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Thirty-six hours later I was on a plane on my way to Seattle. I had barely slept since waking up from my last dream, and although exhausted, I was practically vibrating with excitement in my window seat. Luckily the seat next to me was empty so I wasn't bothering anyone with my constant shifting and squirming.

Was I crazy? Of course. It was insane to give up everything I knew, in order to go chasing rainbows.

The first thing I had done after waking up had been to call the airlines and booking a ticket out of Jacksonville.

Next I had gone through my closet and dresser, to see what I needed to bring with me – the rest could always be shipped later – with my phone pressed between shoulder and ear. The owner of the book store hadn't been overjoyed to hear that I was quitting without giving them the usual two weeks' notice, but I had enough vacation days saved up, and I refused to wait longer than necessary to find him. My landlord had been more than happy to let me out of my lease one month early when I promised he could keep the deposit.

The phone call to Renee hadn't been as difficult as I expected. I had completely forgotten about her whimsical side and her almost childish outlook on romance.

It shouldn't have surprised me, she did marry Phil, a man seven years younger than her, after knowing him for only two month, after all.

She had gladly helped me pack up my things and put them in storage until I knew where I would be staying.

It was a huge risk, chasing after a man who, for all I knew, didn't exist beyond the land of dreams. But I had to try. He was worth it.

Despite being so worked up I somehow managed to fall asleep and seconds before the captain's landing announcement woke me up I heard a voice whisper, "Can't wait to finally meet you."

After checking in to my hotel I took a much needed shower. Shampooing, rinsing and repeating, soaping, exfoliating and moisturizing, brushing teeth and hair, waxing and plucking until I had washed away the grime of my eight hour flight.

Dressed in a pair of jeans, and a fitted, button down flannel I grabbed my messenger bag and headed out to take a walk around the city. Besides knowing I would meet him in Seattle, I didn't have a clue exactly when or where, but I did my best not to let it discourage me.

Since I hadn't taken the temperature differences between Jacksonville and Seattle into consideration, the first thing I did was go into a Thrift Store and buy a winter coat.

As the sky darkened I decided to stop for dinner before returning to my room. I had passed the same Pub several times during my walk. It advertised having hot burgers and cold beer.

Every time I had seen that sign something had stopped me from going inside, despite my growing hunger. But as the street lights came on and a few twinkling stars could be seen through the clouds I felt a pull towards the door of 'Thirst' as the Pub was called.

There were a lot of people inside, and there weren't many free tables. I let my eyes wander, looking for a place to sit when my heart skipped a beat and lodged itself in my throat as I stared right into a pair of crimson eyes. Eyes I would recognize everywhere.

New pov

On my way back to Texas after visiting family and friends in the state of Washington I made it as far as Seattle before my instincts told me to stop.

Following my gut I wandered around the city, but everywhere I went I got this nagging feeling that I just missed something important, until I came to a Pub, and I chuckled at the name; 'Thirst'.

Bars were my usual hunting ground since I had always enjoyed the extra flavor alcohol added to the blood, but I had a feeling I wasn't here to feed.

I had fed a couple of days ago when I ran across a drug dealer in Port Angeles, so the slight burn in my throat was easily ignored when I entered the packed pub.

The only empty table was next to the bar, I took my seat after making sure it had a clear view of the door.

"Order something, or get the fuck outta here," the bitchy waitress demanded, and despite the flare of my temper urging me to ask if she was offering herself up, I ordered a whiskey. Getting kicked out for feeding on the waitress, however tempting that might be, was a bad idea. I knew I was waiting for something, or someone and needed to be here when she/he/it arrived.

An hour later, when the door opened and in walked the hottest, most beautiful woman I had ever seen I knew she was the reason I was here, and when her eyes met mine and recognition lit up her warm brown eyes I realized that, somehow, she had been looking for me, too.

She chewed on her plump bottom lip and looked happy to see me. I swore my dead heart, that hadn't beaten in over a hundred years, thumped once inside of my chest.

Her scent reached my nose even from across the room, I rose from the chair and hurried over to her, struggling to keep a normal human pace, but failing miserably.

When I stood directly in front of her I lowered my gaze, not to stare at the rapidly beating pulse in her neck, but to watch as her pink tongue darted out to lick her soft, full lips. Without introducing myself I skimmed my nose along her cheek, inhaling deeply. A growl rumbled through my chest. She smelt amazing, my body screamed for her, but I wasn't thirsty. I wanted her under me, over me, beside me, upside-down, in every way possible. Withering, screaming, thrashing, but in pleasure instead of pain. I wanted her for a minute, an hour, a day. I wanted her forever.

The sensation of her hot breath fanning over my skin went straight to my dick. I took a small step back and looked deep into her eyes, "Hey babe," I watched her sweet-smelling blood rush to the surface of her skin, and the sound of her heart was like music to my ears. "I'm Peter Whitlock, it's a pleasure to meet you."

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