Two months have passed since Miracle had been accepted into the team. It took about a few weeks for her leg to heal before she was able to be properly trained to handle rescue missions and to drive her rig, but she had settled in nicely and was becoming a good team player. She still had her moments where she absolutely feared humans during missions, but she also found an overwhelming urge to help anyone who was injured, even if it was just a kid who had scraped his knee. There was no doubt that she was meant for this job.

"Catch, Marshall!" Miracle yelled. She picked up the frisbee at her paws and hurled it at the fire pup with all of her muscle.

"I got it," Marshall yelled, "I got it! I- Oof!" Suddenly, Marshall slammed into a tree. "Ow…"

All the pups rushed to Marshall, "Are you okay?" Skye asked.

"I think so," Marshall answered.

Miracle narrowed her eyes and inspected the spot on his head where he'd bumped the tree.

"Seriously, Miracle, I got injured all the time before you got here," the Dalmatian said as Miracle ran her paw tenderly across the lesion.

"Well it's a good thing you never knocked yourself out," Miracle answered. "Take a short break and tell me if you feel nauseated, dizzy, or you see double."

"Okay, I will."

As Marshall walked away, Rocky approached Miracle, a grin on his face. "Nice job Miracle. I always tried to tell him that, but he doesn't listen."

The pair shared a laugh.

"I think I'm gonna go in, too," Rubble yawned, "I'm tired."

"Okay. Have a good rest," Rocky said before his, Miracle's and Rubble's tags went off.

Ryder's voice could be heard through their tags. "PAW Patrol, to the Lookout!"

"Nooooo!" Rubble cried out, falling to the ground dramatically.

Rocky and Miracle laughed, then ran towards the Lookout, with Zuma following close behind (he'd been playing in the sprinkler) to see what the emergency was.

"Chase!" Skye called out, "Chase! Ryder needs us!"

Skye sniffed the air; it kinda smelled like Chase, a little different, maybe, but he hadn't had a bath in a week or so. "Chase?"

A pair of eyes glared at her from the shadowy bush behind her, though she didn't notice them. "Chase, come on! This is serious!"

The German Shepherd suddenly ran up from ahead of her, cocking his head. "Come on Skye. Ryder needs us."

"But… how…?" Skye glanced between Chase and behind her, still not catching the eyes glaring at her, screaming for bloody murder.

"Let's go Skye!" Chase motioned towards the Lookout with his head.

"Uh… coming Ryder!" she exclaimed, before rushing in the direction of the Lookout.

A deep, gravely voice noted quietly, "I finally found you, brother..."