This was bad, really bad...
Eliot was out, his right smashed to a pulp. Parker was unconscious, having gotten with a mere concussion.
Poor Sophie was dead.

"We really should Not have done that job, it's full of capes, NOTHING good ever comes from working on capes! They play on a whole other level."
"Quiet, Alec, I'm thinking"
"What to think about? You need cape to fight a cape, and Spencer is down"
"Parker, save your strength, we will get to a doctor soon."
"Join group! Someone with a name, someone new who the 'Devourers' will hesitate to attack, PRT won't be interested in non-Capes, and..."
"It needs to be somewhere where it will be hard for Them to find us, where there is already a mess..."
"What about a post Endbringer town? Parahuman Online said that a group got The Slaughter House 9 to leave, a few members shorter."

Parahumans always made Parker uncomfortable. She saw good thieves get caught by thinkers and tinkers, disposed of by villains they displeased all too often to not feel unease whenever with one. Now they were with more than a few.
The dirty bar where the meeting took place was like a bad cliché from a movie, and Hardison would have laughed if not for the gravity of the situation.

Nathan too, was all business, deciding that this was very important and best handled well. He read what Hardison got him about the Undersiders: relatively new, used to do small things and remain unknown, until the debut of Skitter, when they progressed to bank robbery, systematic removal of one of the biggest gangs and a direct attack on the protectorate fundraiser...

Topping by their participation and survival against Leviathan attack, and Later becoming local warlords and even arguably driving S9 away- which got them called S9 junior due to their success and creepy themed powers.

This was a dangerous group, with a scary recent reputation, and one that held their fate:

the big and enigmatic Grue, the Tattletale-whose powers were unknown by anybody according to Hardison-though the scar on her face strangely reminded him of the Batman comics villain named Joker that he enjoyed in his youth-not a calming idea, the girl Hellhound, aka Bitch, who looked less like a girl and more like Spencer junior -brick breaking face and all, who was now surrounded by six dogs ,each size of a small horse, and looking ready to tear them apart, Regent was a kid, but behind him, the figure of the infamous Shatterbird gave Nathan the creeps more than anybody, except the last member.

Skitter looked completely alien in that black costume and big yellow eyes staring from expressionless mask, insects crawling all over her, and swarming near her.

So he murmured a prayer, and hoping he hid his anxiety, started his plea for permission to take shelter in their territory, and for their patronage, feeling the absence of Eliot, who was still at a doctor he bribed just outside town, still out of it, and Sophie, who will no longer be with them- aware that this was his best option to save the remaining team from the super villain group they pissed off. Hoping that this won't prove a mistake, that he won't come to regret this. Or regret working for those 'Undersiders' should they demand such. Feeling like in an interview with the Godfather.

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