Okay, so I'm writing this little fic for Jlove34. Her only request: A Bella/Peter-Jasper-Garrett-Paul pairing, (but not necessarily at the same time) with lots of smut. This is what I came up with. I hope she likes it =)

Background: Bella never made it to Forks, so she's unaware that there's vampires or shifters. This has more to do with the men themselves, than what they are.

Don't expect much of a "story" here though, because then you'll be disappointed.

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All recognizable characters belong to S.M... I'm just giving them something to do.



"See you tomorrow," I called to Jennifer over the sound of the electronic bell as I opened the door to the bookstore. I'd worked there evenings and weekends since I started my senior year in Jean Ribault High School. Now, just graduated from Jacksonville's Community College I was one of four fulltime employees.

As I stepped out into the warm Florida evening, I lifted my face towards the sky and enjoyed the sunlight on my skin.

I was exhausted, having barely slept the night before. Something that had become a habit since moving here from Phoenix. There was a restlessness that kept me awake every night. I couldn't quite shake the feeling that I was supposed to be somewhere else.

My stomach growled and I realized that I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, and it was now 6 pm. I did a quick inventory of my fridge and pantry in my head, trying to remember if I needed to go shopping.

My thoughts being otherwise occupied, I didn't pay attention to where I was walking and tripped on an overturned trashcan in the middle of the sidewalk. I quickly stretched out my hand, trying to steady myself against the brick wall next to me. Somehow I managed to stay on my feet and let out a deep sigh of relief.

A small furrow appeared between my brows when my fingernails scraped across cool metal. I had walked these streets every day for over three years, first to the house I shared with Renée and Phil, and later to my own small, one-bedroom apartment. I knew every part of it like the back of my hand. Every building, every crack in the pavement, every manhole cover, every loose stone in the sidewalks. I recognize every scent, every sound, what I didn't recognize was that sign, the size of a cafeteria tray. The copper was darkened with age and there were small green spots with corrosion, the words were so faded that I could barely read them.

I squinted against the sun and mumbled aloud, "Eclipse – the cure from everything from a broken nail to a broken heart." I couldn't help but snort at how cliché that sounded.

The side of the building was windowless except for at basement-level, where there also were steps leading down to an ordinary-looking door with a small window.

My curiosity was piqued and I got down on my hunches to peer through the window to my right, but it was covered with so much dirt and grime that it was impossible to see anything of the inside.

I chewed indecisively on my bottom lip. My mind told me to keep walking, but a part of me insisted that I needed to check it out. I felt like I was being pulled towards the shop, as if compelled.

I stood up, straightened my back and squared my shoulders, and with a deep breath I tiptoed down the steps.

The small brass bell above the door chimed as I entered the shop and I instantly felt as if I stepped right through to Diagon Alley. Incense floated thick as fog in the air and I had to fight the urge to cover my nose, not wanting to risk getting the smoke into my mouth.

The walls where covered in floor to ceiling shelves that was filled with crystals in all shapes, sizes and colors, bottles full of suspicious looking liquids, jars full of herbs, powders and things I'd rather not think about, I half expected to see Mr. Ollivander pop up and try to sell me an ten inch, unyielding wand with a core of Thestral tail hair.

Instead I found a woman standing behind the counter. She was neither young, nor old. Neither fat, nor thin. Neither short, nor tall. Her dishwater blond hair was pinned on top of her head in a messy bun, she wore a black dress several sizes too big, which reminded me of a wizard outfit, sadly sans the pointy hat. The only thing even remotely noticeable about the woman in front of me was her almond shaped, lavender eyes that studied me closely, and the name neatly printed on her nametag: Zatoria.

My cheeks flamed under her careful scrutiny and I shifted my weight between my feet, the strangest thoughts appearing in my head. "This must be how a frog waiting to be dissected feels like. God, I hope she doesn't turn me into a frog."

The woman chuckled quietly, and although impossible I got the distinct feeling that she had somehow read my mind. "Don't be absurd, Bella," I chastened myself.

Zatoria's chuckle grew in volume, and with a shake of her head she turned to unlocked the large oak armoire behind her.

I breathed a sigh of relief as soon as she turned her back to me, but as much as I tried to force my legs to back out of the shop and run away as fast as I could, they wouldn't listen.

I was so busy picturing myself ending up naked in a dumpster, in a back alley somewhere that the sound of glass hitting glass made me jump.

Zatoria snickered and pointed at the bottle on the glass counter. "Take this."

My body decided to start working again, but instead of running screaming down the streets my legs brought me forward and my arm reached out to pick up the round bottle she had placed in front of her.

It was small enough that I could close my hand around it and shifted in colors from blue, to purple, to pink. "What is it?" I asked skeptically.

"The content of this bottle will help you sleep," her answer had me widening my eyes and my jaw practically dropped to the floor.


She cut off my question with a wave of her hand. "Never mind that, now. A few drops of 'Sweet Dreams' on your tongue every night before you go to bed and you will find what you are looking for."

"Oookay. Uh-huh. Just back away slooowly Bella. Back away and run like hell." My body continued to refuse to cooperate. The words I spoke out loud were not the same as the ones I shouted inside my head. "How much do you want for it? How long will it last? Is there anymore for when I run out?" "What the fuck!? Noooo. Shut the hell UP!"

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about that dear," Zatoria smiled, sounding sweet despite the condescending words. "The potion will last until it's time for you to make a choice."

When I went to bed later that night I had no intention of trying 'Sweet Dreams', but my body acted on its own yet again and I dribbled the surprisingly tasty potion on my tongue before crawling under the blanket. I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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