Deciding to wait until she could sit up without falling over or using her tripod position to manipulate her chakra externally, Madara instead focused on getting a feel for it. For while she had been actively seeking out her energy and the energy of others.

The first step to learning how to use something is to become familiar with all its extremities.

Chakra in one word for her was vibrant.

It vibrated and twisted, spiked and looped, and was very telling for a person's personality. In example her mother's chakra felt calm and soft like silk. It was flexible and yielding, and Madara would admit that Sasana felt like safety and home even if she might never come to accept this place.

Her brothers though were complete opposites but similar enough to feel that they were related.

Her youngest brother's was rowdy and rampant, it swirled like a tempest and felt bright as if it was seared into her senses but at the same time it flickered with sharp feeling she often found in the oldest. It reminded her on more than one occasion that he was more attentive than his boisterous exterior told.

While Juushiro's was...structured for lack of a better term. It moved with purpose, stood still when he did and waited until he decided action was needed. But when Takada managed to rile Juushiro up, their chakra was near indistinguishable from each other.

Madara couldn't sense hers like she could everyone else's but she could find it and get used to the sensation of it.

Laying down in her crib for her afternoon nap she stared up at the ceiling before sliding her eyes closed.

Now she knew how she picked up on chakra sources that weren't internalized, it was similar to an invisible radar or sonar and whenever someone was within her range it blipped up in her mind and she could sense them. Her chakra felt their chakra, that's how it worked.

So the only thing she needed to do was reverse the direction of her "sonar" until it was focused on the warm feeling in her stomach.

Madara knew a few things about the chakra points or gates from her time in yoga class and her chakra base like everyone else's was in their Sacral Center.

She couldn't (or wouldn't since she wasn't going to try) bring any of it out of her body yet but that didn't mean she couldn't move in around on the inside.

It was a slow and tedious process and at certain times she got so frustrated at the lack of progress that she would give up and brood over the reasons for the delay and confuse her mother on why she was so grumpy.

Madara knew some aspects about chakra would be harder for her to learn how to do and some would be easier so she didn't let the obstacles get her down too much and just kept at it.

Suppressing a yawn Madara felt her energy coil in her stomach and she focused on expanding and compressing it. An action that over time was becoming second nature.

On one occasion she had Sasana bursting into her room in protector mode because apparently if she pushed and pulled her chakra at a fast enough rate it turns into a sort of flare for distress. So after that Madara has taken to going slower.

Have you ever been extremely conscious of a specific part of your body and gotten the pins and needles feeling there? This experience was like that but swap pins and needles with warmth and awareness.

All of the gates were connected by chakra pathways so thought getting it from one location to the next was simple but moving it was not. Especially since her mind and soul was foreign to this kind of thing but it gave her time to memorize the way her energy moved.

Madara didn't know if this was the standard way chakra moved but when she pushed and pulled it was like an elastic band. When she pulled too far or pushed too hard it snapped back into place and settled back into the way it was when she started at her center.

Maybe it responded that way because she was still a child or that was its "at ease" position but Madara figured she find out soon enough and shelved that thought until a later date.

Letting out a little huff she released her hold on her chakra and opened her eyes. Bringing one carefully controlled (if only she had as much leeway with her limbs as she did her chakra) hand to swipe away the wet and sticky hair clinging to her forehead she frowned.

She knew chakra work was exhausting as shown by all the fatigued medical ninja in the series when all they had to do was sit there and it didn't surprise her how little stamina she had. Madara estimated about seven to eight minutes she had spent toying with her chakra and her goal was to add two minutes to that by a month or so.

Rolling herself over with a grunt she pushed herself up into her tripod position and stared at the door.

"Kaa-ch'n!" She called in her slightly impeded voice, knowing that her mother always kept an ear open for her. "H're kaa-ch'n!"

Yes, Madara had made progress speaking the moment she had been able to a few months back. Still not talking in full sentences (she didn't want to seem unnatural only advanced, besides she spoke with an embarrassing lisp) at one year and a month she used short to mid length phrases to help herself communicate.

Not to mention she wasn't able to completely abolish the slur from her words so short and to the point was for the best.

Feeling her mother step into her sensory range (she didn't have an exact measurement of said field yet but she could feel her the moment she approached the door) she allowed a little smile to flicker onto her face at the sight of a happy Sasana.

As hard as Madara tried to distance herself from the Uchiha matriarch she found herself caring for the woman. Not as a mother of course - but out of respect she would refer to her as such - because as far as she was concerned she already had one that resided in her heart from her previous life and she had died peacefully in her old age.

Madara didn't think she would ever be able to feel that way about Sasana, but it was caring all the same. Nor was it necessarily love but they would be spending a lot of time together and she wasn't so heartless as to ignore someone who obviously showed their own love for her so plainly.

"You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear you call me that Madara-chan." Sasana smiled, coming over to pick her up out of her crib and cradling her in her arms. "But I can tell you all about it after I feed you."

Moving from the room Madara was carried down hallways and past a few servants that she had curiously stared at as they passed by until they reached the kitchens.

Settled into a high chair like contraption Madara skillfully ignored the probing eyes of the few ninja (she could tell by the size of their chakra and she had a clue as to why they were here because they never were before today) and servants loitering around and watched her mother talk to a young girl about bringing her several kinds of food.

Carrying the three containers back to her Sasana presented them towards her.

"So which one is it today?" She asked and Madara squinted down at the cases.

The green one wasn't exactly bad tasting but it left a horrid after taste in her mouth so that one was out. The orange one was actually the one she could without a doubt say was the most delicious but it made her tired after eating and Madara already had her nap.

So the only one left was the pink one that tasted like peaches which wouldn't be bad if it was peach slices but she would make due.

Lifting a hand she pointed at the middle one and grinned.

"I wan' th't one!"

Aside from Sasana's nod and calling for the servant girl - whose name was apparently Kara - again the kitchen had quieted down from inside voice level conversations to hushed whispers. Madara knew why they were so surprised at how articulate she was because this was her first time being heard speaking by any one else other than her mother and the servants who attended them.

Her brothers didn't even know yet because they had been called away by their father but she was sure it would be a surprise if the news didn't reach them before she did.

Servant gossip usually stayed within servant circles so unless an Uchiha ninja wasn't below conversing with the person who mopped their floors then they wouldn't know about her. But it seems that these Shinobi had caught wind of the news and had come to check it out.

Picking her up again with her food and a spoon carried by Kara, Madara waved at the group.


Getting waves in reply she wasn't let down by the calculating gleams in their eyes.

It was only a matter of time before her progress reached the higher ups and Tajima came a-knocking.

Until then she would eat her food and wait.

When Madara first met Tajima a few days later she was knew it was only because he had heard the stories from her nursemaids and his subordinates about how attentive the young Uchiha was.

How she was aware of much more than children her age was, about how prodigious she seemed to be and he was intrigued.

"Hi." She said, lifting her hand in a wave before furrowing her brow. "Wh're kaa-ch'n?"

Interest sparking in his eyes he slowly started forward until he stood over her crib. She could see the gears turning in his head and she hoped he would make the decision to have her mother train her in the medic ninja arts earlier than most girls. That would be her foot into the Shinobi world.

"She stepped out," He told her, his voice a deep rumble. "she'll be back soon."

Nodding she stared up into black eyes from her tripod position and slowly raised her arms in an invitation to hold her.

Losing her balance trying to her center of gravity, she fell face first into her mattress. Feeling disgruntled she struggled to push herself up and was grateful when he finally deigned to pick her up.

His grip was uncomfortable and completely wrong for holding children but Madara stayed still, able to sense the chakra running beneath his skin. Her father felt very distinct.

Like a contained fire that raged day and night, warm but not nice and not exactly evil. Neutral. Exactly like a flame, it could be used for either reason.

"Do you know how I am?" He asked curiously and Madara nodded.


Humming his confirmation Tajima carried her from the room and down the hall.

Peering from her perch in his arms Madara looked around, wondering where this was leading to and she surprised when she was carried to the medic ward.

Glancing upwards she blinked. What was she doing here?

Her question was answered when Tajima approached the head nurse.

"I want you to check her chakra reserves." It was said so suddenly that everyone in the room froze.

Meeting the equally stunned eyes of the medic Madara didn't know how to take this but one thing was for sure. She would be finding out something she had been wondering about herself.

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