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Voldemort sneered at the cowering red head that was sniveling at his feet. He really was a pathetic excuse for a wizard. Cackling, he looked back up at the old wizard who was pointing his wand at his chest. "You call yourself the greatest wizard of the age Dumbledore, yet in all your wisdom, you proclaimed this weak child as the prophesied one."

Dumbledore looked at the Dark Lord in confusion. "What are you talking about Tom? Liam Potter is the Chosen One, he vanquished you when he was just a babe." He was trying to keep Tom talking until help arrived. He had to save Liam, he was their only hope for defeating Voldemort. He was a little disappointed that Tom took Liam down so easy, but he was only fifteen and still needed training.

Voldemort threw his head back and laughed. "This is not the snot nosed brat that defeated me." The snake like man threw a crucio at the teen, laughing as he screamed and thrashed at his feet. "This one cowered behind his brother crying. It was the raven haired child that defeated me. As soon as I saw the raven child, I knew that he was the one. Never before had I sensed such power in another being. At first I thought about taking him and training him, but I was blinded by the prophecy."

Dumbledore shook his head, trying not to panic. Voldemort had to be trying to trick him, there was no way that Harry was the Chosen One. He personally scanned the twins after the attack and Harry had no magic, he was a squib. "That can't be, he was a squib." he yelled back.

"A squib" taunted Voldemort. "That child as a baby was more powerful then you. Did you not even consider that after using so much magic to defeat me that his core would depleted?"

Dumbledore paled and the wand in his hand started shaking. How could he have not considered the possibility that Harry's core was just depleted? When he scanned the twins, Harry was showing zero magic, whereas Liam was showing above average for a child his age. James and Lilly had also informed him that young Harry had never showed any signs of accidental magic.

"Yes the great Albus Dumbledore, defeater of the Dark Lord Grindewald, made a mistake. He declared the wrong twin the savior, and banished the true savior to the muggle world. But don't worry, I will find the child and I will explain to him why his parents threw him away like trash. Can you imagine, the true savior of the wizarding world as a Death Eater? All that power at my disposable. " Voldemort looked around as Order of the Phoenix members started apparating in. Looking to James and Lily Potter, he sneered. "Your son is pathetic." he said. Levitating the crying red head, Voldemort sent him flying across the room, crashing into a stone wall. They were currently in an abandoned building where he had tricked the teen to coming so he could steal some of his blood. He needed Liam Potters blood so he could brew a tracking potion to find his twin brother, Harry Potter.

"Liam!" screamed Lily rushing to her sons side, she fell next to him crying. Her precious son wasn't moving, blood was dribbling out of his mouth, and he was as white as a ghost. With a shaking hand, she reached out to check his pulse. Closing her eyes she breathed out a sigh of relief, Liam was still breathing.

"Pathetic" said Voldemort. "You cuddle the below average child, yet toss away the incredibly powerful one." Voldemort looked around at all the Order members. "For fourteen years you worshipped the wrong twin. Liam Potter is not the child that defeated me, he doesn't even have half the magic that his brother does. You, in all your arrogance, turned your back on the true Chosen One, Harry Potter." Smiling at all assembled group, Voldemort apparated out.

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James and Lily took a seat at the large table that had been set up at Grimmauld Place for Order of the Phoenix meetings. After the events that went down earlier, Dumbledore had called an emergency meeting. Waiting on Dumbledore to arrive was Molly, Arthur, Bill and Charlie Weasley, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Alastor Moody, Kingsley Shaklebolt, Nymphadora Tonks, Alice and Frank Longbottom, Dedalus Diggle, Aberforth Dumbledore, Hagrid, Sturgis Podmore, and James and Lily Potter.

"Lily, how is Liam?" asked a concerned Remus.

Lily rubbed her bloodshot eyes and looked to her long time friend. "Poppy had to mend a broken arm and three broken ribs, he has a concussion and is suffering from the after affects of multiple crucio's." Lily took the napkin that her loving husband handed her and blew her nose. "He is really shook up and scared. Poppy had to give him a Dreamless Sleep potion to settle him down."

Dumbledore walked into the kitchen looking every bit his age. Sitting down he looked at his friends, family and co-workers. Every one of them he cared deeply for, and had been a part of their lives since they entered Hogwarts.

"Is it true what he said, Albus?" asked an exhausted James Potter. He hadn't been able to get Voldemort's words out of his head. He had been replaying that Halloween night in his head over and over again for the past few hours. Up until that fateful night his life had been almost perfect. He had the perfect wife, perfect friends and two perfect twin boys. The only shadow on his perfect life was Voldemort, the Death Eaters and the war.

Dumbledore lowered his head and sat quietly in the chair at the head of the table. "I honestly don't know, but I see no reason not to believe Voldemort. I scanned both boys that night and only Liam showed magic. I never took into consideration that Harry's core could have been depleted from shielding himself and Liam from the killing curse."

"I'm confused." said Charlie Weasley. "I didn't know that Liam even had a twin." Charlie Weasley stood at six feet, was extremely muscular, had long red hair, a face full of freckles, and blue eyes. Charlie worked as a dragon handler in Romania and as such had huge callouses on his hands and a handsome but tough weather beaten face.

"Not many people knew of little Harry." explained Sirius sadly. "Harry was the oldest of the pair, but also the smallest. Liam was born at a healthy 6 pounds 11 ounces and was 20 inches long. Little Harry was only 4 pounds 61/2 ounces and 18 inches long. Liam was born screaming at the top of his lungs, while Harry hardly made a sound. Harry looked like James but had Lily's emerald eyes, the complete opposite of Liam who has Lily's hair and James' eyes." Sirius closed his eyes as he pictured his sweet little godson. He wasn't there when they took Harry away, but he refused to talk to James for three years after he found out. Even now after all these years, he hasn't been able to forgive James and Lily for getting rid of his pup. He would have taken Harry and raised him in a heartbeat if he had known, he didn't give a shit if his cub was a squib.

Remus cleared his throat. He too still couldn't forgive James and Lily for what they did to Harry. "Harry was always quiet, but when he looked at you, it was like he was looking into your soul. He was a very smart, happy baby that got excited every time we would visit. Harry's first words weren't mommy of daddy, but "yaaaa yoooo" Remus chuckled and wiped a tear from his face. "Love you, was what he was trying to say. Sometimes he would repeat "yaaaa yoooo" twenty times while hugging you with his tiny, delicate arms." Remus sent a glare to James and Lily who were openly weeping.

"The day after Liam supposedly defeated Voldemort that Halloween night, Remus and I visited them. They were staying at Hogwarts where Poppy was looking after the boys. Both boys were physically fine except Harry had a scar on his forehead in the shape of a lightning bolt, and he was extremely tired. We were confused when we got to the hospital wing and found James and Lily sharing a bed and fussing over Liam, Harry was nowhere in sight. We were disgusted when they informed us that they had gotten rid of Harry because Dumbledore declared him a squib" sneered Sirius.

"They didn't even seem upset over it." whispered Remus.

"Can't have a squib in the family." mocked Sirius. "What would people think if they knew a Potter produced a squib?" said Sirius, imitating James.

"Liam can't be held back by a squib brother. Harry would only grow jealous and spiteful of Liam over his magic." snapped Remus.

"We begged them to tell us where they sent Harry. We offered to raise him ourself in the muggle world away from magic. We didn't care if he was a squib, he was our pup." said Sirius in a broken voice.

"They refused, they insisted that Liam needed us and Harry was better off without us. We pleaded with them, but they wouldn't give up his whereabouts. For years we refused to talk to them. Our relationship with the Potters have never been, nor will it ever be the same." explained a heartbroken Remus.

"It wasn't like that." whispered Lily. Looking around, she flinched at all the dirty and disgusted looks her friends were giving her. She deeply loved Harry, but she only wanted what was best for him. "It wouldn't have been fair for him to be raised around the wonders of magic when he had none." she added.

Molly shook her head. "I would have found a way to show a child of mine that even though they were a squib, they were still special and loved. There is no way in hell that I would have just dumped my child off somewhere and never looked back. I always respected you as a mother Lily, but now I see you are no better then the Malfoy's. Throwing a child away because they didn't live up to their standards is something they would have done." Molly turned her head, she couldn't bare to look at Lily Potter anymore.

"If Harry had magic, then he would have gotten an acceptance letter to Hogwarts when he was eleven. I don't understand how come he didn't, unless he is dead." added William Weasley. Bill was a curse breaker for Gringotts who liked to dress in rock concert clothes, dragon hide boots and wore a dangling fang earring. His red hair was long and pulled back in a pony tail. He was taller then his younger brother Charlie, but was well built and handsome. Like Charlie he had freckles, but not as many.

Dumbledore nervously ran his fingers through his long white beard. "A letter was written for Harry but I assumed that the quill made a mistake. I never sent the letter." When Hogwarts was first founded, the founders enchanted a quill to automatically write Hogwarts acceptance letters to children that showed enough magic to be able to be able to attend.

Minerva gasped. "Albus, you know that the quill never makes mistakes. If a letter was written for Harry, then he was not a squib"

"Why didn't you tell us?" demanded James. "We would have went to Harry. If he had magic, we would have brought him back. It killed Lily and I to give our son up."

"Didn't look like it to me" muttered Sirius glaring at James.

"I personally checked the boy, he had no magic." defended Dumbledore.

"Of course there was no way that the all mighty Dumbledore could have made a mistake. Obviously it was the centuries old quill that was enchanted by the four most powerful witches and wizards since Merlin that made the mistake." said Snape sarcastically.

"All along we have been training the wrong twin." said Moody, his magical eye spinning wildly. "We have to get him and train him up so he can defeat the Dark Lord.

"Yes, I'm sure that conversion will go splendidly." snapped Severus. "We're sorry that your parents thought you were a worthless embarrassment, but now that we know that you are the true Chosen One, we need you to come back and risk your life for a world that tossed you away like trash. I'm sure he will gladly accept us with open arms." Severus couldn't believe that the woman he once loved would throw her child away. The Lily he grew up with would have never have done that.

Lily covered her face and started crying. Severus was right, her son would never forgive them for turning him away when he was only a small baby.

"I agree with Alastar." said Dumbledore. "Harry must be brought back into our world before Voldemort finds him. If Harry is as powerful as he say's, then he could win the war for the dark side if he joins them."

Sirius stood up. "Tell me where my pup is and I will go get him. For close to fourteen years I have been pleading with you to tell me his location."

Lilly looked to her husband and cleared her throat. "We left Harry with my sister and her husband."

Severus slammed his hands on the table. "Are you mad? You left your baby with that bitch? She hated you and anything to do with magic, why would she take in your unwanted son?"

"Please Severus" cried Lily. "Harry was not unwanted. I loved my son and I didn't want to give him up. I honestly thought I was doing best by Harry." From across the table Molly Weasley snorted into her tea, it sounded suspiciously like "bitch".

"I still can't believe that she would take in your son and raise him." added Severus.

Lily nervously looked away from her one time best friend. James wrapped his arm around his wife and pulled her close to his chest. "We left Harry in a basket on their doorstep early in the morning. We left a note and a large sum of money that would see a Harry through until he became an adult."

Molly Weasley screeched so loud that her four other children that were upstairs probably heard her, even through the silencing charm that Albus had put up. " You left a baby in a basket on their doorstep on a cold November morning? I was wrong, you are worse then the Malfoy's. Narcissa would never treat her child in such a horrific manner. Did you at least stick around until your sister found him?" Molly's jaw dropped when the Potter's refused to make eye contact with her. "You didn't did you? You left a fifteen month old baby sitting outside where anything could have happened to him." Molly sat back in her chair in shock.

Alice Longbottom looked at her best friend. Since she met Lily on the Hogwarts express her first year, they had been inseparable. Even her going into Hufflepuff didn't ruin their budding friendship. She didn't know that Lily birthed twins. Lily and James went into hiding early in Lily's pregnancy after Dumbledore heard the prophecy. "Your a damn hypocrite, Lily." snapped Alice. "When I thought my Neville was a squib, you preached to me that I should still love and be proud of him. You said that if you had a squib child you wouldn't treat them any differently then Liam. How could you look me in the eyes and lie like that? Does Liam even know about Harry?"

Lily lowered her face in shame. "I... I..." stuttered Lily.

"We don't have time for finger pointing and name calling." said Dumbledore. "For Harry's safety we must retrieve him from his aunt and uncles house." Dumbledore looked around the table. "Alice and Frank, can you get Harry?" Dumbledore held up his hand when Sirius and James started protesting. "I am afraid that Severus is correct on how Harry will react. James, I don't think he should meet you and Lily until everything has been explained to him." Dumbledore looked to Sirius. "Sirius, I understand that you want to see Harry, but you are hotheaded. Frank and Alice are neutral in this situation and can better explain things to Harry and his family."

Sirius wasn't happy but he agreed, he was just thrilled that after so long he was getting to see his pup again. Frank and Alice took the paper that Dumbledore had written Petunia Dursley's address down, and left to get Harry.

-a- -a- -a- -a-

Frank and Alice stood on the front porch of number 4 Privet Drive. They couldn't believe how every house on the street looked identical. Shaking his head, Frank rang the doorbell. Alice gripped her husbands arm when the door was yanked open by an extremely large man with a large mustache and a red face.

"Excuse me Mr Dursley, my name is Frank Longbottom and I'm here with my wife Alice to talk to your nephew, Harry Potter."

Vernon's face got impossibly redder. "I never heard the name and I don't have a ruddy nephew." snarled Vernon, and he slammed the door in their face.

Frank looked to Alice, then back at the door. Frank was one of the top Auror's on the force, he wasn't going to walk away from this, something wasn't right. Frank rang the doorbell again and continued to ring it forty five more times before the whale of a man wrenched the door open.

"You will get off my property before I call the police." bellowed Vernon.

Frank raised one eyebrow and stared at the man. "That's a good idea, maybe then you can explain to them the whereabouts of your nephew who was left here fourteen years ago."

Petunia came up behind her husband. "Vernon, their from her lot. Let them in before they make a scene." Vernon grunted and stepped aside allowing Frank and Alice in.

Alice looked around the house and noted with concern that there were no pictures of a child that resembled James or Lily Potter. There was a very large boy pictured throughout the house that looked like Vernon Dursley in looks, and size. "Where is Harry?" she asked.

Petunia sneered at the witch. "We never asked to get saddled with that little freak. My sister left him on our step with no way of contacting her to send the disgusting monster back."

"Died he did, when he was eight years old. It wasn't our responsibility to take him to the doctors when he got sick. It was bad enough that we had to house him and take the food from our perfect son's mouth to feed the ungrateful brat." snarled Vernon.

Frank whipped out his wand and pointed it at the couple. "Their lying, I can tell. Alice, go get Severus, let's see how well they hold up against him." Alice nodded and apparated out of the house. Frank figured that the only way that they would get the truth is if Severus broke into their minds.