It was too early to be up but if she didn't get a jump on it, Emma was going to be crushed by the files on her desk that she needed to sign off on. So of course rather than doing what she should be doing at her desk, she decided to drag herself over to Granny's for breakfast to finish them.

"Hey, sheriff!"

"Morning, Will," Emma said as she sat down at the counter.

"You're here earlier than usual," he answered as he placed a cup of hot chocolate in front of her before reaching under the counter for some cinnamon. "Busy day?"

"Let's hope not," she replied. "Just some boring paperwork."

Will handed her a menu and placed some silverware in front of her. "Sounds like fun. Let me know when you're ready, darlin'."

She nodded and watched the waiter leave. Emma would never admit it, but she did enjoy taking a quick peek at him whenever he walked away.

If she were any other person, Emma would find Will Morgan more than appealing. Charming, sweet, attractive as all hell with his constant scruff and blue eyes. He had this calming New England accent that just put Emma at ease whenever she walked into the diner and he always seemed so happy. Will also had a prosthetic hand - the result of a car accident years ago, according to Mary Margaret - so he was extra expressive with his right hand, which Emma found endearing.

But all that wasn't Emma's type. No, Emma's type was the bad boy she could dump with some flimsy excuse or the losers she wouldn't feel bad about being abandoned by when they decided to walk away - and they always decided to walk away. She was trying to change that and learn how to depend on others, especially now that she was in Storybrooke with Henry. But there was still that nagging voice in her head telling her they may abandon her just as quickly as her real parents, her foster parents and her only love had done before.

"Sheriff?" Will asked. "You OK?"

Emma sat up and tried to clear her wandering mind. "Oh ...yeah. Sorry," she said, giving him an embarrassed smile. "Lost in my thoughts, I guess."

Will smiled back, setting her at ease like he always did. "That must be some awful paperwork there, darlin'," he said. "How about some scrambled eggs and toast to take your mind off it?"

"And hash browns?" she said, handing the menu back to him.


She watched him walk away - again - before returning to the files in front of her. It could've been much worse, but Storybrooke definitely had the small crimes that fit a small town.

Emma started flipped through her pile of papers. Most of the files she brought with her this morning were only half completed or still being investigated by Graham before his untimely death. She felt the need to finally get them completed to not only get the sheriff's inbox empty but to also make sure his work was finished.

"More hot chocolate?" Will asked from behind the counter.

Emma took a quick glance at her empty cup before looking back down at her paperwork. "No, I'm fine," she said. "But I have a question for you actually."

She looked up to see Will smiling at her in anticipation. "What's up?" he asked cheerfully before his head quickly snapped in response to the cook's bell at the back of the diner. "Actually, hold that thought for one second."

Emma watched him go before quickly averting her eyes to focus on the paperwork in front of her so he didn't see her staring.

"OK," he said, placing her breakfast down on the counter. "Sorry about that. You had a question."

"Right," she said, grabbing the piece of toast on her plate. "So I'm finishing up these files that were in the office and Graham had four - wait, five - different reports about some place called Lookout Point. Do you know where that is?"

She looked up to see a flustered smile on Will's face. "If you go past the toll bridge, there's an access road that goes into the woods and it's just right up there. Kind of a secluded area."

"Seems like an odd place …" Her voice trailed off as she started to put all the cases together in her head. "Wait, is it a make-out spot?"

She looked up in time to see Will's cheeks start to flush with embarrassment. "Um … Can I feign ignorance?" he asked.

Emma laughed at him. "So let me guess: you used to take your girlfriends up there in high school, didn't you?"

A puzzled look crossed his face. "You know, I don't really remember."

"You can't remember making out with girls in your car in the forest when you were in high school?"

His eyes seemed to be unfocused as if he was in his head, trying to remember something. "It's strange, but I don't really have any memories of high school to be honest."

Emma gave him a slight scoff. "Must be a sign you had a great time then."

"Maybe," Will said with a little laugh, his eyes returning to her. "Although I definitely would've remembered if I had ever taken you up there." He immediately looked like he wanted to take back what he had just said and nervously tapped his fingers on the counter in between them. "You need anything else, darlin'?" he asked to quickly change the subject.

"No," she responded. "No, I'm fine."

He nodded his head and quietly moved down the counter to get an order from a new customer, which was fine with her. She didn't know why exactly, but there was something about the way he had mentioned the idea of them in high school together that made the butterflies in her stomach flutter slightly. She was definitely not the romantic type or even the sentimental type, but she wondered just how much better her teenage years would've been if she had been here with a guy like him.

Once she was able to dig into breakfast, Emma quickly worked through the rest of her paperwork. This, she remembered, is why she came to Granny's to start her morning. If only she could be as productive in the sheriff's office.

Emma paid Ruby and left a tip for Will on the counter, then headed out into the spring morning of Storybrooke. Will was outside on the front patio clearing away some dishes from earlier.

"Have a good day," she said as she walked past him.

"Hey, Emma!" he said, stopping her before she made it to the sidewalk. "Did you get everything done that you needed to?"

"Yea, thanks," she replied. "See ya later!"

"Wait!" She turned to see him still standing there and looking a bit unsure of himself. "Um… I actually wanted to ask … I mean, I don't know what your situation is or whatever, but I was just wondering if you'd like to get dinner sometime."

Something weird happened to Emma. It was as if his nervousness had rubbed off on her, making her brain short circuit and her breath hitch. She couldn't remember the last time someone asked her out like this on a real date. "Um, yea. I could do dinner."

Will's smile lit up his face. "Cool. So yea … that would be cool," he said, trying to quickly cover his excitement. "How about 7 o'clock tomorrow? At that Italian place on Oak Street?"

"Sounds good," Emma said, nodding her head. "I'll see you there?"

Will ducked his head to hide his nervousness. "Yea, I'll be there at 7," he said hesitantly, giving Emma one last smile before balancing the dish bin on his prosthetic hand and heading back into the diner.

Emma quietly turned back to the street and took a deep breath. A charming, sweet, attractive as all hell man had asked her out on a real date. She was going to have to cancel the actual plans she had with Mary Margaret the next night but after Emma told her why, she hoped her roommate would understand.