Hello, everyone! Fox Teen here!

I'm aware that I haven't updated in a while; mainly because I have been finishing college, going to leaving do's and went to Amsterdam. Had such a blast there; boat touring the city, gigging, going to this theme park and visiting the very house of Anne Frank, a very depressing but interesting trip learning what it was like before the nazi's destroyed it.

I am in process of working the next chapters for The Necklace of Wisdom and Child of the Seer but they may also lack updates for two weeks upcoming as I will be going to Crete (literally the fourth time).

As some of you may have noticed that I have changed my title with a subtitle to the story: Leo Barning from Above, something I recently though of as I will be writing a full-length series of these fan-fictions like Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia to name a few. While I am in process of the third story, I have already got plans for the fourth instalment and it is called The Forbidden Caverns. I must decide when the plot is final but all I will say is that it involves mystery, accusation and the challenges of defeating your biggest fears for the sake of someone beloved.

Finally, I had recently received a PM complaining about confusions to the revision I made to the first story; basically I was planning to revise the story and repost the chapters without anyone noticing then update you all when it was ready because I felt the story was all too rushed compared to how I am writing Child of the Seer. I had completely forgot that I had followers of the story and it would surely have reached you all to what I have done - I am really sorry about this. I should have posted that I was going to update the story instead of acting alone.

I will eventually of the same thing to The Power of Love, because most of you who may have already read it, I seemed to have involved more of the romance between Fiver and Snowflake than the other visitations to involved the power of love; which I will not mention in case new people are reading this and might spoil things.

Thank you all for reading this and I appreciate you all reading, reviewing and following me and my stories. I've already read some of yours and they are really intriguing. I will keep this message on for a bit so most will have a chance to see what has been going on and I will be posting new chapters very soon.