Leo, where are you?

A beam of sunset was getting into my eyes. I woke back by the same river I fell into. I noticed something glimmering in the water, a gem with a string: The Necklace of Wisdom. I looked at my reflection, which revealed a human boy.

"Leo!" my mother rushed down towards me hugging me. "My baby! What has happened to you?"

"A lot," I said. "I had such an exciting time, Mam."

"Leo! Are you alright?" My Dad rushed down to me.

"I've never been better."

"Merry voices I hear," said a familiar, kind voice.

"Miss Frinvie!" I cried. "I found it! I found the Necklace of Wisdom." I showed it to her.

"A Necklace of Wisdom?" said Jason who came up to us. "You need to stop reading all them books."

"Quiet, squirt," I said.

"Mam," he said crossly "He just called me-"

"I know," said Mam. "So what is this Necklace?"

And I told them the whole story in Miss Frinvie's house. I told them everything I had written in this story. From hiding on the hill to this moment before the story concludes.

"So this Necklace can only grant one wish who to who had received Selflessness, Friendship and Love?" asked Mam.

"Yes," I said. "Miss Frinvie showed all of that when she hid me from Darklunn."

"Darklunn?" said Dad.

"I mean Mr. Gorwood."

"Well he," said Dad," has apparently been attacked by some hunting dogs while chasing you according his kind assistant. He doesn't like arresting innocent people like you. Gorwood has packed everything in his house as fast as he could, and has left South Wales. Gone for good."

"He will never harm another animal as long as he's gone," said Mam. "And you poem was beautiful. I found it somewhere on the ground when we were looking for you."

"I'm glad you like it," I said. "But with my journey to seeking courage, it's all thanks to those rabbits who helped me," I said. "They protected me throughout my journey and made me a different person than what I was before."

Everyone looked at each other. They obviously didn't believe me but I didn't care. I didn't expect them to.

"Well," said Miss Frinvie,"you'll have to show us this, what's it called again?"

"Watership Down," I said.

"Watership Down?" laughed Jason. "What kind of weird name is that?"

"Can it, squirt," I scolded.

Jason retaliated but Mam put an arm in his path.

"But at least you're now home safe and sound," she smiled.

"Indeed," I said. "Although I pray for the day I return there."I noticed a little hill with a tree similar to the one on Watership Down. "I'm going up that hill for a bit."

"Not long," said my Mam.

I went up to find some rabbits. They were exactly like the ones I met. They were! They were hopping up to me like I knew them.

"So I haven't really left you," I said happily. "I'm so glad. I thought I'd never see you lot again. I'll come back to Watership Down soon. I promise."

I suddenly noticed as rabbit by the tree caught in a snare. It was a black, skinny rabbit. I rushed over to it.

"Hold on, Vervain," I said, "Keep still" and I undid it. He hopped to over the rabbits that looked like they were welcoming back home. Even Primrose. I looked at the rabbit with deep blue eyes I met earlier that afternoon.

"You know what, Fiver," I said. "Forgiveness is stronger than anger like I said."