The Torment 20: Getting Back Together

The Torment 20: Getting Back Together

Disclaimer: Dragon Ball Z belongs to Akira Toriyama, and Ranma ½ belongs to someone other than me, and I make no profit save amusement from this story.

Chi-Chi had been grocery shopping and visiting Bulma that afternoon, and was late coming home. She was humming a tune, hoping that the boys wouldn't be too angry with her for being so late, and was happy with all she had managed to get.

Boy, was she surprised when she got home.

The lights were off. That was her first clue that something was wrong. With two boys and a husband who didn't act his age, the noise level tended to reach near chaotic proportions.

Then she walked in.

The scream rocked the entire area for miles around.


"Piccolo, is there something wrong?" Goku asked, seeing the green Namek wince, his sensitive hearing picking up Chi-Chi's scream.

"I think Chi-Chi made I home."



"Hey, Chi-Chi, we're back!" shouted Goku as they entered the trashed house, with Gohan unconscious over his shoulder.

Piccolo was holding Imp in an almost-death grip. He was so relieved to have his daughter safe!

The expression on Chi-Chi's face was priceless, as they walked in on her. There was a sheet of paper clutched in her hand, and Goku gave a sigh of relief. He had hoped that the boys would leave a note, and apparently they did.

Imp giggled, seeing her handiwork from earlier.

The note that Chi-Chi had read said something about Gohan, Piccolo and Goku going to fight someone who had kidnapped Imp. Since she adored the baby, Chi-Chi had started worrying.

"Oh, baby, are you okay?" she wailed, seeing Imp wrapped protectively in Piccolo's arms. She rushed over and started examining her, and looked up at Piccolo questioning.

He gently handed the girl to him, and Chi-Chi hugged her hard. Then she started to babble baby talk.

Goku smiled. "I knew you liked your granddaughter," he said softly, and Chi-Chi looked up at him, confused.


"I'll tell you in a bit. Right now, lets let Piccolo take care of Gohan. He got a bump to the head, and then we'll head over to CC for the night."

Chi-Chi looked like she was about to protest, when Goku shook his head. Without asking her, he scooped her up, while she still held Imp-chan, and they flew off.

This left Piccolo with Gohan, and he cradled him gently in his arms.


Piccolo ministered to his head wound, which was really a large goose egg, nothing serious.

This left him with nothing to do for the rest of the night but watch Gohan. This drove him nuts.

So, he started to clean. Since Imp was at fault, so he had been told, it was his responsibility. Considering what was coming out again, he needed to stay on Chi-Chi's good side…

The morning came slowly. The dawn inched across the bed, highlighting Gohan's legs, while leaving the rest in shadow.

Piccolo had stopped cleaning around midnight, and had fallen asleep at Gohan's feet.

Gohan had been trained well, and the internal clock he had developed told him it was time to rise and shine. Said internal clock had no respect for knocked noggins.

"Uuugh-" he uttered, and rolled over. This woke Piccolo immediately, and he went to peer into Gohan's face.

"Are you alright?" he asked softly, his face inches from Gohan's. Gohan's eyes widened to their widest, and his breathing shortened.

"I had the strangest dream…" Gohan whispered, and then his eyes narrowed. Before Piccolo could respond, he had grabbed Piccolo by the neck of his gi and was kissing him passionately.

"Mmmph," Piccolo said eloquently, expressing what he could with his lips being crushed my Gohan's

"Piccolo," Gohan told him when he came up for air, going SSJ and pulling him even tighter to his chest. "If you ever do something this stupid again, like making me forget with the Dragon Balls, and yes, I could guess how you did it, I will take Imp away from you, and then kill you by bedding you to death. Do you understand?" He looked directly into the black depths of his eyes, hammering home what he felt mentally, along their link.

"I- Gohan, I am so sorry…"

"Its over with, and I could never be angry with you for long," Gohan said fiercely, into his ear.

The scene would have looked absurd to anyone who walked in, the giant green Namek sitting in the lap of the human appearing youth. Yet you couldn't doubt it, the way that Piccolo seemed to curl up on the bed next to him. Gohan held Piccolo, and gently sifted through the memories, agonizing over the decision to wipe the memories, and rejoicing when he found out that their child was alive, and being born.

When he came back to himself, tears were streaming down his cheeks, and he kept holding onto Piccolo, rocking him gently.

Then the heavy weight on his lap lightened suddenly, and Gohan found himself being pinned backwards across his own bed, with Piccolo-chan forcing her tongue into his mouth, exploring what had been almost forgotten.

"I missed you Gohan," she whispered, then nipped her way down his throat, sucking at the base of his neck, her hands sliding up and down his thighs.

Gohan was a little flabbergasted.

Then he started kissing back, and was really happy about it.

He pulled at her gi top, jerking it roughly from her body, and started to rub her breasts everywhere but her nipples. She gave him a look of loving annoyance, and started the same sort of torture between his legs, dipping down, removing his boxer shorts and kissing his inner thighs. Licking her way up, she avoided his now rock hard member, and kissed right above it, causing his to jump.

Purring deep in throat despite this, he grabbed her by the shoulders, and flipped her beneath him, tugging her pants down, and started to kiss, lick and suck on her nipples. Laughing huskily, she traced his muscles, followed by her mouth, and then she went back to his neck, sucking hard.

Then with a sudden jerk, she flipped him on back again, and straddled his waist, rubbing her wet nether lips against his cock. Then she lowered herself, just barely getting the head in, and pulled back up.

Gohan groaned as she did this.

"You're teasing me," he panted, and she smiled.

"You- bet-" she gasped, barely able to keep from falling on him. Her strong hands locked on his shoulders, keeping him pinned, even at SSJ, and she slowly pushed him a little farther in with each thrust of her hips. Gohan did his best to meet her, but he couldn't move. Then he blasted to SSJ2, grabbed her and pulled down hard.

Piccolo-chan screamed out her pleasure, back arching and digging her deep furrows in Gohan's shoulders, which turned bloody.

To Gohan, the pain mixed with the pleasure, increasing it, and he started to thrust faster, knowing only what he felt.

"Umm- gah, harder," Piccolo-chan cried out, eyes clenched shut as she rode him. He filled her up, and they both screamed as they came, Gohan's seed spurting into her, and the warm juices of Piccolo-chan running down over him.

"I missed this, as well," Piccolo-chan whispered in his ear, after falling forward, gasping for air. Sweat dripped off her nose, and Gohan teasingly licked it off.

They both giggled like children.

"Thank you, Piccolo," Gohan murmured, rubbing her back, and gently pulling out of her.

"For what?"

"For loving me, and a beautiful, if crazy daughter."

He didn't have to look down to see Piccolo-chan smiling shyly with pride.

"She is the best daughter in the world."

Gohan grinned to himself, as the bright sunlight of morning shone over them.

"So, a happy ending?" he asked her.

"No," Piccolo-chan answered. "A new beginning."

The end!

Sound I write a sequel story, about Imp? I was thinking about doing that. Anyone interested?