"Have you found anything yet, Era-Era…what was your name again?" questioned the young Tundra who went by a sort of strange name. "My name is Eradune, you fluffy brained idiot…" ahead of him, digging at the bank of a swamp stood a bright, rosy guardian dragoness; one who was doing her best to forage for food, however meager. "And yes, I find did some things, mostly plants..."

"Help me, Optu, won't you?" she huffed, her breath shallow from digging in stiff mud. The young Tundra named Optuness quickly went to her rescue. Together both pulled out an assortment of food; newts, mudpuppies, shrooms, cacti and a few strikers encased in a sheath of mud, Eradune was quick to snap the strikers' necks before they could use their venomous bite.

Both dragons had not eaten for a little over three days so this newly found feast was considered a blessing from Lightweaver, but to Eradune the feast was a gift from the Plaugebringer; differing opinions that was sure to cause a problem later. Optu nestled in a low nest of reed and rock while Era took a spot on a flat boulder, the last thing she wanted was to hear Optuness' noisy chewing and eating with a member of another flight wasn't exactly her cauldron of ale.

The soft, ripe flesh of the shrooms and cacti quickly filled Optuness up yet Eradune was still stuck with a growling stomach that hungered for softer, warmer meat not-icy flesh of slimy amphibians but she did her best to show strength to a…lesser dragon even by a chewing this so called 'meat, she wasn't about to let some cold flesh bring her down. Unless of course, this meat just happened to be riddled with a draconian virus.

A while after dinner Eradune felt week and sloppy, her stomach churning, the dragoness wretched and fell to her knees, her breathing was shallow but quick; "You okay, Era?" chided the Tundra. The dragoness was panting, her scales dotted with beads of hot sweat. "No, my belly is not used to cold meat from the swamp…quickly, find a lump of cindervine before I puke out my dinner…" she moaned and laid her sweating head down on mud to cool off.

Optuness' pale eyes went wide as daises as he realized the amount of pain she was in, after watching her for just another moment the young Tundra set off towards the brook for some moss.

'Cinder, cinder, cinde-" Optuness stopped in his muddy tracks and looked around, almost forgetting what he was supposed to find; "Cinder? Cindervine? Yes!" Poor dragon forgets things easily. As he trudged on a little further Optu felt like his body was getting heavier with every step he took, because indeed he was. The dark and smelly muck of the swamp took advantage of his furry hide and decided to pester him by caking onto his fur and mane, making it even harder to walk further.

"Damn this place!" yelled the male, echoes and vibrations of which scared mice and birds causing them to flee but not before squawking or squeaking in terror. "I told that blasted femme; "We can't go through the swamp!" but no she said; "The mud land is safer! Less dragons to run into!' Auugh! Why do I always listen to that female?" Optuness gave up on that mission, or maybe not but a rest on cool rock sure sounded nice. "-stupid guardians.."

Soon he was asleep, both younglings had already dozed off into a long, soothing slumber; unfortunately several miles of swampy territory separated them and the journey to meet back again was sure to be rough.