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Heart pounding erratically in his chest, Harry stared wildly at Bill and Charlie from behind his dark shades. He couldn't believe what he was seeing through his newly seeing eyes. Wings! Both Bill and Charlie had large, feathery wings protruding from their backs.

"It's alright, Harry," Liam said soothingly, trying to calm down his shocked and scared brother. "Bill and Charlie are elemental elves."

"See, Harry," Remus said gently. "Some Wizarding families have magical creatures in their bloodlines. The Weasleys, as you can see, have elemental elves in theirs. Now not everyone in their family inherited the gene though, just Bill, Charlie, and their identical twin brothers."

Harry looked to the man that had some of the strangest colors surrounding him that he had ever seen. When Remus had first entered his room he had been absolutely terrified of him, he had never before seen anyone with brownish, green colors surrounding them. The colors were different and new and he didn't know what they meant. In the end it was the man's voice that calmed him, more so than Liam's reassuring words. There was something calming and gentle to the man's voice and he had loved hearing him explain the history of the Wizarding World, he made it almost come to life for him.

Remus smiled warmly at his long lost godson. He dearly wished that he could hold him and tell him how much he loved and missed him, but he knew that Harry wasn't ready for that. He possibly may never be ready for any kind of human contact. It made him physically sick when he thought about all the hell his poor pup has suffered through in his young life. "The Potters have magical creature blood in them too, Harry, but it has been generations since anyone inherited."

"I believe that we have fairy and veela in our bloodline," Liam said with an excited grin.

"I think there may even be more," Remus said thoughtfully. "The Potter bloodline goes way back."

"Don't forget the Black blood mixed in with the Potters. I think we have every magical creature blood in ours...including vampire," Sirius added, curling his top lip back and pretending to have fangs.

Wide eyed, Harry looked back to Bill and Charlie who both still had their wings out. He had to admit, they were absolutely magnificent and he couldn't remember ever seeing anything so beautiful before in his life. Not even Charlie's color stick, that he now knew was a magical wand, could compare to the beauty of their wings. As pretty as they were, he couldn't imagine having huge wings sticking out of his back.

Bill stood proudly, his wings shivering in excitement as his little mate stared in awe at his wings. He had been worried that this day would never come, where his traumatized mate would see him as his true self. He hated hiding from his mate, it felt like he was betraying him. Now, Harry not only knew about magic, but he also knew that both him and Charlie were elves. The next step, that probably wouldn't come for a very long time, was explaining mates to him.

Harry was dizzy with how bad his head was spinning. He had learned so much that he felt like his head was going to explode. Magic was real, elves were real, and he hadn't been a freak after all when he made strange things happen. He was just a wizard...like everyone else in the room. Was that why his aunt and uncle despised him so much? Did they hate him just because of his magic? It wasn't as though it was his fault that he had magic.

Picking up on his mate's anxiety from their slowly developing bond, Charlie plucked a beautiful green feather from his wing and held it out to his little mate. "It's said that an elves' wing feather will bring you good luck," he said with a wink. "I don't know if it's true or not, but you can never have too much good luck."

Slowly reaching out, Harry took the feather, making sure that their fingers didn't touch. He had touched Charlie before when he had been scared during his eye treatments, but this was different. Feeling the warmth on the feather, he brought it to his face and caressed his cheek with it. How was the feather still so warm?

Taking a leaf out of his brother's book, Bill plucked a particularly bright red feather from his wing. "In that case, why don't we double your good luck," he grinned, holding out the feather.

This time without hesitating, Harry reached out and happily took the feather. Like with Charlie's, Bill's feather was also very warm. Putting the two feathers together, he clutched them tightly to his chest. Other than the stuffed dragon that Liam had given him, these were the first gifts that anyone had ever given him. He didn't count Loki since he was a living, breathing creature. He was going to cherish these feathers forever.

"Harry says thank you," Liam relayed, thrilled that his twin's voice was getting stronger in his head.

Seeing his sweet godson yawn, Remus stood up. "I think you have learned a lot today and can do with a little time on your own to process everything. Why don't we leave you so you can rest?"

"That's a good idea," Sirius reluctantly admitted.

Harry was a little relieved that everyone was going to leave. He was feeling feint and all he wanted to do was lay down with his dog and rest his aching eyes. He had so much to think about.

Charlie signaled for his brother to leave before carefully approaching his timid mate. "Harry, before I go, I would like to put some soothing eye drops into your eyes. I don't want them to start hurting you again."

Harry just wanted to be alone, but he also didn't want to have his eyes wrapped again. Nodding his head, he took off his glasses, wincing when the light felt like tiny little swords piercing his eyeballs.

Flicking his wand, Charlie dimmed the candles even though the room wasn't very bright at all. It just went to show you how much pain Harry was in, yet he never complained. "Alright, Harry, like we have done before. Tilt your head back and then I'll quickly put the drops in and then you close your eyes for a few minutes. No wrapping your eyes, hopefully we are done with that for good."

Taking a deep breath and burying his fingers in Loki's soft fur, Harry did as Charlie instructed. It was amazing to think how much his life had changed in just a few short weeks. He had a safe place to live, plenty of food in his belly, family and friends who liked him, he could now see, and he no longer had to suck cock for bread and cold soup. He never imagined that his life would be this perfect. He never imagined that he would be this happy.

Charlie cringed when he saw how red and irritated Harry's eyes still were. He prayed that soon they would heal, it ate at him something fierce knowing that his mate was in pain and he was helpless to take it away. As quickly as he could, he placed the drops in his eyes and then stepped away. Harry was still very uncomfortable when someone was in his space, he was getting better, but the last thing he wanted to do was push him. "Is there anything that I can do for you before I leave?"

Shaking his head, Harry scurried back to his safe wall. With the drops in his eyes he was having a hard time seeing clearly. As much as he wanted to, he knew not to rub them though, he had to keep the drops in until they dried.

"Alright then," Charlie said softly. "If you need anything, send Loki down and he'll get one of us."

Reaching out, Harry pulled Loki tighter to his chest. He grinned goofily when the dog licked him from his chin, to between his eyes.


Grabbing a glass, Sirius poured himself a generous amount of whisky and all but fell onto to a kitchen chair and rested his head between his arms. "Well that went a hell of a lot better than what I was expecting."

Nodding his head, Remus rubbed at his tired eyes. "He is a remarkable young man."

"I think today has been a good day," Liam grinned. "I can now hear Harry in my head...it's absolutely amazing. I thought for sure with all the years of being separated that we would never be proper twins. Not like Fred and George anyway."

Bill snorted into his own glass of whisky. "Those two are anything but proper."

"You know what I mean." Liam blushed.

Remus couldn't help pulling his youngest godson to him, wrapping his arms around him and all but crushing him to death with a fierce hug. He couldn't hug his little Harry so he was just going to have to hug his Liam extra hard and extra long. He was thrilled to have both his boys back with him, even Moony was purring with happiness. "We all know what you meant Liam and we are all very happy for you."

Wrapping his arms around his godfather, Liam buried his nose in the man's warm neck. "So what do we do now? How do we help Harry overcome his fear of leaving his room and how do we teach him how to talk?"

"There's nothing physically wrong with his voice," Severus said. "I scanned it when he was first brought in. No, his lack of speech is all mental. He learned from a young age that speaking equaled pain. Then there is the fact that he has probably gone fourteen years without using it and he no longer knows how."

"Those are the easy problems," Sirius sighed heavily.

Nodding his head knowingly, Remus kissed his pup on top of his head. "Dumbledore is the biggest problem, pup. He isn't going to rest until he gets Harry under his control. He doesn't care about his happiness or wellbeing, he just wants to brainwash him and put him in front of Voldemort."

"Voldemort doesn't want to fight Harry," Severus reminded. "As long as Harry doesn't stand against him, he will not harm the boy. All that aside, Harry's magic will never be able to function properly, even if Dumbledore spent the next twenty years aggressively training him. His core is too damaged."

"We need a plan," Sirius said, pouring himself some more whisky. "We can't hold the manipulative old goat off forever. Thanks to the new homeschool education law he has a right to see Harry."

"Not alone," Charlie hissed darkly. "Bill and I are his mates and there isn't a damn thing he can do about that. Legally we have a right to be with him whenever Dumbledore visits."

"Not even for a second will our mate be alone with him," Bill growled, his wings still out and vibrating with his anger.

"I didn't like this whole mate business at first," Sirius admitted with a sly smirk, "but I'm glad that you boys have my pup's back. It helps me rest easier knowing that the two of you will protect Harry."

"With our lives," Charlie and Bill said passionately at the same time.

Clearing his throat, Severus stood up. "I'm almost finished with the lesson plans for the upcoming school year. The Dark Lord is also requesting that his followers keep their kids home for schooling, so I too will be overseeing their teaching."

"I take it by requesting, that you mean Voldemort is forcing his Death Eaters to keep their kids home?" Sirius smirked.

Severus inclined his head. "Indeed. Dumbledore will not be happy when he finds out."

"That's most of all the light and dark pureblood students," Remus whistled appreciatively, "Dumbledore is going to be furious."

"Hopefully it's the first step in forcing him to retire," Severus explained hopefully. "That's pretty much only leaving half bloods and muggle borns in the school." He prayed that the school governors could get Dumbledore out within the year, Hogwarts needed the kids magic to help sustain her. Without the extra magical boost from the purebloods, he worried that the ancient castle would start deteriorating.

"Thanks for everything," Sirius said sincerely, holding his hand out to Severus. "Without you, Harry would still be blind and we would probably still be following that old fool."

Severus quickly hid his shock. It was no secret, everyone knew that him and Sirius held no like for each other. The past few weeks though Sirius had turned into a completely different man. He didn't mind this Sirius, he almost even liked him. Taking his hand, he gave it a firm shake. "Have you given meeting the Dark Lord anymore thought?" He knew that his master was anxious to get his hands on a few of the ex-order members, especially Black, Lupin, Bill and Charlie.

Sirius grimaced at the thought of meeting Lord Voldemort. Too many years he had feared and hated that man. How could he meet civilly with a man he had been fighting against for nearly half his life? "I'm sorry, Severus, I honestly haven't. Every waking moment all I can think about are my boys, I haven't even given his offer a thought. When things here settle though, I will see about arranging a meeting with him. If he's truly sane now like you say he is, I can see myself switching sides. Right now though, my boys need me and I can't think of anything past them."

Heart warming at Sirius' words, Liam took a seat next to his godfather and rested his head on his shoulder. Why couldn't his parents think and feel the same way? Why did they have to hate Harry so much?

"Take your time, the Dark Lord understands. As long as you are not actively fighting against him, he will leave you and yours alone."

"I am relieved to hear that," Sirius sighed. "It's crazy how much has changed since Harry has come back into our lives."

"He is truly special," Remus said with a soft smile.


Cursing softly under his breath, Neville closed the door to what looked like a broom closet and started making his way farther down the dark hallway. Liam knew how easily he got lost in this manor, why did he send him to the library on his own?

He knew better than to wander Grimmauld on his own since he wasn't very good with directions and he had only been here three times before, but he had been so anxious to search the Black library for any information on his newest plant that he hadn't wanted to wait for Liam to finish his shower. Liam told him to go two floors up, take the hall to the left, pass three doors, take the right turn, then the library would be all the way down on the right. Why did Grimmauld Place have to be designed so wonky?

He had taken so many twists and turns and stairs that he now didn't even know how to get back to the kitchen. He was beyond lost...he was hopelessly lost. Why was it always him?

Spotting a door he hadn't tried yet, Neville grasped the knob and pushed it open. He almost dropped his precious rare plant when a dog stepped out of a darkened corner and started growling at him.

Harry lunged to his feet when his door was suddenly pushed open. No one ever opened his door without knocking first, they always gave him a warning so he could get to his safe corner. Heart pounding, he went to grab Loki when his dog stepped in front of him and started growling.

"Oh Merlin!" Neville cried in embarrassment. "I am so sorry. I didn't know that this was someone's room. I was looking for the library but ended up getting lost."

Keeping himself pressed against the wall, Harry fearfully studied the new person who was standing awkwardly at the door. The first thing he saw was his color, his color reminded him a lot of Liam's, it was a soft white and felt warm even from a distance.. The guy himself looked to be about his and Liam's age, but he wasn't as tall as his twin and nowhere near as short as him. The stranger had brown hair and warm brown eyes and his face was a bit chubby despite his body not being overly so. It looked as though he recently had a growth spurt and his body was still adjusting.

Neville's eyes flicked between the dog and the boy. Quickly adding two and two together, he figured that this must be Harry, the twin brother that Liam never knew about. He didn't know all the details of what happened to the kid, but he had heard bits and pieces when his dad didn't know that he was around so he knew that Harry had had a very bad life.

"I-I'm truly sorry, I didn't mean to barge in," Neville stuttered. "It's just, this place is huge and I'm a klutz who could get lost in my own home. Liam was supposed to show to me to the library but I was too worried over my new plant to wait for him."

Harry carefully dug his fingers into Loki's coat seeking comfort and support. He could tell that the boy was being honest with him and the white light meant that he was good, but he was still an unknown to him and he was terrified.

Biting on his bottom lip, Neville looked nervously at the small boy. It was hard to believe that he was Liam's twin, he looked years younger than him. "My name is Neville Longbottom, Liam and I have been best friends since we were babies."

Harry cracked a small smile at Neville's last name. He didn't want to seem mean or rude by laughing, but Longbottom was a funny name.

Shifting the plant in his arms, Neville smiled back at the boy. "It's alright to laugh at my last name, even I find it funny."

Harry's eyes widened when he spotted the flower in Neville's arm. He had never seen a flower so strange, yet so beautiful looking before. Gardening was one of the few jobs his aunt made him do that he actually enjoyed, even if she had made him do it in the dark so the neighbors couldn't see him. Flowers were one of the few things that made him happy as a child, he always loved their vibrant colors and the way they smelled.

Swallowing down his fear of Neville, his soft white light helping a little with that, Harry tentatively approached the stranger, his hand gripping tightly to Loki's color. He couldn't help himself, he wanted to see that amazing flower up close.

Neville wasn't sure what to do. He knew that Harry's room was completely off limits, but he didn't want to seem rude by slamming the door and running. It wasn't like he had purposely went searching for the mysterious twin of Liam Potter, it had been the complete opposite. He had just been lost and trying to find either the library, or a route back to the kitchen.

Seeing that the boy's eyes were drawn to his flower, Neville held it out so he could see it better. "It's a Magical Mood Marigold," he explained when Harry moved closer. "It isn't like the muggle Marigolds, this one is magical."

Harry vaguely remembered Marigolds, but this didn't look anything like the Marigolds he remembered. This was a pretty large plant with multiple big flowers on it in every color imaginable. There were pink flowers, yellow flowers, red flowers, purple flowers, and some flowers were even a mix of different colors.

"Do you want to know why they call it a Magical Mood Marigold?" Neville asked excitedly. He couldn't help it, Herbology was his passion and he could ramble on for hours about plants.

Harry was now only a foot from Neville, and for some odd reason, he felt calm with the boy. He was scared of course, but there was just something about his warm brown eyes that calmed him. Everything about Neville screamed gentle. Sucking in his bottom lip, Harry shyly nodded his head yes.

Neville grinned happily at the boy. Most people didn't care about his plants and wanted nothing to do with them. Shifting the heavy pot to one arm, he reached over with his free hand and started tickling the petals of a pink flower.

Gasping, Harry stumbled backwards when the flower started giggling in a high pitched, childlike voice, and started bouncing up and down.

"Pretty cool, isn't it?" Neville asked with a big goofy grin. "Do you want to give it a try?"

Harry looked down at Loki who was staring at the flower with his head cocked to the side and his ears perked up. Seeing that his dog now seemed relaxed around Neville and was no longer growling, Harry moved a few steps closer. He was really curious about the flower and he wanted to touch it.

Remembering what his dad said about Harry not liking being close to people, Neville held the pot out. "Try softly caressing one of the flowers," he encouraged.

With his hand hovering over one of the flowers, Harry looked to Neville to make sure that it was alright. He had been tricked countless times in the past and he didn't want to get hit for touching or breaking the pretty flower.

Smiling, Neville nodded to the scared boy. "It's alright, you can touch it. The Magical Mood Marigold loves to be touched, as long as you're gentle," he quickly added. "If you're too rough with it, it will cry, and it's one of the saddest thing you will ever hear."

Not wanting to make the beautiful flower cry, Harry very softly started caressing the petals on a bright red flower. His face lit up with wonder when the flower leaned towards him and started purring.

"Amazing, isn't it?"

Looking up at Neville, Harry nodded his head and gave him a smile. The flower was absolutely incredible. Leaning in to sniff the flower, he giggled airily when the closest flowers started pecking him on his cheeks.

"Wow, it really likes you," Neville said in awe. "The Magical Mood Marigold doesn't just kiss anyone. I have had it for a week and it has yet to kiss me."

Fearful that the boy would get mad at him because the flower liked him better, Harry scurried back to his safe corner, pouting slightly because he didn't want to leave the flower.

"Oh no," Neville cried when the flower started wilting. "I'm not mad, Harry, I'm thrilled that the flower likes you. The reason I came to search the Black library is because the Marigold has been really sad and I didn't know how to make it happy. I was hoping that Liam's godfather would have a book on this rare plant."

When Neville's light didn't flicker, Harry slowly made his way back towards him. He smiled brightly when all the flowers perked back up and moved towards him. Who knew that plants and flowers could have real emotions? Magic was really a strange thing.

Looking between Harry and the plant, Neville smiled sadly then held the pot out. "I think you should keep it, Harry, it's obvious that it has chosen you to take care of it."

Eyes wild, Harry shook his head no. He couldn't take Neville's flower from him, that would be wrong. It was plain to see that Neville loved the flower.

"Harry, it's alright," Neville reassured. "Magical plants are like that, they pick and choose their caretakers. This plant has chosen you, you should be honored."

Harry continued to shake his head no, even though deep down inside he really wanted the plant. The flowers were so bright and colorful that he could stare at it all day long. It also had a soft sweet smell to it that he really liked.

"Watch this," Neville instructed, pulling the pot back and putting it behind his back. Almost instantly tiny little sobbing sounds could be heard.

Placing his hand over his mouth, Harry's eyes started to water.

"I warned you it was the saddest thing ever," Neville said, walking into the room and placing the pot on the table. "This plant has been really depressed and sad with me, maybe it's because I have hundreds of other plants and it was feeling a little jealous. Do you think you can take good care of it?"

Harry was a bit taken aback that he wasn't all that uncomfortable with Neville in his room. Maybe he was getting use to people? Or maybe it was just because of how friendly, soft spoken and calm Neville was? Following him back to the table, he reached out and started caressing the flowers again.

"Other than plant food, water, and sunshine, love is the number one thing Magical Mood Marigolds need in order to thrive," Neville explained. "They love to be pet, tickled, kissed, sang to and just loved all over. Think of them like human babies."

Harry giggled when one of the flowers started rubbing up and down his arm.

"Do you think you can love them," Neville asked, already knowing the answer. The flowers never would have chosen Harry Potter if he was incapable or unwilling to take care of them.

Harry eagerly nodded his head. Of course he would take excellent care of the flowers, he already loved them.

"Can...can I visit them?" Neville asked nervously. He knew that Harry had a lot of problems and he didn't want to make them worse by pushing himself on him, but he cared greatly for the plant and he wanted to keep an eye one it's well being and progress.

Harry quickly nodded his head. Neville seemed like someone that he wouldn't mind as a friend...as long as he didn't mind being around someone as dirty as him. Hopefully the kind boy didn't know all horrible things he had done in the past.

"Thank you," Neville sighed in relief. "Plants are kind of my obsession and I live for taking care of them."

Still smiling, Harry scurried over to his little refrigerator and grabbed the box that was on top of it. Rushing back to Neville, he held it out to him.

"Uh, ok," Neville said unsurely as he took the box. Lifting the lid, he found it full of chocolate brownies, but not just any brownies, these were Mrs. Weasley's brownies. Everyone in Gryffindor Tower could recognize Mrs. Weasley's delicious brownies just by their scent. Mrs. Weasley sent Ron and Ginny brownies every week and Ginny always shared hers. Ron was a bit of a pig and usually wolfed his down within minutes.

"I don't understand," Neville said awkwardly.

Grinning, Harry pointed to the flower, then pointed to the brownies.

"He's giving them to you," Liam explained, walking into the room and carefully eyeing his brother to make sure he was ok. He almost had a heart attack when he found Harry's door wide open.

"Liam," Neville exhaled loudly. "I didn't mean to bother your brother. I got lost searching for the library and ended up here. I'm real sorry."

Momentarily ignoring his friend, Liam looked to his brother. "You ok, Harry?" He hadn't felt anything from the bond and Harry didn't look scared, but he was surprised to find him so relaxed with a strange male in his room.

Quickly nodding his head, Harry pointed to the plant. "Neville gave it to me," he said telepathically. "He said it chose me."

Liam was shocked to see that Neville had given his brother his new plant. Neville had only gotten the plant a week or so ago and had talked about nothing since. Then again, plants was pretty much the only thing his best friend talked about.

"It chose Harry," Neville said sheepishly. "I was afraid that it was dying, but it brightened right up as soon as it saw him."

"But you love that plant," Liam pointed out.

"I love all plants," Neville corrected. "Even the most dangerous ones. You know how sensitive and picky magical plants can be, this one chose Harry. It's alright though, your brother said that I can visit it."

Grinning excitedly, Harry nodded his head.

"You're ok with Neville in here?" Liam asked cautiously. Neville had been his best friend for as far back as he could remember and he would love for Harry to get along with him, but he wouldn't pressure his brother to do so.

Again Harry nodded his head. "His color is good and I like his eyes," he answered telepathically.

"I didn't mean to bother him," Neville defended. "I wasn't being nosy, I just got lost..."

"Again," Both Neville and Liam said at the same time. "It's alright, Nev, I know you weren't being nosy."

"Uhm, Liam, what am I supposed to do with these?" Neville asked, holding up the box of delicious smelling brownies.

"Trade," Harry explained to his brother through the bond. "It's only right since he gave me the pretty flower."

Harry's generous heart never stopped amazing Liam. For a boy who has known nothing but hate, violence, and pain, he cared deeply for everyone around him, even those he didn't know. Harry didn't want to hurt anyone, not physically or emotionally, and he didn't feel as though he should be entitled because of his past.

"He wants you to have the brownies because you gave him the plant," Liam said proudly.

"He doesn't have to give me them," Neville protested. "The plant chose him, it would die without him."

"Please," Harry telepathically pleaded with his brother. "It wouldn't be right to take the flower without giving him something in return."

"Harry would really like for you to have the brownies," Liam stressed to his best friend. "My brother believes that if you get something, you should give something in return."

Neville could see how much giving the brownies to him meant to Harry so he opened the top and popped one in his mouth. "Thank you so much, Harry. Normally I don't get a brownie before Ron eats them all and these are my favorite. I don't know what Mrs. Weasley puts in them, but the woman is a bloody genius."

Harry beamed up at the kind boy. He was thrilled that he was happy with the brownies, now he didn't feel so bad taking his pretty flower. He honestly didn't feel that it was a fair trade, but the brownies were all that he had to offer.


Sirius, Remus, Bill, and Charlie stood outside Harry's room not believing their eyes. Sitting on the floor with a strange plant in the middle of them smiling and laughing like long time best friends were, Liam, Neville, and Harry.

"Am I seeing things?" Sirius asked numbly.

"If you are, than so am I," Charlie murmured.

"It's like getting a glimpse of what Harry could have been like had James and Lily not given him up," Remus said sadly.

Bill rubbed his chest when Harry started quietly laughing at something Neville said. He was so use to feeling fear and loneliness from his little mate that he wasn't use to feeling such happiness through their developing bond. "This is amazing!" he said in awe.

Without taking his eyes off of the three boys, Remus nodded his head. "Neville was the perfect first teen to introduce Harry to."

"He's a good kid," Sirius agreed.

"I think being able to see has boosted Harry's confidence some."

Smiling, Bill agreed with his brother. "Just a week ago meeting Neville would have sent him into a panic attack. His progress is amazing."

"After seeing him for the first time, I honestly never thought we would get this far with him," Sirius admitted shamefully. Harry was a fighter, he shouldn't have doubted him. He survived everything that his uncle and those sick men put him through and then he survived years out on the street. Seeing him acting like a typical teenager gave him hope for his godson's future.