetration. "Kaiba!"

Growling low in his throat, Kaiba watched as Yami once again began working his own length in a desperate attempt to cum before he lost his mind to lust. As much as he wanted to stop it and take over, Kaiba knew he couldn't in that position. Instead he observed as Yami came a second time, arching so far off the wall that Kaiba almost dropped him. Recovering his position, Kaiba continued until he finished, disappointed with how quickly he came. Only after he was finished did he pull out and help lower Yami to stand on his own feet once more. Yami's legs felt like jelly and they hurriedly took a shower before returning to bed once more.

"We should really try that first some time," Yami murmured as he lay on top of Kaiba's chest.

Brushing aside Yami's wet bangs, Kaiba agreed, "Mm."

Running his fingers along one of Kaiba's arms, Yami continued, "You're so strong…"

"That turns you on, doesn't it?" Kaiba asked with a dark chuckle.

"You're just so strong and powerful," Yami said by way of answering.

Running his fingers through Yami's hair, Kaiba commented, "I don't know why I'm surprised. Almost everything turns you on. The wind blowing at a certain angle can arouse you, I swear."

Poking Kaiba in the side, Yami defended himself, "I'm not that bad. Only you get me that hot and bothered."

It pleased Kaiba to hear and he kissed Yami in reward. "Let's keep it that way," Kaiba encouraged.

"Like there's anyone else capable of attracting my interest in such a way?" Yami asked with a laugh. "You're stuck with me."

"There are worse fates, I suppose," Kaiba teased and got another poke in the side for his efforts.

Even though it was only early afternoon, Yami yawned. "What do you say to a quick cat nap before we go out tonight?"

"Do you really have to call it that?" Kaiba complained, although for once he wasn't averse to the idea of sleeping in the afternoon. It was just too tempting to remain in bed with Yami.

Snickering at Kaiba's reaction, Yami settled in for a quick nap, even though he was eager for the rest of their night together to begin. Kaiba contented himself with embracing Yami and slowly he too drifted off to sleep.

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